How to sign a document which was already made by other people?

How to sign a document which was already made by other people?


Hi grahamdoyle ,

You must be part of the transaction to sign the document.

Please use the concept of 'several parties must sign the document' send agreements and collecting signatures.

See also this KB doc as sequential signature will come into play: the mode sequential and parallel to sending workflow Adobe sign

You need to add your email address after entering the email address of signatories in the field on the page 'send '.  Also add a signature on the document field & assign it to yourself before sending the document for Signature.

Once you do this, document will first go the first signatory & sign is the document it will be the second signatory is to you for Signature. When you signed the document, transaction ends.

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    Hello jmarl,

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    Thank you

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  • How to sign consecutive documents in EchoSign without restarting?

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    Hello Ryan,

    We have this feature where you can set the document of the multiple signatories only once himself. You can see the same documentation below:

    Send an agreement to several signatories with Adobe sign

    Kind regards


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    Thank you


    In this case, you can place the field signature manually and assign the correct role in the field.

    You can follow the below mentioned workflow: -.

    -Go to send tab

    -Select I need sign (last)

    -Check the signatures of position overview

    -Manually place a signature for your signature field

    -Double-click on the field and changing the role of field to E-sign by you

    Kind regards


  • How to sign a document on an iPad

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    Hello Sam,.

    If you want to esign document using EchoSign, you can either open the link to document, that you received in your email in the browser on the Ipad, or you can download our IOS app and can connect to your account and can go to the section ' Waiting for sign me "and opened the document to esign it.

    Here is the link for the App:

    Also, I recommend to have a PDF reader (Adobe Reader) in your browser if you want to display the signed document.

    Let us know if you need more information.

    Kind regards


  • How to sign a document in Adobe Reader w/electronic signature?

    I am signing a tax form, its hard to the doc to the reader how to create a signature for use on the document.

    Hi Matt,

    From the form you want to sign open in Reader, select the tool fill & sign on the right side of the toolbar. This action opens the filler panel & sign of right hand. Then open (expansion) Tools to fill & sign.

    There are three possible scenarios to this point...

    1. The Signature Place tool is disabled (grayed out). That would be because the security on the folder setting do not allow any changes.
    2. E Place signaturetool is enabled, but when select you and get the Signature of Place dialog box, the only option available is a certificate of use. This is because the document contains an existing signature field and support is the author of the document requires a digital signature, secure as opposed to the electronic signature.
    3. Place signaturee tool is activated, and all the radio buttons are activated on the Signature of Place dialog box.

    That three scenarios you encounter drive you can do then. Obviously with scenario 1 there is nothing else to do. Scenario 2 you must have access to a digital ID to create a digital signature. Scenario 3, you have the ability to create a digital signature using your digital ID, or you can create an electronic signature by placing a mark on the paper. This mark can be your typed name, a signature that you create with a mouse or a scanned image of your wet ink signature.

    If you need to create a digital signature, then you must have access to a digital code. There are two options for getting a digital ID; You can buy one from a reliable certification authority (CA), which will be to sift through your identity, or, you can have drive generated an unreliable digital ID for free. What you select depends on what the second part (you are the first party, the recipient of the document is the second party and if a CA is involved they are one-third) requires, or more precisely, what agreement you and other party come.

    I hope this helps to get your started.


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    I checked & found that it is already installed on two computers that you mentioned.

    To use again, if it please download the CC on the new computer & try to activate it when you try to activate, it will give you a prompt to disable from installed previous or disable both the installation of this new activation on the new computer, turn it off of here. It turns off both computers, including one you have for the work.

    Activate now on this computer, previously installed to your computer, re-enable by:

    1 disconnect from the desktop app from CC & reconnect

    2 launch any product & "software license" & sign in, it reactivates. (Follow these steps in the old work computer)

    Kind regards


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    Good bye

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    R_Kelly is quite accurate. You must save the source text and then close out of this window to see your changes.

    I created a few screenshots of the workflow for anyone who has this problem in the future.

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    See you soon,.


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    Have you tried the suggetions provided by Christmas Paton D dated July 31, 2012 from the link?

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