How to set the title when using InvokeManager (MediaPlayer)

Hi Im using InvokeManager to play the video file (Media Player)

How to change the title when media player to play the video (above)-> it by default uses the name of the file being played

but I want to change this

How to do this?

Thank you

Try this

InvokeManager * invokeManager = new InvokeManager();
InvokeRequest cardRequest;
cardRequest.setTarget ("sys.mediaplayer.previewer");
cardRequest.setAction ("bb.action.OPEN");
cardRequest.setUri ("* video url *");
            QVariantMap map;
Map.Insert ("contentTitle", "My title");
QByteArray requestData = bb:psObject::encode (map, NULL);
cardRequest.setData (requestData);
Response InvokeTargetReply * = invokeManager-> invoke (cardRequest);

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    Others, I think, someone will add for you...

    System engineer

    Zen Systems Sdn Bhd


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    Source: Mac Support

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    In my OpenGL\DirectX C++ engine that I wrote a material format clever for managing shader and texture settings, I do the same Molehill help now, but I can't find a way to know a registration number parameter.

    I use PixelBender3D shaders, I want to use setProgramConstantsFromMatrix and setProgramConstantsFromVector to set my values instead of this helper class settings that allow you to by name (things with strings during execution should never used in vidogames and store name instead of the register number is just more painful)

    I have seen that there is a ParameterRegisterInfo class, which inherits from RegisterInfo, that cointains a variable 'register', but it seems to be private, and I can't access the number of registry from there (I don't even know if register.baseNumber is really the one I need, but seems that Yes).

    So, is it possible to get the registration number of a parameter to use with setProgramConstantsFromMatrix\setProgramConstantsFromVector?

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    This complaint has developed a couple of times since we released the beta version. You should have access to this information, we'll fix it in a future release.

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    If the offered suggestion seems to fail for you, take a look at the file > properties (Captivate 2) or change preferences (Captivate 3).

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    See you soon... Rick

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