How to set up independent HDMI/SDI framebuffer options of timing in the sequence?


I have a tricky this time... One of my monitors to external customer review (large TV) hurt because there is microstutter in the videoplayback if I'm out 25 p signals.

50 p signals are working properly.

Determination may for example have a 25 p timeline and view it as a signal of 50 p on the outside. Is there a possibillity that also inside the first?

Same thing for 24 p signals - micro stuttering kills the smooth video playback - 60i with remove pulldown works very well... So I need just a way of saying the first: Please present this external native 24 p sequence as a 60i signal...

Any idea?

Premiere Pro is designed to transmit the signal "like what", based on the specifications of the sequence.  The only way to do what you want is to use a sequence of 50 p.  (Or 30i, if necessary).

You can also get a better TV, one that will show 24 fps to 96 Hz, for example.  (Repeat each image four times to eliminate the flicker caused by 24 Hz refresh.)

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    3. create a new calculation of Page. It should run on the radiogroup element header before. The calculation would be a static assignment of the "return value zero" you set above - in my example, it is -1 the calculation should depend on the value of the element being null radiogroup. This, I found it, is the best way to make sure you get a default value before the page is loaded.

    I did all this on: []. My report SQL query is then:



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    It depends on the whther the laptop can support both points of view.

    Somewhere with the right button on the desktop, choose "screen resolution" and that there should be only a drop down menu entitled "multiple displays".  Looks like you have "displays a duplicate" choose (if it will leave you) "to extend these screens.

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    As you might know, for the DMS, the DMP solution can take a video stream of a multicast IP address in the LAN, through their playlists.

    My question is: How to inject the videoconferencing in a multicast address in the LAN?

    I mean, this is configured in the CHT? In the VCS? In the CUCM?

    For example, in a scenario where I have 200 Codecs in the LAN... How the END USER will be set up which of these streams of videoconferencing should be injected in X multicast address? The DMP will be configured to take the videostreaming than X multicast address... but emphasizing... How the user configures WHO the STREAMING to put this address?

    I hope I made my point... Thank you very much and best regards!

    Hello rodrigo,.

    in order to provide you with the right answer, I guess that your ultimate objective is to provide a solution to your end users enabling them to select the stream of multicast/channel of their choice by using DPM.

    Having this in mind, I suggest the following:

    (1) you must configure the channels under the distribution of the DMM module and name of associated with the major local routes linked to a multicast ip address. Then, your users can simply switch between channels (therefore multicast stream) with the remote control of the dmp


    (2) use the cucm to emulate the remote control of the dmp by following the instructions here:

    Is this acceptable and understandable?

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    Hi, I would like to know how can I set up dreamweaver so it downloads the server specific files such as photoshop files when I type "Put".

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    See concealment

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    One thing I can suggest is to share the hard drive of a Mac and make sure that the hard drive is formatted in HFS file system + and not NTFS. Windows does not recognize HFS +. In this way, Windows users will not be able to access the hard disk.

    Alternative methods may be available with Mac. Please contact Apple support in this regard.

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    This is a 1 years computer with card mother i5, available on the 200 GB drive and 16 G memory.

    I am the author of Web SoundFont and I'll be happy to help you if you are having problems with my Bank and CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth.

    I second the comment of S.V. Sissi, even if your problem is mainly with newer versions of Windows, which simply do not have the control panel you are looking for choose the default of MIDI output device to be used in all Windows applications.
    This setting was not available up to Windows XP, but with newer versions, you will need to use third party software to configure it in a friendly way. On Vista/7, you can use the combobox control, you will find under the tab "MIDI Mapper" CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth settings window.
    On Windows 8, there is an alternative workaround available, although more difficult to apply than MS simply locked access to the MIDI Mapper to force using internal MS/Roland GS software Synth. Quite a bad decision for all lovers of noon with good hardware or software synths on their computer...
    You will find all the information you need on the site of VirtualMIDISynth ( and
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    I'll put up for our University editing room which has a CC license "per machine". It is a PC facility. This machine will be used by a class of students who will register with their own credentials. I need to set preferences for the first (video output, default working space planning etc. discs) so that it is the same for all users connecting from us want a consistent configuration for educational purposes and not want to help every student to configure so that it displays correctly on monitors. Is there a way to save this default setting for each user?

    The most important of them is the preferences - reading to set up the second monitor.

    Post edited by: Bruce Cooke

    Just copy the files preference and workspace of your user folder.


  • How to set up to call a report .rep file to run the report?

    I know that we can attach a RDF report to a form of report.

    But how to call rep report files? I don't want to fix the reports on Forms.

    My name of reports are dynamically from the database.

    I defined my sourceDir under engine element in the rwserver.conf file

    and place the files of my rep under this directory, restart the report server.

    my forms cannot find the report yet.

    It reports an error:

    * "' FRM-41219: can not find the report: invalid ID." * "

    Published by: frank1018 on 8 April 2013 11:51

    There is no difference in calling a file rdf or rep. A rep file is just the compiled version of the rdf.
    If you call your reports with the extension of rdf in the name of the file (myreport.rdf), you have a problem. Just delete the file extension. Now, it won't matter if the file is a file rdf or rep (as long as they are in sourceDir).

    I don't want to fix the reports on Forms.
    My name of reports are dynamically from the database.

    You don't have to join all reports forms. Simply create a report object, without specifying the name of the file. You can do it programmatically:

    v_report_filename := 'Myreport';
    set_report_object_property ( repid, report_filename, v_report_filename); 

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