How to show the value Color Picker (drawing area)

Hi all

How to make a Color Picker selection guide the user can see the selected color? In my example - the color selected by Color Picker must paint the place. All variants? Preferably with Dom.

var wColor= new Window('dialog', ' ');
    wColor.orientation = "column";
        wgr1.orientation = 'row';
            btnRGB1= wgr1.add('button',undefined,'RGB');
            btnRGB1.preferredSize = [50,20];
            p1 =  wgr1.add("panel", undefined, "", {borderStyle:"silver"});
            p1.preferredSize = [22,22];
        wgr2.orientation = 'row';
            btnRGB2= wgr2.add('button',undefined,'RGB');
            btnRGB2.preferredSize = [50,20];
            p2 =  wgr2.add("panel", undefined, "", {borderStyle:"silver"});
            p2.preferredSize = [22,22];

    btnRGB1.onClick = function(){//-------------------------------------------------------
    btnRGB2.onClick = function(){//-------------------------------------------------------

Try this:

#target photoshop

color1 = new SolidColor() var

var Color2 = new SolidColor()

var wColor = new window ("dialog", "");

wColor.orientation = "column";

wColor.alignment = "top";

wColor.spacing = 0;

wgr1 = wColor.Add ('group');

wgr1.orientation = "row";

wgr1. Alignment = 'top';

btnRGB1 = wgr1.add ('button', undefined, 'RGB');

btnRGB1.preferredSize = [50,20];

P1 = wgr1.add ("panel", undefined, "", {borderStyle: "money"});

P1. PreferredSize = [22,22];

wgr2 = wColor.Add ('group');

wgr2.orientation = "row";

wgr2. Alignment = 'top';

btnRGB2 = wgr2.add ('button', undefined, 'RGB');

btnRGB2.preferredSize = [50,20];

P2 = wgr2.add ("panel", undefined, "", {borderStyle: "money"});

P2. PreferredSize = [22,22];

btnRGB1.onClick = function() {/ /-}

app.showColorPicker ();

Color1. RGB. Red =

Color1. RGB. Green =

Color1. RGB. Blue =

g =;

myBrush var = g.newBrush (g.BrushType.SOLID_COLOR, [,,, 1]);

g.backgroundColor = myBrush;

try {App.foregroundColor = color1}

{catch (e)}

try {App.BackgroundColor = 2}

{catch (e)}


btnRGB2.onClick = function() {/ /-}

app.showColorPicker ();

color2. RGB. Red =

color2. RGB. Green =

color2. RGB. Blue =

g =;

myBrush var = g.newBrush (g.BrushType.SOLID_COLOR, [,,, 1]);

g.backgroundColor = myBrush;

try {App.foregroundColor = color1}

{catch (e)}

try {App.BackgroundColor = 2}

{catch (e)}


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    Okay, so let me ask you, what do you expect to happen when you click on this box? If you're clicking on a square of color to choose a color, then it is normal that the color Panel opens - this is where you are supposed to choose color of. You expect the pop color picker like in Photoshop? This is simply not how Illustrator works.

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    JOAN          SCT               
    MELIA        FILCK               
    C.M.DANY       WES
    A L          SCOTT
    the value before the first space on the right must be everything in domain Name1 Name2.

    Thanks in advance.


    Since you have Oracle 10, you can use regular expressions:

    For the release of 3 columns:

    SELECT        REGEXP_SUBSTR (name, '[^ ]+', 1, 1)     AS name1
    ,        REGEXP_SUBSTR (name, '[^ ]+', 1, 2)     AS name2
    ,        REGEXP_SUBSTR (name, '[^ ]+', 1, 3)     AS name3
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    [^ xyz] means "any character except x, y or z."
    + means "1 or more of the previous ones.
    The 4th argument to REGEXP_SUBSTR indicates where we want the appearance of the model.

    For the release of 2 columns:

    SELECT        REGEXP_REPLACE (name, ' *[^ ]+$')     AS before_last_space
    ,        REGEXP_SUBSTR  (name,   '[^ ]+$')     AS after_last_space
    FROM        sample_test;

    $ here means "the end of the string.

    In Oracle 10, you will often use REGEXP_REPLACE to get substrings.

    Thanks for posting the CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements; It's very useful!

    Published by: Frank Kulash, 7 Sep 2011 15:21

  • How to get the RGB color values on the color picker component?

