How to sweep the IV curve using instruments GPIB (ILX 3220)

Hi, I'm new to Labview - I learned basic stuff, such as strings, arrays, structures, etc. I have a source of current ILX-3220, OR-488. 2 and I want to do a curve using one - light-emitting diode. I'm really confused about what I should use. I downloaded the drivers from the site Web of ILX intrument. They provide examples of screws, but I can only define a stream and read voltage. I try to configure the block schema by adding a loop, then I got lost among the SubVIs complexes. I also tried to use IO tool Wizard to connect with the power source, but apprarently he didn't listen to me . I can input the commands one by one (LAS: LDI 5 LAS: LDV?)  LAS: LDI LAS 10: LDV?...) -not much differently to write down by hand. Is it possible to scan the IV of ILX 3220 curve?

Yes, you can use a loop - either a loop for or while loop. I'm not familiar with the instrument or functions, but at the very least, you should place the function that defines the current and the function that reads the voltage inside the loop. The loop would probably have a registry change and you would be this thread to the current set function. Inside of the loop would be a function increment and little code to determine if the maximum intensity has been set. Here is a generic application of ramp.

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    Thank you

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  • How to control the mouse cursor using EEG signals

    Hello world

    I am doing a project of cursor control using EEG signals. The idea is to find a way to all signals in a specific period of time in order to find the signal Ridge. Then, the highlight will be a parameter to control the position of a cursor.

    Can someone tell me the function that allows you to control the mouse cursor?

    I also found an old topic asking about it ( and I run an example of this link ( smercurio_fc) program. My cursor is stuck in the upper left corner of the screen, I can't control it again. Can you tell me how to run this program and to use the windows API?

    Thank you in advance.

    Sorry, but I can't do it for you.

    As I advised, you should take the free online tutorials. You clearly lacks the basic concepts of LabVIEW, as data flow.

    Things more: in your real applicaton does not use DAQ Assistant, screw Express are generally not optimal for data acquisition. It is safer and better use good DAQmx live. What is the equipment you use? Sampling rate, etc.?

    Why do you need to read data files? For testing? I thought that you will acquire data active, right? In your VI generate you some signals and write in a data file. Is this also for testing?

    There are several constructs in your VI which simply don't make sense.

    So again, I really suggest to go through online Core1-2 teaching material, which is accessible if you are a student, or if you have shared services provider license... It will really help.

  • How to implement the wafer map using LabVIEW?

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    I have a project which includes control and searching for information on a PROBER. One of the difficulties I have now is how to implement a WAFER card using LabVIEW. According to the requirements of my client, the element of pads varies between 6 k and 23 k. I guess that do everything (a = a ctl/indicator led) will be a hell of a task, especially on how to effectively manipulate each elements. Does anyone have a better idea on the way whose that?

    Please, I seriously need your help...

    Thank you and best regards,

    Dennis DG

    Hi Dennis,

    This wafer GerdW post card appears to me as a sort of histogram (for example;

    Altenbach post well this example that shows how to use a plot of intensity to create a 2d histogram:

    Learn how it works and try to adapt it to your specific task.


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    What is the equivalent to set all the parameters of calibration in this .cal file in the Agilent with Labview 2012 instrument?

    I downloaded the driver for my instrument and even ran the sample programs. It works fine but the calibration is set to the preset state that makes my whole system inaccurate.

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    I would like that the two networks to access the internet.

    The only E3200 does support the creation of VLANs?

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    At the end of the day, I think that I would need at least another router.

    Thus, for example,.

    Router a (E3200) is connected to the configuration / modem to DHCP with a rank LAN IP address.

    Router B is connected to the router and Setup for DHCP by using a LAN IP range

    This peripheral way connected to the router A should not have access to devices connected to router B and vice versa, correct?  For example, X device connected to the router cannot ping or browse files on the device is connected to router B and vice versa, correct?

    Do I need to configure anything else on router B?  For example, do I need the DNS configuration settings so that devices connected to router B can connect to the internet without problem?  Do I need to specify that these VLANs are not bridged and which router, or both?

    I already know how to configure a static IP address, DHCP, beaches LAN IP and static DNS settings on a router, etc.

