How to show 2 web pages at the same time

How to split screen 2 sites at the same time to allow to work in both directions easily?


You can watch one of the following extensions:

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  • Can someone tell me how to show/hide multiple layers at the same time?


    Can someone show me how to make more than one layer visible or invisible, without having to click on each separate layer? -J' have more than 100 layers in a drawing, and it is very tedious to have to click on each individual layer to hide it or show it. I just started using Photoshop elements 13, on an iMac

    Thanks for any advice.

    You can Option , click on the eye next to the thumbnail icon of the layer to hide all selected layers, but.

    Option , click New to display all layers.

    Order click to change the visibility of the selected layer switch

    To hide multiple layers, select the layers, right-click on one of the eyes, and click hide this layer

    Repeat to repeat the visible layers.

    You can also click on one of the eyes and then drag down or to hide layers and invert to make the visible layers.

  • How to look at two pages at the same time

    While working on master pages and normal pages, it would be useful to have side by side.

    is it possible to do?

    You can do it from Windows-> arranges and you can take each window and adjust the width and height according to your need.

  • In CC Dramweaver Adobe how to make my Web page fill the entire window?

    In Adobe Dreamweaver CC how to make my Web page fill the entire window?

    A width of 100% CSS.

    Body {width: 100 %}}

    Nancy O.

  • How to make a web page to the size of browsers?

    How to make a web page to the size of browsers?

    Try to download the pdf file and the example in this tutorial files, which explain how to do this.


  • How can I disable all tabs at the same time?

    How can I disable all tabs at the same time with the IMac?

    Ask yourself how to close Firefox with multiple tabs / windows open?

    Firefox menu > exit.

    Or, you try to do something else?

  • Cropping multiple pictures on different pages at the same time

    Can I culture several images on different pages at the same time. In my french version of software Photos 1.5, this option is called "the photo to the frame adapter". I'm able to select this image of an option at a time, but could not find a way to make the entire book in one click.

    No there is no functionality like this in Photos

    You can ask Apple to add the -


  • Printing pictures, is possible to print different pictures on one page at the same time?

    When you print pictures, is it possible to print different pictures on one page at the same time? If this is not the case, the photo paper is lost because you can't get your full 4 prints if you do individually. There is a similar question on the change of the position of the image, that might work. However, the answer is not helpful at all.

    The following steps may be worth a try:

    In Windows Live Photo Gallery... Hold your Ctrl key
    and left click / Select the four pix you want to print...

    In your toolbar left click... Print... Print / Next...

    Now you should see the selection of the photo screen
    the photo printing wizard with the 4 pix selected.

    Left click... ... Left click... "Print options".
    and choose the Type of paper and quality parameters.

    Left click... Next... now you should be on the layout
    Screen.   Scroll and select... 3.5 x 5 cut
    prints cropped and rotation to fit.

    The 4 different pix should appear on the print template.

    Click next and your pix should start printing.


    Hi all

    I would choose the plan of the student to study in September, I would like to understand how much peripheral can be used at the same time? Because I have an IMac at home and also MacBook Pro retina for use at school? Can I download and use it on this two computer at the same time?

    waiting for response and thanks a lot!

    Cloud license allows 2 activations to time

    -pdf of 200

    -Install on a 2nd computer


    -Windows or Mac has no importance... 2 on the same operating system or 1 on each

    -Two activations on one account CAN NOT be used at the same time (to be noted in the link above of the license)

    -An individual account is for one person and may not be shared with anyone else

  • Why not DC use multi hearts to OCR multiple pages at the same time?

    My only use for acrobat is scanning to PDF. Since the processors of today have 4 cores or more, why is it not possible to OCR multi-core? Scanning and OCR of 500 pages is extremely slow, I don't see why each kernel cannot make a page at the same time perhaps then he could cope with the scanning speed.

    I have 4 hearts and 16 GB of ram under DC win10 and it is as slow as my machine AMD Athlon dual core that was running XI under win7 and I would say the same thing as version 9 in xp.

    Whenever I've updated, I expect improved performance to find only "features" that are of little use to me and no speed or observable performance improvement.

    When can I expect this ability to be integrated with acrobat?


    Adobe technical support cannot help you with this. They support the existing features and are not an outlet to provide improvements to software applications. Sorry!

    You should take the above suggestion was offered to make a feature request at: feature request/Bug Report Form

    Frankly, the current capacity of OCR in Acrobat is not designed for industrial power, such as 500 + documents scanned page work. The OCR function will need to be substantially updated to be a multithreaded and use multiple cores. It would also probably a version of Acrobat 64-bit Windows due to OCR address space requirements.