    How to get the RGB color values on the color picker component?

    trace (cp.selectedColor);

    Returns something like:


    trace (key2cp.hexValue);



    I'm looking for RGB, for example, 0.5 0.5 0.5, corresponding to a gray color.

    Is there a chance that the RGB settings are hidden somewhere or is there a conversion function at least?

    Thank you.

    If key2cp.hexValue returns a string like 'abcdef', use:

    var s:String = key2cp.hexValue;

    var n: Number = Number("0x"+s);

    var r: Number = n > 16 & 0xff;
    var g:Number = n > 8 & 0xff;
    var b:Number = n & 0xff;

  • Please show or ask how to create the value of arrayOfValues of setValuesAtTimes parameter?

    Hello AEScriptComm,

    I have a few small scripts that use the method setValueAtTime successfully placing a keyframe on the existing layers of maskPath, but as you can see in the scripts below, results of setValueSatTimeS errors using IE: "Array is not of the correct type", "value is not an array" or "Null is not an object", depending on ,...

    (A) what variable is used as the value of parameter IE:


    . maskPath.value;

    . maskPath.value.vertices

    (B) what kind of table is used as the parameter value as in:

    var addTheseKeys = new Array ((1,2,3,4);    (as a parameter of the time)...

    (with either)

    var keyValues = new Array([10,10],[100,100],[15,50],[100,120]);             ...." ]) "


    var keyValues = [[10.10], [100 100], [15.50], [100 120]];                               ... (Array of arrays? RE: " ]] " )

    I just read a 'push' of the values in a table may be necessary?, but I was hoping someone who knew setValuesAtTimes could show it please...

    1) .. How to create the value of arrayOfValues of setValuesAtTimes parameter?

    1 (a): WORK setValueAtTime script...

    App.Project.Item (1) .layer (1).property("Masks").property ("mask 1");

    var app.project.item = myProperty (1) .layer (1) .mask (1) .maskPath;

    myShape = app.project.item (1) .layer (1) .mask (1).maskPath.value;


    1 (b): If there is no script setValuesAtTimes...

    prop1 = app.project.item var (1) .layer (1).property("ADBE_Transform_Group").property ("ADBE Position");

    var fourKeys = 4;

    var addTheseKeys = new Array (1,2,3,4),

    var keyValues = new Array (10, [10], [100 100], [15.50], [100 120]);

    var app.project.item = myProperty (1) .layer (1) .mask (1) .maskPath;

    myShape = app.project.item (1) .layer (1) .mask (1).maskPath.value;

    var myVertices = app.project.item (1) .layer (1) .mask (1).maskPath.vertices;

    myProperty.setValuesAtTimes (keyValues, addTheseKeys);

    app.beginUndoGroup ("Keys");

    ~ for (var k = 0; k < fourKeys; k ++)

    //~ {

    ~ prop1.setValueAtTime (keyValues [k], addTheseKeys [k]);

    //~ }

    myProperty.setValuesAtTimes (keyValues, addTheseKeys);

    app.endUndoGroup ();

    .. Thanks for any advise\suggestions,


    (A). maskPath.value; It's always a Shape(). (maskPath is a property, not of a shape on its own, and maskPath.value.vertices is only a part of the shape data).

    (B) nothing of what you propose... that is why your failed script fails.

    var keyValues = new Array([10,10],[100,100],[15,50],[100,120]); and

    var keyValues = [[10.10], [100 100], [15.50], [100 120]]; are just as good as arrays of points, the only thing is that keyValues are arrays of objects Shape().

    Read the guide and script for how to report a form of this post (just wrote it...):

    Your keyValues array should look like this: [keyValues0, keyValues1, keyValues2, keyValues3], where each entry is a Shape().


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    How to see the value of zero (0) in the values column zero in pivot mode? Help, please

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    Hi Lisa,

    In the criteria of the tab-> data-> number Format column properties treat as (choose: custom) and custom digital format write this: #, # 0;-#, # 0; 0

    Best regards

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    Thank you


    With color on your bars, you should have enough experience to understand this.

    You're a loop in the table already.  Now you just need a function like table Max and min. loop.  And you may need to transpose the table 2D.

  • How to change the background color of the autoCompleteField.

    Hi all

    I used AutoCompleteField in my application. I need to change the background color of the AutoCompleteField.

    I used

    -autoCompleteField.getEditField (.setbackground) (BackgroundFactory.createSolidBackground (1644825))

    but it fills the entire in black color. It shows the black color in the middle with white edges. I need all to be black background color.

