How to set Windows Live Hotmail as my e-mail program by default on Windows 7?

I had Windows Live Hotmail as my email program by default when I had XP but now with 7, I can't for some reason any. I don't want to use Windows Live Mail. I want just to link to Hotmail.

I know what you're saying and I thought for a while also, but one day when I had XP, I went to set a new default and in the drop-down list e-mail client in Internet Explorer 8, it says Windows Live Hotmail. I have no idea how it got because that prior to that time I had never seen Hotmail it. Well, I thought that the situation would be similar to Windows 7 but IE 8 does not provide a drop-down menu here to set default programs, it just sends you to the control panel to actually choose a program. I want that Windows Live Hotmail has a plug-in or whatever you call, like Yahoo, so you can set it as your default email.

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  • Setting IE/Live Hotmail as default mail client, so it responds to a click on a mailto link: link and not Outlook Express

    It is actually in two parts/problems; Maybe (probably) closely related.
    ... And it's weird because it used to work (weird especially when it comes to problem no. 1 b).

    Problem # 1
    When I click on an e-mail address embedded (a mailto link :) in some (.doc .rtf, .html, etc.) I opened, I want to have the system open IE, connect me to my Windows Live Hotmail ( account and open the new page/screen e-mail message.) He used to do this. I have somehow messed up things upwards; How I know not (duh). Instead, it will now fire a new Message Outlook Express 6.0 dialog box.

    (1) I'm under Win XP Pro SP3 with all the critical updates installed.

    (2) I have a account and the system has my saved credentials.

    (3) I have Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail is installed.

    (4) I have Windows Live Messenger is set up (under the menu item Tools/Options/Connection tab) with:
    a. "automatically run Windows Live Messenger when I connect Windows' checked
    b. "'Main window open Windows Live Messenger to Windows Live Messenger startup' UNchecked '.
    c. "automatically open a session when connected to the Internet" checked

    (5) I have Windows Live Mail set up (the tab Tools/Options/connections point menu - sign in to Windows Live services section) to "Stop signing In" - i.e. the "Sign In" button is enabled and the 'Stop Signing In' button is disabled (because it is already selected)

    This configuration (4 & 5) is so when I right click on the Windows Live Messenger icon in the system Notification bar and select 'Mail box' in the menu contextual, Messenger opens IE to my Hotmail Live ( account, sign me and puts me in my Inbox as opposed to the opening of the Live Mail client. No problem, it's what I want. The only time where I use the client Live Mail is when I have to compose an e-mail with pictures incorporated into the body of the message (which is rare), and then I manually start it (Live Mail). This can be done using IE/Live Hotmail; I can only attach photos there, not incorporated the. That's how my system was config support when you click on a mailto link: link would open up IE/Live Hotmail and not Outlook Express.

    In addition,
    (6) I have:
    a. under the radio button "Use my current e-mail program" Set Program Access and Defaults/Custom is selected and have the box "enable access to this program" UNchecked for Outlook Express (I also tried uncheck the 'enable...) "for Windows Live Mail - no change.

    I then tried...
    (b) in "Add/Remove Windows components" untick the Outlook Express check box. I then let XP run installation and rebooted.

    The reason why I did 6 b is to see what tracks if Outlook Express is not installed.
    Now, where is start to get weird and brings me to...

    Problem no. 1 b
    Outlook Express 6.0 (OE6.0) be uninstall under XP Pro/SP3 and if so, how?

    After step 6 b restarts, I open a file with a link to e-mail built in, clicked on it and now it opens nevertheless OE6.0
    So I open Win Explorer and of course the folder as c:\programs\outlook Express is still there and complete with all files .dll, .exe, etc..
    Now I'm really scratching my head! I know I said XP installation does not install Outlook Express.

