How to stop itunes from Auto-filling of music on my ipod touch

How can I prevent itunes AutoFill music on my ipod touch unwanted 5 without having to delete songs or hide the songs (the ones I bought from the iTunes Store) my library on itunes (Windows)? I think that the songs that continue to if autofilled on my ipod are the ones I bought in the store. I didn't hide them in my library, I want to hear them more later to see if I want to add later, but I got fed up and did exactly that.  I will not hide from my library is because I want to be able to see without having to connect to my apple account in the itunes store, to see what songs I bought but have 'hidden' from my library or deleted the download of the.

I have no music sync checked, however, whenever I plug my ipod into my computer, music always synchronizes on my ipod.  I don't have the option to automatically download the songs I purchased on iTunes store checked.  I usually manually delete each of the songs, but I'm tired of having to do so.

I just tried to erase my ipod first of music, including those I wanted to keep, but I came across the problem where they would not disappear, even after reset everything on my ipod touch. I had to manually delete all (before doing so, I did what I do always when running in auto-fill issue - delete music in data storage settings manage, which works normally, but this time he did not).

I'm really starting to hate Itunes because of this auto-fill problem.

I'm on Windows and iTunes 11, for what it's worth, but I think it should work even if you have a slightly different version.

Before you plug in your iPod, go to the menu small case in the upper left corner of iTunes (or if you have the menu bar visible, click on change). Select Preferences, go to devices in the pop-up window, and check the box that says "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads of automatic synchronization. Click on low of the pop-up window.

This should solve the problem. Worked for me anyway (I am like you and prefer to manually manage all my stuff).

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    Thx for helping me, Roberta

    I think it's the way iTunes he did for awhile now.

    iTunes 9 [and later]: understanding iTunes Media organization - - more information on the Organization of the new structure

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    I would like to delete this.

    I want to import any file into itunes and nothing start playing.

    Thus, it was suggested on these forums , downgrade to some pre - V10 itunes. I prefer not to do so.

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    So for itunes V12.3 or later version on Win10, how can I prevent what it is loaded in the library of auto play?


    A common cause of this behavior is files .m3u being present in the files that are added to the library. You can remove these first. Or you can use iTunes folder Watch.


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