How to start create breakthroughs of the plugins for FCPX?

I searched on the advances of the plugins or how to work with 3d to create a plugin for the final Assembly, but without hope of all results on the existing plugins.

I don't know if there is a community or tutorials to get started with FCPX advanced plugins.

... define "Advanced."

Some say, some of my plugins, for example SCRBBL (contains 3D) is advanced, I would not say so...

I learned my skills by

• read the manual

• asking silly questions to the CSA and

• read books, a classic "how to cheat in motion said.

• Watch the tutorials of rippletraining, f.mahoney, Simon Ubsdall, mentioning the best

• Finally buying a few tuts rippletraing

... the real business application to understand the Apple pluginSDK (needs free registration as a "Developer") which would add paint clean routines, math, logical operators, design own = programming user interface elements

... my humble opinion, it would be advanced manufacturing = beyond me plugin

good advice is the section query of this Office and, once again,

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