How to set up a wireless network

I ave a labtop new, bought used in Mexico, during the CCA creation, it is a toshiba 2011, says he has a card inside, I got connected to the House through the wirelessin from home, but have not yet connect to home any ideas thanks


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Set up a wireless network

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  • P20: How to set up a wireless network

    Help, please. Please can someone tell me how to configure my satellite P20 to exploit in the wireless. I've got 2pcs as an icon in the bar indicating connection 1394 tasks. Speed 400.0Mpbs
    connected state. What is that.? I think I did this through the Connection Wizard, but didn't know what I was doing or how. PS. I'm not on broadband.


    As Miro Wireless and IEEE 1394 (firewire) are two completely different things. If you want to learn more on this subject see please this link, 294236, sid7_gci748584, 00.html. FireWire is mainly used for the transfer of data from external devices such as camcorder, external HARD disk or external devices, CD or DVD, because the data transfer speed is fast enough.

    Can you please tell me exactly is it your device wireless card? You can check in the Device Manager. If so use to the first switch wireless on the left side of your laptop. If the wireless card is enabled and wireless light is on use the key combination FN + F8 to check if the card is correctly activated. After that, you must configure a wireless connection using the wireless network connection properties.

  • set up a wireless network with 2 iMacs

    How to set up a wireless network with 2 iMacs?

    Need more information. Writing an effective communities of Apple Support question.

  • How to xp 64 pro wireless network connection wizard

    I installed xp64 pro on my desktop and a dlink wireless card but there is no wireless connection wizard. How and where can I get a wireless network connection wizard. I also tried to get for xp64 sp2 but could not find.


    · What is the number and the model of the computer?

    You can check the link below which has steps on how to set up automatic wireless network configuration:

    You can download Windows Service Pack 2 for Windows XP Professional, x 64 Edition:

  • How to set the printer wireless ad Hoc mode to CP1025nw with automatic stop is off? IE never automatic.

    How to set the printer wireless ad Hoc mode to CP1025nw with automatic stop is off? IE never automatic.

    Thank you very much for your help, if necessary.

    Quite a few questions, send, but I will do what I can to answer them.

    I recommend first to buy a router, even if it's one you won't connect to internet and it network with others your PC and printer. This will give you the best features and the results of what you're trying to do.

    In addition, the automatic stop of the printer function can be disabled and is not affected by the type of connection. Usually, you can go through the configuration Menu and select tools to change the options there on the energy saving features.

    Finally, the auto off function on your computer is a Windows question, but one easy answer. If you're on a laptop, you can right click on the battery in the tray (lower right corner) and change the settings for energy conservation.

    You might be better off installing the printer via the USB cord and alternately inspiring when you use it, but which is not optimal if you are printing only a few documents on an irregular basis. A network connection is the easiest to manage across multiple computers, honesty, but you have certain requirements for this connection and limits as well.

    I hope this information is useful!

  • How to set the allocation of network by default in Vista?

    allocation network Deault in Vista

    How to set the allocation of network by default in Vista? I have two routers in wireless network, and it has stopped working. I want to get all default computers to the router to start.  Thank you


    Are you connected to the server or if you are on a domain network?

    I suggest you follow the instructions in the link to the configuration of a default gateway on a network:

    Configuring multiple gateways on a network

  • How to set up my wireless connection?

    Hello, I have a satellite 1410/2410 I think and im not sure how to set up my wireless I rang bt broadband ordered a card wireless broadband from bt to get into my computer as I was told I need to 1, but it would not install, so I rang back bt and they said it was because I already have wireless on my computer and I had to get in touch with Toshiba and you tell me how to set up.
    Please help me!
    your sincerely M Diggin


    I found the same info as Tobi. Your device has no WLAN and you must use the PCMCIA WLAN card. I'm sure that with PCMCIA card you will receive the CD with driver and probably some WLAN client for WLAN configuration. You can also use the WLAN Windows settings.

    Good bye

  • Set up a wireless network on EA60-155

    I have laptop EA60-155 A60.
    I have trouble to set up a wireless network between my desktop and my laptop.
    My office works well online via a network of 576 Thompson router. I use a BT Voyager 1060 portable card in my laptop, but the two will not connect. Can anyone help?


    as a first step, he must set up a connection between the laptop and the router. Now, the two computers are in the same network. They can see each other in Solution Explorer if they are in the same workgroup. You can change the Working Group in the Control Panel, System.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A100-529: How can I enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all!

    I'm new here, but I want to know how can I activate the wireless network device. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-529 keyboard is a Fn key that must be pressed with the F8 key to turn on the wireless network device. I did, but it does not work.

    What can I do to turn on my wireless device?
    Thank you!

    You are right. The FN + F8 key combination should be used to switch to the WLan card.

    But look, man. Have you checked if your laptop supports wireless network card?
    I think it does not support the minPCI wireless network card and the card does not exist!

    That's why the WLan card cannot be activated :) you know ;)

  • I'm trying to set up a wireless network and it is said that something does not work with the driver.

    Hi there tried to hook my laptop up to wireless as ethernet cable keeps me tripping. I am complete technophobe and propably have the only laptop that gets used especially to open the door.

