How to set the time between slides in a slideshow (iPhoto, el capitan)

How to set the time to say - 5 seconds or 20 seconds - between slide show photos in iPhoto. I use el capitan.


See the Settings button at the bottom right of the toolbar (at the bottom of the slide show). Click on it and you have a small window with two tabes, refers to all the slides, the other to the selected slide. You can make your choice

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    If you mean the customer of email Windows Live Mail, the time stamp on messages is governed by your time zonesystem. Right-click on the clock in the lower right of the screen and select CONFIGURATION... Change your time zone, and then set your clock at the present time.

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  • How to set the time difference between each data when using keithley 2400 scanning

    Hello friends,

    I use scanning Keithley vi the extent of SCANNING and acquire vi. I want to measure the voltage for each step and a pause between each two data, so I need a delay between each I step.

    I'm a starter to use Labview, thank you very much for your answers.


    As Dennis says, if you use the built-in scan function, you will need to consult the manual. See Section 10-16 (this is page 10 of article 16, only paragraphs not but 10, 16) for the manual Keithley 2400.

    The Keithley 24xx series has a speed of measurement in units called PLC (Power Line Cycles). The default speed is 1PLC, which means a measure is taken with each cycle of line 1 power supply or 1/60th of a second (16.67ms). 24XX can range from 0.01 PLC (all 0.16ms) 10 PLC (all 166.6ms). The faster you measure, the less accuracy you get.

    To programmatically set this value, the command is



    Depending on what you are sensing and where is the number of controllers from 0.01 to 10.

    Another factor that will determine the time between data points is the cycle SDM. These are more complicated, look at your Keithley manual for more information. Look at article 6 and article 11 for more information.


    PLC times are based on a cycle of 60 Hz US.

  • How to find the time between two channels of entry in the data acquisition card or pci 6036


    I read a lot-related posts on the simultaneous measurement of two input voltage of similar channels in map data acquisition. I know that the best material is "simultaneous measurments of the Series DAQ cards" but I only pci data acquisition card 6036 and I try to understand what is the time between the reading of the two channels . This period is always constant? (must it rely on a voltage (amplitude, frequency, waveform..). I send the sine wave (s) to the two channels and read the values of V, if they read the same value, the difference should always be zero but I get-0,002 to 0.002 Volt difference (I must find a way to convert it in time). A screenshot of my VI is attached. I wonder how I can accurately measure the time delay between the channel.

    I am open to any suggestion, my final goal to read exactly two channels at the same time ((ou connaître le délai exact donc je peux correspondre les données correspondantes étant donné le temps de retard))

    Hi spinup,

    better you should post your question in the forum of LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI is used

    Good luck.

  • How to set the time and date on printer n911a e-all-in-one officejet pro 8600.

    How do you set the time and date on printer n911a e-all-in-one officejet pro 8600. This info is not in the user's guide or the getting started guide.    Thanks in advance. Jim

    Jim go to settings on the 8600, click Preferences.

    There is an option DATE and HOUR.

  • How to: set the time zone on a new event before adding it to the calendar?

    I want to add a new event to the calendar, but when I do gets set to a time zone from the casablanca time which means GMT, I want to solve it the current time zone of users.  What is happening now is that if the user manually changes the time zone then the start time of the event changes too.

    Here is my code so far:

    EventList _eventList = null;
                        _eventList = (EventList)PIM.getInstance().openPIMList(PIM.EVENT_LIST, PIM.READ_WRITE);
                    }catch(PIMException e){
                        Dialog.inform("PIMException : " + e.getMessage());
    //                  return false;
                    BlackBerryEvent bbEvent = (BlackBerryEvent)_eventList.createEvent();
                    java.util.Calendar cal = java.util.Calendar.getInstance(); 
                    long start = cal.getTime().getTime();
                    if (_eventList.isSupportedField(Event.START)) {
                        bbEvent.addDate(Event.START, 0, start);
                    if (_eventList.isSupportedField(Event.END)) {
                        bbEvent.addDate(Event.END, 0, start + 3600000);
                    if (_eventList.isSupportedField(Event.SUMMARY)) {
                        bbEvent.addString(Event.SUMMARY, 0, title);
                    if (_eventList.isSupportedField(Event.LOCATION)) {
                        bbEvent.addString(Event.LOCATION, 0, address+", "+city);
                    if (_eventList.isSupportedField(Event.)) {
                        bbEvent.addString(Event.LOCATION, 0, address+", "+city);
                    Invoke.invokeApplication( Invoke.APP_TYPE_CALENDAR, new CalendarArguments(CalendarArguments.ARG_NEW, bbEvent) );

    How can I set the time zone before calling Invoke.invokeApplication?

