How to slow down an animated arrow?

I'm working on a documentary of the history, and I needed an arrow that can move across a map from one place to the other. Fortunately, I found a generator of arrow very good here:> and it's free, created and offered to the world through a generous soul, called Theolait.

Theolait arrow Builder is very versatile, with lots of controls - the arrow can be folded into any shape, a curve or a zig - zag, transformed into a line dashed or dotted, etc. In the animation, the arrow appears at the Point A and then travel across the screen to the Point B. exactly what I need.

Except, unfortunately, even at the slower speed setting the arrow is moving too quickly on the map. It zips all the way across the screen in two seconds. I thought that maybe I could readjust the clip containing the card with the arrow top generator, to slow it down, but I guess that because the card is a fixed image, reprogram it controls are grayed out.

Is there another way, I might be able to slow down this arrow animation?

Tom B.

Select both clips, map and arrow gen and do a compound clip, ⌥ - G

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    This is all pretty new to me, and I appreciate all help.

    Thanks, Kate

    Either lower frame rate (fps) so that playback is slower, or another option to frame-by-frame is to simply space executives a little, so there is a new framework for all other images etc.

    There are just a lot of experimenting to see which works best.

    Also using the motion tween on hand drawn queries would you give much more control of speed and change with a lot of workload shot.

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    1. start playback of the video.

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    It is to be expected. Only the native time remapping affects sound, but given that EI is not an audio processing application, the quality is terrible. You must use the hearing or a similar program.


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    Let me add a clarification. If you duplicate a symbol in the control panel of the elements when you change something in one of them, this change also occurs in the other. Here are the instances of the same symbol. If you duplicate a symbol in the library, and then you change something in one, it will not affect the other. You have created a new symbol. You have now 2 distinct symbols.

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    Have you tried opening the game > game > Options > check "Animations display?

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    I use an arrow pointing downwards to position the user to scroll to the next section. I thought I could automate linking arrow to an anchor point that is positioned to the bottom of the page. Cool, it works. However, the jump is so fast that all the fancy Scroll motion effects I use the next section are almost invisible. I see that this site doing what I want to when you press the "Scroll Down" chart: Digital Marketing Agency in Johannesburg, South Africa

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    There is no way to control the speed of the roller, other than the distance between your trigger and anchor points. Because it uses an ease in the control, is close to the anchor to relax, the roller will be slow and even, later anchor, faster it scrolls.

  • How to slow down a part of a video?

    Hello, I'm a french guy, but I'll try to explain

    I have Imovie 10.1.2 I took a video on my iPhone and I forgot to took it with slow, now I have this video on my Imovie on my mac. I would like to slow down just a part of the video, not all of the videos, as on the iPhone, can you help me?

    Thanks, I await a response


    Press and hold the R button and select the portion of the clip in the timeline you want to slow down. Look in the toolbar and click on the gear icon to see the options of Retiming.

  • Windows Live Movie Maker-how access slowed down effect

    movie maker slow?

    Slow Motion is a tool of the mounting base video... I do not understand? Why include a video editing software that only the most basic functions?

    Hey tug luke,.

    1. use Windows movie maker or Windows live movie maker?

    If you use Windows Live Movie Maker it has no available Slow Down effect.

    Only Windows Movie Maker v2.6 has that effect. I recommend that you download Windows Movie Maker 2.6 If you want access to the effect of "slow down, half.

    To make your video more slowly by using this version of Windows Movie Maker, you must use the effect "slow down, half. On the table of the storyboard / timeline, select the video clip, picture, or title to which you want to add the effect. Click on 'Tools' and then click 'effects '. In the "Contents" pane, click the effect you want to add (in this case, "slow down, half"). You can click on 'Play' under the preview monitor to see a preview of what looks like the effect, or simply click and drag the clip to the video or photo.

    Windows Movie Maker 2.6

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    I converted the video layer to a symbol and named it hoverbordVideo.

    I just assumed it would work: sym.getComposition () .getStage ().getSymbol("hoverbordVideo").defaultPlaybackRate = (0.3);

    What Miss me?

    So, your problem (!) ActionScript function inside your publication.

    Files repaired: - Box

  • How to slow down the Power On Self Test?

    The Dell 'splash screen' that allows you to select a function key is visible for less than a second - enuff not long to enter a function key. However, there is an entry in BIOS A02 ("HDD protection characteristic" under "Security") that seems to slow down the procedure, but the next screen appears in Chinese. Obviously not a good solution.

    (1) everyone knows this?

    (2) have you been able to fix?


    Disoriented Bob

    Inspiron 620 is up to the A10BIOS version, then you can consider to update if you do not yet have A02.

    Various updates of BIOS have set noise of fan, NIC and WOL problems issues and problems of memory management, so it might be useful for you. Note that A10 should have all the updates/fixes from earlier versions, so you should go directly to the A10.

    Read and follow carefully the instructions to Flash the BIOS. And keep in mind there is always a (small) chance that a BIOS update will fail and brick the motherboard.

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    A parent took a video of our daughters in marriage. He had by mistake this time.  He transferred on my IMac where it lies, and he returned to England. I also have it on my iPad 2. What is the best way to slow it down and is it possible to recover the sound. By executives, it's beautiful and I really wish it was for the bride and groom to keep.

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Thank you

    This could help you.

    How can I change a video of time on m Iphone 5 back at normal speed?



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    Hey guys! I rotoscoped video in photoshop, but the images are moving to fast. How do I slow it down? Thank you!

    Click the menu Burger in the upper right of the timeline > Set Timeline Frame Rate. (Remember that it will take the entire video account.)

  • How much slowing down video of slow mo?

    Hey everybody,

    I'm trying to understand the function of slow-mo of the iPad 2 a little better.

    I see that he shoots at 120FPS from the apple site:

    Anyone know what rate it plays back videos in? I'm figuring how much it slows the video so if you know that, it would also be useful.

    Thank you


    The user guide. Normal is 30 images/s, slo - mo is 120 FPS so I would say it's the quarter speed.

    "Shoot video.

    With camera, you can record videos, including videos of idle and accelerated.

    Record a video. Select the video, and then press the save or press a volume button, to start and stop recording. You can choose to capture 720 p or 1080 p at 30 fps (frames will Flash). You can also capture 1080 p at 60 frames per second and 4K video at 30 frames per second video on iPad Pro (9.7 inches). To change the settings for video recording, go to settings > camera & photo > video recording.

    Take it slow. (Pro, iPad 2 Air, mini iPad iPad 4) Choose the Slo - mo to capture video of idle at 120 frames per second. Later, when you change the video, you can simply set a part of it to read at idle, and the rest reads at normal speed. On iPad Pro (9.7 inches), you can choose between 120 fps and 240 frames per second. To change the settings of Slo - mo, go to settings > camera & photo > recording Slo - mo. »

    From: Apple Inc. "iPad for iOS 10 user's Guide." Apple Inc., 2016. iBooks.

    These documents can be protected by copyright.

    Find this book on the iBook Store:

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