How to set the pixels for the softer - edge, in a design? I use PhspCS5 TRIAL grateful for help!

First of all, I'm not a rather advanced digital artist know the tools of basic (a bit) and I'm pretty good with those who, over the years, however, have a new Mac and better

visibility for sure and an ASSESSMENT of PSHP CS5 Extended version; what I'm asking is: how to set the pixels... to achieve the softer contour for example. I have

greeting card templates and is now working on a Christmas tree, with gold stars, they better look (vy-light = blk) but when I ZOOM IN I see the ' wavy lines

pixels, which appear on the 'place '.  I would like to know how to set the pixels * 1 # and then with respect to colors, when I take a yellow (there are many! yellow!)

and use my Intuos "tap tap tap" pen drawings (yellow), it does NOT save... (he did it on my other computer and CS4 more aged).  So going

back to my swatches of color, of... .remember just what yellow I took... ha ha... can be: "not so fast!"

I buy this subscription at the end of the trial and my bet is that the color picker / working on the purchased version when I "tap tap" to pick up the

same color II had chosen.  Wouldn't it be good to have a monitor of sorts that says you, what color (s) is used when you need to know, to go

on the 'design' say after a break for tea, etc.  ?????  (    :

I save my drawings when facts JPEGs and see now, there's a JPEG 2000... I don't know what it is all about.  I save pdf (1) and a jpeg.  Hope that this sounds

like what we "do"... When we know much more than me.

And finally, what program or tool, can a use to put a 'framework' (border) around an eg: 5 x 7 design (again, my goal is for my greeting cards designs.  Are there

another of Adobe products, I would have to do this.  Free hand has not worked so well, so far.

I'm in advance, so grateful to you - anyone you may, for your help.  I'm on my way 'Hooray' last now in the hope of success soon... I am a senior of 71

and so feel I have to really "go there" and learn these basics to ensure my chances of success, at least. Thank you, thank you & thank you! CDW


Please post in the Photoshop forum.


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    Re: Link column to the right calendar page

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    If I understand correctly, you want your plug-in, when enabled, change the settings of all other instances of the report OR plugin as their reports share the same directory that your plug-in is configured to use.

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    I use F1 as my FFT here track.

    Commands to change the scales are:

    Vertical Center: VBS ' app. Math.F1.Zoom.VerCenter = XXXX"

    Portrait/div scale: VBS ' app. Math.F1.Zoom.VerScale = XXXX"

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    I also want to point you to an application on the scope that will help you.

    If you go to the file menu and select cut, to the office, there is a shortcut to an application called "XStream Browser"

    The browser is an interactive application that will present all automation methods and properties that are available on the scope.  He acually connects to the scope of the request, so you can use it to test various components to see what they do on the scope.  It is very intuitive and I use it exclusively. (this is where I went looking for the commands above for you).

    Here is a link to Chapter 1 of the manual of automation:

    Page 1 - 5 has a quick introduction to the browser and its use.

    I hope that it becomes operational.

    Kind regards

    Leonard Brown

    LeCroy sales engineer


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    I don't know of your question.  If you ask how to show the clock in the tray system with hours, minutes and seconds, then download & run "Tclock Light".  Windows will not natively display the seconds.

    TClock Light: <> >


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    If you mean the customer of email Windows Live Mail, the time stamp on messages is governed by your time zonesystem. Right-click on the clock in the lower right of the screen and select CONFIGURATION... Change your time zone, and then set your clock at the present time.

    If you are talking about the Windows Live Hotmail service, the time zone (s) used are those contained in your account data. Reach
    and change the time zones for the good...

    Windows Live programs and services have their own forums for support at the Windows Live Solution Center. Please address any questions you may have about Windows Live Mail to one of the forums on the right side of this page. For Hotmail, forums and responses are available via this page.


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    Let me know if it helps.

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    In Java 8, either of your selectors should work.

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