    So now I decide to play with fire...
    I open the upward Task Manager to see which runs when the new Message of OE6.0 dialog box is in place (this is msimn.exe)
    So just to smile and laugh, I msimn.exe and rename it to Xmsimn.exe, go back in the file with the link, click on it and what's going on, you guessed it, OE6.0 is running! I switch back to Win Explorer, and the renamed file is still there, but now IS msimn.exe BAAAACK!
    Now, here's where it comes down right spoooooky. I created a new folder in C:\Programs\Outlook Express, all of the files selected in the C:\Programs\Outlook Express and drop them in the new folder. And then looking at the contents of the Outlook Express folder in the right pane (which is now empty other than the new folder), one by one, all the files OE re - APPEAR in the OE folder.

    All the files that I moved to the new folder are still there, including the renowned Xmsimn.exe.
    It is as if the system will not let you remove the OE components and withdrew them a .cab file, somewhere, even if I said do not install Outlook Express!

    Now, this problem is really secondary to # 1 has. I don't really need the answer, he just freaks me the system is something like this and I would like to know how and why of it. I use any OE 6.0, it's just take disk space.
    (I even uninstalled my installation of MS Office Outlook)

    And I don't like how # 1a is resolved. I am quite able to pull the top of RegEdt32 or what is needed to fix it (after backup the registry and/or a restore point first, of course.)

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

    Well, I found the answer to problem # 1 to myself.
    Somehow the IE Tools/Internet Options/programs Internet/tab setting programs section e-mail field has NOT been defined. It was empty.
    I put it to "Windows Live Hotmail" and BINGO! Click on an embedded mailto: link and pops up a new IE window connected to my Hotmail account, open electronic 'Composer the Message' page with the To: field with the link I clicked on.

    Now if only one of you gurus out there can answer problem # 1 b (can Outlook Express 6.0 (OE6.0) be uninstall under XP Pro/SP3 and if so, how? -see my OP) I'll be in sleep with nightmares of moved files reappear magically in an empty folder!

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    Receiving:, SSL (secure user connection)

    Sending:, port587 (and 25), (use the secure connection)

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    I hope this works for you

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    You can change your file associations...
    See the following information:

    Utility to repair image file associations

    Try this... open a folder of images and right-click
    your file image... from the menu, select... Open
    With / choose program.

    Make your choice from the list, or click Browse for the
    correct program if it is not in the list. If you want
    the Windows XP default... choose "Windows".
    Picture and Fax Viewer'.

    Once you make your choice... don't forget to check
    the box that says: "always use the selected program."
    to open this type of file. (you will need to do
    for each format, jpg, .tif, .gif... etc.)

    Also... you can right click an image and the
    menu... Choose... Properties / change button...
    Choose the program you want to use, then click on...
    OK / apply / OK.

    Also, in Windows XP, you can go to... My computer.
    Tools / Folder Options / File Types tab...

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    But what you can do is to use the EventInjector.

    You can programmatically check if the device is "case" and then you can also listen to incoming calls. then use the EventInjector

  • How to set the STL as "Color Panel" method of collection of default?

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    Thank you.

    Unfortunately, no.

    He always wants to go back to the color mode of the document. Nothing you can do about it.

  • how different freo windows live hotmail windows live mail?

    can someone tell me please how windows live mail is different from windows live hotmail?


    Windows Live Mail is a program that you download and install on your computer to email

    Hotmail is a web mail program that you access normally via the Internet even if you access them through Windows Live Mail

  • How to access other accounts Hotmail

    I just open this account through the windows, now it won't let me access my other two Hotmail accounts.


    Most email providers have online instructions to set up Windows Mail. Your provider is all that is
    After the @ in your e-mail address. So if your address ends with your provider would be
    Domaine.NET. in addition the email provider is also their ISP.

    Windows Mail: Setting up an account of end-to-end

    A guide to setting up Windows Mail beginner


    E-mail send and receive Windows Live Hotmail since an e-mail Client

    You can set it up as a POP client and it absolutely does not work now that Hotmail is POP3 service, much
    Think of Windows Mail will not charge the client HTML that is true however access POP3 is better still.

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    Answers is a peer group supported and unfortunately has no real influence on Hotmail.

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    Here is the article that will help you with how to setup Outlook express.
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    In addition, this article shows you how to set up your Hotmail with outlook express.
    How to configure Outlook Express to use a Hotmail account

    Hope this information helps.

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