    Please someone tell me how to autoCompleteField black background?

    Thanks in advance.

            XYEdges edges = new XYEdges(10,10,10,10);
            Border newBorder = BorderFactory.createRoundedBorder(edges, 0xFF0000, Border.STYLE_SOLID);

    Try this for some ideas on what to change:

  • How can set the background color of the status bar?

    Quote from the old forum:

    Comments: comments
    How can set the background color of the status bar?
    Posted the: July 17, 2008 02:56
    How can set the background color of the status bar?
    Using this code for the status bar:
    LabelField statusField = new LabelField ("Good Morning", LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH |) LabelField.NON_FOCUSABLE | LabelField.HCENTER)
    int _backgroundColour = Color.LIGHTGREEN;
    public void paint (Graphics g)
    g.setBackgroundColor (Color.RED);
    g.Clear ();
    Super.Paint (g);

    Font defaultfont = Font.getDefault ();
    Police smallfont = defaultfont.derive (Font.PLAIN, 12);

    statusField.setFont (smallfont);
    setStatus (statusField);

    When I ran the code you have above, my status background color was red.  Is not what you see?  If so, please provide the BlackBerry model and software version that you are testing.  You can find this under Options.

    Or if you try to do something else, please provide details.

    I tested this in the BlackBerry Simulator included with version 4.5.0 BlackBerry JDE (

    To do this in version 4.1, first call getColor and save the current color.  Then call setColor, setting the color to the color you want to use for the background.  After this call call fillRect, starting with 0, 0 and go to the size of the field (use this.getWidth () and this.getHeight () to get this).  This must fill in the field with your specified color.

    To allow the drawing of the default content of the field call setColor once again, passing in the original color, then call super.paint.

  • Why can't I just show the value of the reference variable on name full column

    Hello everyone,

    I want to display the value of the reference variable as column name for one of my analysis on OBIEE. However, when I write, it does not show the value, it shows just as text;

    VALUEOF ("rv_yesterday")

    How can I show the value of it?

    Can you help me please.

    Kind regards



    What is a date or a related data type in any variable of RPD - session or repository - will become a datetime. That's a given and you can play as much as you want with to_date, trunc, DATE (the way of the RPD), but will it be a datetime value. Period.

    Only when she is cast to a string rather than one of the 'date' data types can get rid of the component "hour".

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add: < dilek,="" that="" response="" is="" your="" answer="" as="" well,="" sorry.="" no="" "date="" without="" time="" component="" in="" proper="" data="" types."=""> >

  • PS do not show the same colors and LR

    LR and PS now showing the same colors

    I do most of my work in LR and then edit in PS. When the image is displayed in PS it appears same as LR - I can show both applications side by side and the images are the same... As it should be.

    If I then save the image in PS (under a new name) then refresh LR, I see different colors in the new image in LR. It is more obvious (for the moment) in the pictures with a lot of red wines. It seems that the saved image of the PS appears a bit lighter in LR than the original.

    I sRGB in use everywhere - in the camera, LR, PS-I tried with GPU acceleration on and outside.

    I'm now getting annoyed that I can't find the cause.

    I edited as PSD and TIFF and problems remain.

    I don't remember having this problem before, so I saw my recent updates.  LR and PS have been updated. My video drivers have been updated so I their income with no improvement.

    I even saved JPG from LR and PS: the outputs are different, even if I do any changes.


    I solved my problem (the following tips on another thread)...

    I had defined LR in order to apply the auto tone when new images are added.

    It is fine when I load the original of the camera... but also to apply the auto tone to the acquired images of Psalm

    So, I edit in PS, save it... then, when imported LR / synchronize the image, automatic tone applied Informatics and it changed. This explains how LR and PS display different images.

    It is a setting that I recently activated and not a problem with the LR or PS

  • How to find the value dated the same day in the last year

    I want to know how to find the value dated the same day in the last year.

    I use now, there is the function with the year and the result is

    Year Rev There are Rev

    It works but it's not that I want. I'm trying to add the column date (Ex.20140101) in my report but it'snot work.

    I want to show:

    Date Rev There are Rev

    If use (< degree >, < time_dim >. < date >, 365), it works but does not correct 100%

    Please help me...

    Thank you very much

    Check this link cool -

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  • Unable to make a copy of an image

    After installing windows 10 and then back to 7, I am more able to make copies of my photos.  The desktop icon I have for the shortcut of photos has a top lock. How can I fix it?