How to set the simultaneous request completed with warning?

Hi all:
How to set the simultaneous request completed with warning in oracle 11.5.9?

For example:

I completed an application with "Completed" 'Normal '.
After I put a condition similar to when xxx > 0 then
It will complete a request indicates 'Complete' 'warning '.

My environment is: oracle 11.5.9 and operating system is Linux Redhat 4.0




Note: 866194.1 - is there a method to return a 'Warning' to host Language simultaneous program status?

The Oracle Applications Developer's Guide


Thank you

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  • simultaneous request completed with warning


    Sometimes, we found that all concurrent request completed with no attention, no output file that is generated, is that it related to the question of system resources?
    11.5.10 on linuxx86


    srpa01red wrote:
    the log file is needle like below:

    Application object library: Version: 12.0.0

    Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Module FNDGSCST: collect statistics of schema

    Current system time is April 18, 2011 17:18:13


    * Starts * April 18, 2011 17:18:14

    What is the full contents of the log file? If so, please activate the trace and debug and submit the request again. In addition, please see that all errors are reported in the database log file.

    Thank you

  • Simultaneous program completed with warning

    Hi team

    I am trying to generate a XML Publisher report, that i generate the XML code in the file RDF, creation and RTF designed and loaded the XML for this model RTF model
    Created the simultaneous request
    The Editor created the definition of data and model in my xml finally added my program contributing to the application group... I did all this correct to the best of my knowledge

    When I submit the request he gets filled with the State of alert and the output pdf file isn't genereted when I checked the log view I do not understand why it causes? Please suggest me what is cause and should I need to do more to process my application

    I enclose the logfile for your reference, I'll appreciate your help and suggestion

    Log file
    | Starting concurrent program execution...
    Environment will now switch to UTF-8 code-set.
    Parts of this log file may not display correctly
    as a result.  This is an expected behavior.     
     XENVIRONMENT is set to  /u01/IGAUPGT/IGAUPGTora10222/8.0.6/guicommon6/tk60/admin/Tk2Motif_UTF8.rgb
     Current NLS_LANG and NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS Environment Variables are :
    REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit.
    Report Builder: Release - Production on Tue Apr 3 03:10:17 2012
    (c) Copyright 1999 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
    Enter Username: 
    Start of log messages from FND_FILE
    End of log messages from FND_FILE
    Executing request completion options...
    +------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+
    Beginning post-processing of request 20244749 on node IGLDW at 03-APR-2012 03:10:21.
    Post-processing of request 20244749 failed at 03-APR-2012 03:10:23 with the error message:
    One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.
    +------------- 2) PRINT   -------------+
    Not printing the output of this request because post-processing failed.
    Finished executing request completion options.
    Concurrent request completed
    Current system time is 03-APR-2012 03:10:23

    Tk2Motif_UTF8. RGB is used to form xmlp report

    Please read the mos above and related mos inside

    I can't post here mos - violation

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    I'm trying to set the size of the text with the report generator, but I find that I can't do this. Here is an example of the code that I use. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?

    Thank you, Alec

    I was generation from a word template.

    I hacked my version of the Toolbox to give me maunal indicator control "model? He had obtained his permenatly self stuck on "T". I exposed this flag outside the API, so I can control under certain weather conditions I may or may not use the model police.

    Does anyone know how to use this toolkit, or I did the right thing?

    Cheers, Alec

  • How to set the & quot; setContentPath & quot; with a URL parameter

    I have a video player (video_player.swf) with the component playback flv in it. I was wondering how to use the URL to set the parameter "setContentPath". While I didn't have to make a separate video player for ever flv on the site. I didn't know if I could add a listener to the URL or something so that I could put it like /player/video_player.swf?video_id=1

    Thank you very much people P.S. I need that's before the end of the month.

    OK, here's the html part of the process:

    Here is the flash part:
    vid.contentPath =;

    vid is the name of the instance of the FLVPlaybackComponent
    _level0. Movie is a variable passed in the url string - it would look like:
    See how after the html page you ger the? film - which is the variable passed in flash. Be sure to use the HTML code on the top of the sample page in order to pass the variable into the SWF.

