How to set the simulated on material values simulated?

I simulate the material using the Software NI MAX.
I would like to access the material simulated using the interface in ANSI C.
But I want to get the values.

How it is possible to adjust the simulated values?

You can not. The only value of simulation is the wave sinusoidal, as explained in the help.

Tags: NI Hardware

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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for all your response. I just found a simple way to solve this problem. For example, there is a cluster named "ClusterA", and there are only two witnesses, who are: an int value named "IntA" (default = 10 IntA value) and a string value named "StringA" (by default the StringA = 'abc'). In c#, if you call the method:

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    Mr President.

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    For the date, you can use groovy expression adf.currentDate to set the current date. reference

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    Thank you

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    You are here:


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    This can help you: Re: how to set the default value of the component selectOneChoice in ADF

    and the default af:selectOneChoice programmatically from backing bean

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    Kind regards

    You cannot set a value of demand in a PL/SQL block. You can run a PL/SQL block on a request which is the id of a button for example.

    Denes Kubicek

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    Thank you!

    Have you tried to give him an id?

    If later you can make the loginScreen. empNum.text = "my text".


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    When a user selects the State to P_STATE, the field of the P_PROGRAM should be set to this value, as well.

    I tried different ways to get there via a function call on the post for the calculation of the field P_STATE, defining the source P_PROGRAM to the value of the page item P_STATE put varialbles, creating a process before SENDING, and they all still come back as having a NULL value for P_PROGRAM, therefore impossible to create the file in the db as the PROGRAM is a mandatory field in the table.

    Can you please help? Thank you, Laura


    It is always helpful if you provide information about the Apex version you are using. The Apex 4 you can use Dynamic Actions to achieve this. In earlier versions is possible using processes to submit or javacsripts, as well.

    Heres how you do in 3.x with treatment to submit, to make it work in 4.0 as well.

    1 do the P_STATE ' select list submits the Page.
    2. Add a calculation on the point P_PROGRAM, or write to him assign a value based on a process. The treatment should be OnLoad after the header
    3. If the page does not have an unconditional branch that loops on itself, add a. NOTE: The direction must be the last branch (larger sequence number) and should have checked "Save Session State".

    This is what will happen
    a. when the State is selected Page will be submitted
    (b) it will take the unconditional branch to himself and save the value of P_STATE
    c. the calculation process / fills the value of the P_PROGRAM element when the page reloads

    Kind regards

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    then just accept the current position and size (leave the boxes checked) or set values you want directly (uncheck the boxes and fill in the numbers), or physically position and size the façade and use, the "set to current location" button and press "set size" current All that is easier for you.

    OK so it does not make use of the method VI Methods (Active X) FPRunTimePosRunCustom ([Position], [Size]) but if labview want to make him difficult to use then other means must be found.

  • How to set the path of the report in a plugin for model

    I'm trying to figure out how to set the path of the report in a plugin process model. I can't find a way to have access to it. It seems this would be a reasonable thing to do since the plug-ins are for the treatment of the results. Does anyone know how to do this? We generally use the sequential process model, but I try to keep my plug-in as independent as possible.

    Thank you.

    If I understand correctly, you want your plug-in, when enabled, change the settings of all other instances of the report OR plugin as their reports share the same directory that your plug-in is configured to use.

    If so, your plug-in can access and change the settings of all other instances of plugin. All instances are passed to all the points of plugin entries in the subproperty of the plugins of the ModelConfiguration parameter table. You can browse this table. Any element of the array with an equal to "NI_ReportGenerator.seq" Base.SequenceFilename is an instance of the report OR plugin. Its report options are stored in the element under PluginSpecific.Options.

    You can change the report options to what you want. Note that the recall of the ReportOptions model is called from template-plugin Initialize entry point, then you might want to ensure that your changes are applied after that, so they are not replaced. To do this, you could make your changes in the Initialize entry point of your plugin and make sure your plugin runs last. To rotate the last, you can set the FileGlobals.ModelPluginComponentDescription.Default.Base.RunOrder in your file of plug-in with a value greater than 0, for example 1.0 (see Help for TestStand > Fundamentals > process template Architecture > plug-in for the model process Architecture > Structure of the plugin sequence files > plugin model of entry Points > Order Execution of Point of entry at run time).

  • How to set the voltage on a 3.3 volt NI 9237 module?


    How to set the voltage on a 3.3 volt NI 9237 module?

    The voltage is now at 2.5 volts.

    This is my first time with this camera.

    This set of MAX or are there jumpers?

    I want the value of the excitation voltage at 3.3 Volts and do not change.

    The NI 9237 is a NEITHER cDAQ-9172.

    Thank you


    Hi POBA,.

    This can be set to your programming environment.  For example, LabVIEW Signal Express, a task of MAX, or a DLL call in a text-based environment.  You want to create a strain, tension Custom with excitement, or any bridge based task in any environment.

    "" "In MAX, right-click on your device and choose create a task" acquire signals "analog input"...

    "" "In LabVIEW, place a DAQ Assistant" acquire signals "analog input"...

    "" "In Signal Express, add a step for Acquire" DAQmx Acquire"analog input"...

    In any C language based, you will want to call a function such as: DAQmxCreateAIVoltageChanWithExcit, DAQmxCreateAIStrainGageChan, DAQmxCreateAIBridgeChan

    You can then specify the Source of Exictation to be internal to 3.3V.


  • How to set the timeout of read when using channelReader.ReadWaveform?

    I'm using a USB-6210/a. data acquisition, and it works fine until I have to take a longer than 10 s waveform.

    When I take a longer than wave form, I get the error 200284, "some or all of the requested samples are not yet acquired.  To wait for the samples become available use longer read timeout... »

    No problem, I thought, I'll just put a longer period.  I searched through the documentation, and the timeout only I found was the watchdog timeout.  When I wanted a longer value, I get code 200452 State - specific property is not supported by the device or is not applicable to the task.

    I use the code in the example AcqVoltageSamples_IntClk.2008 .net with c# in Visual Studio 2008, .net 3.5 sp1.

    How to set the timeout so that ReadWaveform() is not the time?

    Here is the code:


    privateAnalogWaveform awf;

    publicList GetWaveForm()




    Task getWaveform = newTask();

    getWaveform.AIChannels.CreateVoltageChannel (Channel,"", TerminalConfiguration, RangeMinimum,

    RangeMaximum, AIVoltageUnits.Volts);

    getWaveform.Timing.ConfigureSampleClock ("", SampleRate, SampleClockActiveEdge.Rising,)

    SampleQuantityMode.FiniteSamples, NumSamples);

    getWaveform.Control (TaskAction.Verify);

    channelReader = new AnalogMultiChannelReader (getWaveform.Stream);

    AnalogWaveformdata = channelReader.ReadWaveform (NumSamples);

    AWF = data [0];

    samples As new List();

    for (inti = 0; i)



    catch (DaqExceptionexception)


    MessageBox.Show (exception. (Message);


    List of l = newList();

    return l;


    Thank you


    Hi Curt,.

    Here is a Knowledge Base that can help you to set the timeout setting in your code:

    The property using Timeout of DAQmx task in Visual Studio

  • How to set the power (watt) to resistance?

    How to set the power (watt) to resistance?


    What you can do, for the purposes of simulation, is to use the RESISTOR_RATED component (find under the Basic, the RATED_VIRTUAL family group). It is a component of interactive virtual resistance you can use and set the maximum power. If the power is exceeded, it will show you an animation when this happens.

    Best regards

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