    In the meantime, if your document management needs include large amounts of work OCR PDF files, make you want to explore third-party solutions, stand alone or even Acrobat plug-ins server programs that can meet your requirements.


  • How many computers which can install you programs CC on and how many computers can use programs at the same time? [was: Question for you!]

    When you buy an individual monthly plan for CC at $50 per month, how many computers which can install you programs CC on and how many computers can use programs at the same time?

    Thank you for your answer!

    You can install the software on two computers. These two computers can be Windows, Mac OS, or everyone. If you install on a third computer, you will be asked to turn off this feature on the other two computers. You can then re-enable one of the two previous computers and use Cloud Creative apps on it. You can use apps on a single computer at a time.

    Kind regards

    Hervé Khare

  • How to load a web page with the Web page class

    Hello world

    I try my app to display the title and favico starting from a given url without showing the content of the Web page itself using the class bb::cascades:WebPage, but after the constructor method and setUrl, apparently not start the loading content and methods title() both icon give anything (or loading())

    Any idea on how to load the webpage using this class?

    void handleInvoke (const bb::system:InvokeRequest & request) {}

    Web page * bookmark = new WebPage();

    Bookmark-> setUrl (request.uri ());

    root->findChild ('message')-> setProperty ('text', QString (bookmark-> title()));


    Thanks in advance


    I have use the class Web page, but the documentation, it seems you should subscribe to the loadingChanged signal and wait for the download to complete. The download can begin asynchronously so loading() might return false immediately after the definition of the URL.

  • How to have opening the web page in the same browser window after redirect in placed in Dreamweaver Flash video?


    Would appreciate if someone can help me.

    Web site:

    A flash video plays on the index page. The next action is placed in the last frame of the video in Flash:

    navigateToURL (new URLRequest (""));

    It does not work as expected with one exception: instead of heading to the home page of the index page when the video is finished, it opens the home page in a second window, leaving empty flash movie browser window. Is not the seamless design, I hoped, and I have also been informed on some computers, blocking of pop-up windows up preventing them transition smoothly to the rest of the web site.

    I would like the redirection to open the home page in the same window of the browser as the film in the index page has played.

    Help, please. Print designer in over his head.


    "_self" specifies the current frame in the current window.
    "_blank" specifies a new window.
    "_parent" specifies the parent of the current image.
    "_top" specifies the top-level frame in the current window.

    navigateToURL (, "_self");

    FYI... it's really a question of actionscript.  If you have more problems, you can ask in the flash forums (you'll more help there than here)

  • How to link to another page in the same application?

    I think I have right now a brain fog. Cause I can't understand this.

    I would like to make a link to another page in the same application through just an arbitrary word in a paragraph.

    I'm not trying to spend all the values. I do not use a button or a text element.

    How can I make a link to a Word?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Maggie!

    I imagine me, that you have a html text and you want to have a hyperlink to another page in your application.

    For example, you have a text like: "I want to create a hyperlink to a page.

    Now, if your mouse passes the word 'hyperlink', you want to see this magic 'hand '.

    First copy the URL of the target page: something like this-> " ' p = 100:2:3122716493255005:NO:

    Changing your text to html in this way:

    I want to create a hyperlink to a page

    I hope it helps


  • 4.3 pages: how to print files of different text on the same page at the same time?

    This concerns 4.3 Pages, I prefer.

    I have written two different books, both with notes - one with a lot of notes.

    I would like to print them both, at the same time, on a single page legal-size, 8 x 14. I can get.

    I did this time in divvying up toward the top of the page itself and by running the paper into the printer twice - once for the top the half and, again, once for the lower half. It worked very well... but my printer is becoming tired! (former HP).

    Recently, I tried to print the most complex book on top, with all the heavy notes, in a 'box' above. I managed to get this set only to discover that you are unable to print notes in a text box! Curses.

    Unfortunately, through the raggedy of the time evolution, these books are more than a length. However, I know that I can squeeze and tweezers to them by giving them different sizes and depths of the page. Certainly, foreign and unknown.

    Why the question is: is it possible to print simultaneously two different files (texts not only) on the same sheet of paper? Each of these texts has notes.

    Hi aws.

    4.3 pages. It will work for you?

    A single page with two columns

    Insert a column break between the two versions. Notes appear on the same page.

    Kind regards


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