    Have tried everything I can think even threaten her with glass of water after trying to connect to the wireless network, that it is said that there is something that doesn't work not with the driver if it means something to you. I have a toshiba, if it helps.
    Thank you
    original title: I hope someone can help technophobe

    It is said that there is something not working only not with the driver

    You probably need to install some network drivers for your wireless card.

    Download drivers

    Visit the manufacturer's Web site and select your computer model (this is usually done in the Support section). You should be able to download drivers for your model. Download the driver (s) and follow the instructions to install - every computer is different, so I can't give you exact directions. You can also try to use Windows Update to get drivers - it is located in the start menu.

    Establishment of a network domestic:

    For more information network:

    Start here to set up a home network in Windows 7:

    What do I need to connect to Internet:

    Adding a wireless computer

    Set up a wireless network:

    If your network is wireless, run the wizard to Set Up a network on the computer attached to the router.

    1. open Set Up a network by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type network, click Network and sharing Center click on set up a new connection or a network and then click on set up a new network.

    2. the wizard will guide you in the process of adding other computers and devices to the network. For more information, see:

    Manually add a wireless computer

    1. sign the computer.

    2 open the connect to a network by clicking the network icon in the notification area.

    3. choose the network wireless from the list that appears and then click on connect.

    4. type the network security key or password if you are prompted to do so, and then click OK.

    -You will see a confirmation message when you are connected to the network.

    5. to confirm that you have added to the computer, follow these steps:

    -Open network by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type network, and then, under center network and sharing, click on view network computers and devices.

  • setting up a wireless network


    I wana share my wid of connection and the files internet my frendz in my community, we are all distributed in a box around 300metres.we live in different houses and between our houses, there are many buildings. This is our situation and I wana set up a wireless network between the routers and antennas wat kind if I need to... .plzzz help

    To use a router... you must have the Internet Service in your home from any Internet service provider... If you have Sevice, then you can use any broadband router from Linksys WRT54G, WRT54GS, WRT54G2, WRT160N, WRT120N, WRT330N... to the configuration of the wireless network.


    I implemented the airport Time Capsule, using a DSL modem connected to the internet as its bridge.  MacBook Pro was used for initial set up by the bolt of lightning to Ethernet connector and then disconnected and works perfectly.  Now, I would like to use Wi - Fi for my Samsung phone not iOS.  On the Samsung wireless I connect to my home network using a password.  Well, I don't think that a password was never set.  How can I configure my wifi at home to establish a password?   I don't think that the modem settings should enter in solving this for me, but I'll add that the modem required a static IP address be entered for this connection when its router features have been disabled for the connection of bridge.

    If the Time Capsule (TC) provides the wireless network, then you can secure it using AirPort Utility, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the TC and then, select change.
    • Select the wireless tab.
    • In the wireless security, select the type of security. I highly recommend that you choose: WPA2 Personal
    • Enter a password in the field password wireless. Enter the same password in the verify password.
    • Select Update.

  • How to set up a wireless connection between my computer windows 7 and my printer?

    Laptop running windows 7 and HP wireless printer.

    What printer wireless HP do you have?

    Is the printer connected to your wireless network and online?

    If so I just used the software provided from HP who asked me if I wanted to connect to a USB port or wireless router. I choose the option Wireless for my HP J4680 AiO device and the software installed the driver appropriate printer and other associated software, IE. Center solutions HP, etc and I could use my wireless printer.

    Click here to download manuals updated, how - to, of, software, drivers, etc for your machine.

    If your printer is not connected to your network, you may need to set up a temporary ad hoc wireless between the printer and a PC. Once you do this, you can enter the printer wireless configuration pages and configure the SSID of the network, wireless, encryption type, encryption key, etc.. Also, FWIW, I have set my HP machine with a static IP address to make it easier for me to access any pages of any PC on my network config.

  • How better to create a wireless network

    I just moved into a property where every room has an Ethernet jack.  I intend to wire hard as many devices as I can but I also want to create a wireless network that will cover the whole of the property.

    There is no single ethernet jack which will result in only a single wireless router will cover the whole of the property.  What is the best way for me to move forward?

    I have a new time Capsule and a couple of Airport Express.  Is it possible to use the Ethernet available in each room to create a unique wireless rather than Beach which extends from the time Capsule?

    How would I do that?

    The 'best' way would be something like the following:

    • Where the Internet stream comes home, it's where the Internet modem should be located.
    • Connect a wired router only or your Time Capsule near the modem and connect it to the modem by Ethernet.
    • If this place has an Ethernet distribution panel which feeds on Ethernet wiring to the rest of the House, then connect the router or the Time Capsule to this Panel.
    • You can then place your AirPort Express base stations where you need a Wi - Fi connection by connecting to the appropriate outlet.
  • Satellite P20 S203: How can I use the wireless network card?

    first - sorry for my English. I have toshiba P20 S203 (I know - old hardware).
    I read a few descriptions on this computer and I know that the model probably have wifi. I see on the left side of my laptop, but don't see it Win Xp Pro Sp2.
    How to turn on and connect to my lan wirreless?

    again sorry for my English...


    As mentioned the laptop has no installed wireless network card, but you can improve with one compatible.
    The minPCI card has two cables; Brown and white.
    Usually the white cable be connected to the hand and Brown to the

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