  • How to set the orientation of page with postscript when the pdf file is displayed in Adobe Acrobat format?

    I have a program that generates a postscript and then 'prints' the script in a PDF file using gs.

    The user can opt for the document in landscape format.  The program handles this with the addition of the 'Rotation 90' command early in the script.  It works without problem.  When the user opens the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, it is displayed in landscape orientation.

    In addition, the user may have a "watermark", adding the document which is the text at an angle of 60 degrees.  This is handled by the emission of the "rotation of 60", then the text of the watermark, then "rotation-60.  This also works without problem.  The resulting PDF file has watermark text at an angle of 60 degrees to the rest of the text in the document.

    The problem is when these two options are used together.  The document is correctly mounted (in orientation landscape with a watermark properly tilted), but it is displayed in Acrobat in portrait, forcing the user to rotate to be able to read it.  When I look at the postscript, it seems OK, just the sum of these two options:

    rotation of 90


    60 rotate

    ... watermark text...


    ... the rest of the document...

    'Net turnover' is 90, leading me to believe that it would be displayed in landscape orientation, but it is displayed in portrait mode.

    There is no other sizing page not declared in the script.

    How can I get the document to display in the landscape when opened in Acrobat?  Thank you.

    Check to see that the 'gs' (ghostscript) isn't reorienting the page, by default, based on what he thinks is the correct meaning of reading.

  • Satego P100-491: how to set the contrast on Vista with Nvidia 7900 Go?


    Can someone help me? How is it possible to change the contrast on my new laptop Satego P100-491 OS Vista Nvidia
    Gefore go 7900 gs Driver 7,15,10,9748. After using goto Nvidia display option in the control panel and change the settings but there is no menu to 'adjust desktop color settings.

    Thank you


    with this old XP drivers it was possible, but now... you can try with these color settings, but I don't know if you would have this success.
    I tried to do things like you (some contrast, gamma, etc.), but I think they did not set up that works right now in the Vista drivers.

    So, maybe we just have to wait...

    Welcome them

  • How to set the units creating paths with a script?

    I'm trying to update a script that used to work in Photoshop CS4, but that seems to completely ignore the units that I use in the clouds.  The script below should create a path with two lines that form an X through the whole document.

    To test, I created a new page 8.5 x 11 inches and 300 DPI.  I then run the script.  However, the form that is produced is huge and most are off the screen.  What I am doing wrong?

    function Point(x, y)


    This.x = x;

    This.y = y;


    function addVertexCorner (lineArray, x, y)


    var p0Info = new PathPointInfo();

    lineArray.push (p0Info);

    p0Info.kind = PointKind.CORNERPOINT;

    p0Info.anchor = new Array (x, y);

    p0Info.leftDirection = p0Info.anchor;

    p0Info.rightDirection = p0Info.anchor;


    function appendLine (p0, p1, lineSubPathArray)


    var lineArray = new Array();

    addVertexCorner (lineArray, p0.x, p0.y);

    addVertexCorner (lineArray, p1.x, p1.y);

    pathInfo var = new SubPathInfo();

    lineSubPathArray.push (pathInfo);

    pathInfo.operation = ShapeOperation.SHAPEADD;

    pathInfo.closed = false;

    pathInfo.entireSubPath = lineArray;


    function createPathLayer (title, subPathArray)


    var app.activeDocument = docRef;

    var originalUnit = app.preferences.rulerUnits;

    app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;

    var myPathItem = docRef.pathItems.add (title, subPathArray);

    app.preferences.rulerUnits = originalUnit;


    var app.activeDocument = docRef;

    var imgWidth = ("px");

    var imgHeight = ("px");

    P00 var = new Point (0, 0);

    P10 var = new Point (imgWidth, 0);

    P01 var = new Point (0, imgHeight);

    P11 var = new Point (imgWidth, imgHeight);

    var lineSubPathArray = new Array();

    appendLine (p00, p11, lineSubPathArray);

    appendLine (p01, p10, lineSubPathArray);

    createPathLayer ("Big X", lineSubPathArray);

    The code you have posted product lines with points in the corners of the image for me when the image is 72DPI.

