How to stop instances of a Subvi from data sharing?

My first experience with a Subvi I created myself has no . The first instance works very well. But when I use a second instance of the Subvi that they interact with each other. They seem to be somehow sharing data.  In other words, when I probe a wire inside a Subvi instances I see values that should be present in the other instance.

I created the Subvi in literally "manual mode". Everything falls into place as examples of 'LabVIEW Edition student of 8'.

The code works fine if you use is not in a Subvi. In other words, when I "cut - paste" the code several times, it works correctly. But when I wrap the code in a Subvi I get interaction between bodies. Has anyone else had this problem? What do you have on this?

Thank you


You have several problems.

1. your main VI which calls a Subvi is called USC_SG_subVI, but you posted USC_strain_subvi.

2 USC_strain-sub-VI, is NOT configured for a re-entrant execution.  Look at the file/VI then execution properties.

3. you use a node of feedback within the Subvi.  (Which is another variant of a change uninitialized records).  I recommend that you keep the Subvi feedback and make it a part of the master while loop in you main VI.

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    Sorry, I removed single quotes, not double - quote.  (This shows one of the reasons why having a few lines of sample data is very useful).

    I think you don't need 2 separate functions.  I do not think that the two must be REGEXP_REPLACE; You can use TRANSLATE to remove both types of quotation marks in a single function call:


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    Powerful they are, regular expressions are basically only 1 thing, things not 2 or more different.  Sometimes, he can watch as they do several things, because they can operate on character classes, like the series containing the and the and a variable number of characters.  For example, the REGEXP_REPLACE function, I used above is simply changing expression expression x y, where x is 1 consecutive or more characters of a given set.  As we both demonstrated, we can have a separate function that changes from p to q, but I know not all built-in function which, in general, can change x to y at the time that it changes from p to q.  TRANSLATE comes close, but TRANSLATE only works if x, y, p and q are single (or NULL), characters not expressions.

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    Have you tried the add_months function?

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    Published by: Kerri_Robberts on August 17, 2011 17:14

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