    OK, never mind, my Simulator has been updated with the different time zone, I thought he would pick uop, the right one.  Once I manually put itt o the right zoneit works as expected today.

  • How to set the time of the wamp Server?

    Downloaded the latest version of Wamp (Apache 2.2.11, PHP 5.3.0 MySQL 5.1.36)

    Server time is 5 hours later than my time local (America, Chicago)

    Where can I change the settings for time?

    Thanks for your help,

    -Jim Balthrop

    This might help...


    Lawrence Cramer - * Adobe Community Professional *.
    Basket for Adobe Dreamweaver
    available in PHP, ASP and ColdFusion

    Stay updated -

  • How to set the time of the video?

    There is a control named VideoPlayer (not VideoDisplay), and there a porperty named currentTime which is read-only, so I can only read the time! But how do I set the time.

    for example, when I press a button, I need 3 min video game, how to?

    Thank you!

    A function like this should help

    private void jump (): void
    VP. Seek (50);

    VP is the name of the videoplayer and (50) corresponding to the time you want to access in seconds

  • How to set the timer on my Satellite A660 keyboard?

    I ask here, IF hadou no to set the timer on my Satellite A660 laptop keyboard. I checked in HD utilities and found NO time setting.
    ANY help would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

    Hi, mate

    to be honest, I don't understand what you mean timer keyboard...

  • How to set the time on an officejet pro 8600

    where should I go to set the time on my office jet pro 8600

    To set the time for an Officejet Pro 8600:
    * Press the arrow to the right while on the main screen of the printer
    * Select the Setup menu
    * Go to preferences
    Superior option under the Preferences menu should be the Date and time

    I hope this helps.

  • How to set the time to preview using the REST Api of the assembler

    Hi all

    Using the REST API of the assembler, I can't feature "set the time to preview" to trigger a specific model that fires only at a specific time

    This is the format that I'm trying:

    http://xxxx:8006 / assembler/json/pages/home? Endeca_Time = 2020-04 - 05 T 14:30

    I use the correct format? This is the url parameter listed in the documentation of the Assembly

    Thank you

    It turns out that the documentation is wrong

    1. In (service\WEB-INF) of your REST API, you must define

      1. User.State.Ref = previewUserState
    2. You use Endeca_date and not Endeca_Time in the URL (documentation is wrong)
    3. Coding varies from a browser (you may need to URL encode the date in Firefox)


    http://xxxx:8006 / assembler/json/pages/home? Endeca_date = 2020-01 - 11 T 18:00

    The date format is: YYYY-MM-dd' you HH: mm

  • How to set the time of Capture from 05:30 to 05:45 hours?


    Is it possible to set the time of Capture from 05:30 to 05:45 hours? These are Indian and Nepali zones. Change the Time\Shift of Capture by a defined number of hours (time zone setting) only allows adjustment in hours and not fractions of hours.

    It will be great to have this one adds new versions of Lightroom as 05:30 and 05:45 are, as well as other more exotic combinations, valid time zones.

    Kind regards


    Ian said, you can do so by using the option adjust Time Zone, but you CAN do it if you select all the images you want to adjust in the grid, make sure that the first of the series is the 'selected', then use the FIRST topic option 'Edit Capture time'... basically, you make the setting for the first image using a specific date/time then all the rest are adjusted by the same amount as the first.

  • How to set the time manually

    Hi all. Please tell me the syntax to change or set the time on DB Server M5000 Solaris 10. thanx

    You can read the man page of 'date' or ' date of 011111422009' simply enter the hour at November 1, 2009, 11:42.» But be careful when you do it in an ebvironment CAR, because the clusterware is sensitive to weather changes.


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