    Could you post a screenshot of the faulty results with the relevant panels visible?

    OK, but what is so special about using 72 DPI?

    At 72 dpi 1 pixel corresponds to 1 point.

  • How to set the text to align with their base line, not their bounding box?


    Left: ' vertical align text to bottom'ed with black outline box

    Right: manually move the text with a smart guide to align with its base line. (what I want to achieve)

    As you can see in the left, text has its baseline under him, and his rectangle encompassing does not correspond to its base line. When I use align, it does not align with its base line but his rectangle encompassing.

    How can I make the text line up easily using their base line?

    You can actually get align text, but the method to make some features using the majority of people do not know:

    1. Select type > effect > path > describe the object
    2. in the preferences to put a brake on the front of the preview limits use

  • How to view the filter string complete with maxl.

    I'm recovering strings for all of the filters to a request allowing read access. Now, I tried to use MaxL command line 'filter display. But it returns only the first members of one or two in the string, but not the full string. Please let me know if anyone finds a solution for the same thing.


    probably you need to use the set column display width in the MaxL statement. by default, it's only 20 characters and my strengths need hundreds.
    You can try column_width set 200; and see if it's wide enough

  • How to set the attribute in the request of adf defalut search form

    I use the default search engine in Jdeveloper with Table query.

    I followed this blog to replace the query by default:

    Question is how to set the value of an attribute in the request. The user will add what ever he wants those who are caught queryEvent I want to add to the value of an attribute that is not displayed to the user and the search engine and it is necessary for the application to run correctly.


    If you went on the blog that I posted, you could get the ViewCriteriaRow of the queryEvent and then you can add the attribute that you want to the ViewCriteriaRow, and then run the query accordingly.


  • How to set the printer wireless ad Hoc mode to CP1025nw with automatic stop is off? IE never automatic.

    How to set the printer wireless ad Hoc mode to CP1025nw with automatic stop is off? IE never automatic.

    Thank you very much for your help, if necessary.

    Quite a few questions, send, but I will do what I can to answer them.

    I recommend first to buy a router, even if it's one you won't connect to internet and it network with others your PC and printer. This will give you the best features and the results of what you're trying to do.

    In addition, the automatic stop of the printer function can be disabled and is not affected by the type of connection. Usually, you can go through the configuration Menu and select tools to change the options there on the energy saving features.

    Finally, the auto off function on your computer is a Windows question, but one easy answer. If you're on a laptop, you can right click on the battery in the tray (lower right corner) and change the settings for energy conservation.

    You might be better off installing the printer via the USB cord and alternately inspiring when you use it, but which is not optimal if you are printing only a few documents on an irregular basis. A network connection is the easiest to manage across multiple computers, honesty, but you have certain requirements for this connection and limits as well.

    I hope this information is useful!

  • How to set the clock for the hours, minutes, and seconds with Windows XP

    How to set the clock for the hours, minutes, and seconds with Windows XP

    I don't know of your question.  If you ask how to show the clock in the tray system with hours, minutes and seconds, then download & run "Tclock Light".  Windows will not natively display the seconds.

    TClock Light: <> >


  • How I set the reading aloud with a French accent?

    How I set the reading aloud with a French accent?

    Hi italo Velasques,.

    Please check if you have read aloud, option available for this slot Edit menu > Preferences > reading.

    Check if option available under voice.

    Kind regards


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    Mr President.

    How to set the default value of the attribute with a sequence number? Is it possible to add a string to like abc0001?


    For the date, you can use groovy expression adf.currentDate to set the current date. reference

    You already have ways to use the sequence.

    How do you add a new value in the form. You're creating a new line of your page (user interface) and by engaging with validation operation? Unless you commit you will not be able to see anything in the table.

    Thank you

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