    With respect to wireless devices, I think that they would follow the same model; for devices connected to the router wireless (E3200) have access to other devices Wi-wired and connected to the router, but not to devices with or without wire, connected to router B and vice versa.  However, if the wireless devices have currently access to wired devices was also connected to the router, so it's good for now.

    Thank you very much!


    The E3200 has no support VLAN according to the manual. There is no way to configure two separate networks with this single router.

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    How to do this?

    Thank you

    Try this

    InvokeManager * invokeManager = new InvokeManager();
    InvokeRequest cardRequest;
    cardRequest.setTarget ("sys.mediaplayer.previewer");
    cardRequest.setAction ("bb.action.OPEN");
    cardRequest.setUri ("* video url *");
                QVariantMap map;
    Map.Insert ("contentTitle", "My title");
    QByteArray requestData = bb:psObject::encode (map, NULL);
    cardRequest.setData (requestData);
    Response InvokeTargetReply * = invokeManager-> invoke (cardRequest);

    Note: Mark your post as solved, if this solves your problem

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    Thank you


    When you view the PopupScreen (onDisplay() for the support of 4.2, onUiEngineAttached() a newer version) ask your 'default' setFocus() button.

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    Can anyone suggest me how to get the memory of 8 GB in use. ?



    Why do you need to use all of your RAM?

    Are you trying to find how to use "RAMDisk"? The link below is for one of the
    software available. A search can find a free version.

    The first I've heard talk of RAMDisk was today in the thread below.

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  • How to split the file by using the utl package in oracle.

    Hi all

    I want ot create several files with utl_file.

    Earlier, I'm writing itng cursor files together in a single file.

    But now we must divide it into several files when the cursor recrds exceeded 10000.

    So the file will become two if it crosses 10000 records Amend now

    If a cursor has 30000 records then I hould create 3 files.

    Here's how I wrote the simple logic to write the entire records from a single table.

    UTL_FILE. PUTF (File1, head);

    UTL_FILE.new_line (file1);

    FOR vcur_torico_fetch IN cur_torico_fetch


    stmt: = "

    || Chr (9) | »

    || Chr (9) | vcur_torico_fetch. Application_classification

    || Chr (9) | »

    || Chr (9) | »

    || Chr (9) | vcur_torico_fetch. MY_COMP_CODE

    || Chr (9) | vcur_torico_fetch. OU_org_code;

    UTL_FILE. PUTF (File1, stmt);

    UTL_FILE.new_line (file1);


    UTL_FILE.fclose (file1);

    Kindly let me know the logic to do this.

    Best regards

    Try this. I used object and I write 33333 lines. It will be writern in 4 files with lines of 10000, 10000, 10000 and 3333.

    SQL> declare  2    l_file         utl_file.file_type   default NULL;  3    l_row_per_file integer              default 10000;  4    l_file_name    varchar2(100)        default 'ALL_OBJECT_{FILENO}.CSV';  5    l_file_dir     varchar2(100)        default 'KARDIR';  6    l_file_no      integer              default 0;  7  begin  8    for i in (  9                select object_id 10                     , object_name 11                     , ceil(rownum/l_row_per_file) file_no 12                  from all_objects 13                 where rownum <= 33333 14             ) 15    loop 16        if l_file_no != i.file_no 17        then 18            if utl_file.is_open(l_file) 19            then 20               utl_file.fclose(l_file); 21            end if; 22 23            l_file_no := i.file_no; 24            l_file    := utl_file.fopen 25                         ( 26                              l_file_dir 27                            , replace(l_file_name, '{FILENO}', to_char(l_file_no, 'fm099999')) 28                            , 'w' 29                         ); 30        end if; 31 32        utl_file.put_line(l_file, i.object_id || ',' || i.object_name); 33     end loop; 34 35     if utl_file.is_open(l_file) 36     then 37        utl_file.fclose(l_file); 38     end if; 39  end; 40  /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    In the unix box, check the file...

    % ls - lrt ALL_OBJECT knani *. CSV | AWK '{print $9} ' | XARGS wc-l
    10000 ALL_OBJECT_000001.CSV
    10000 ALL_OBJECT_000002.CSV
    10000 ALL_OBJECT_000003.CSV
    3333 ALL_OBJECT_000004.CSV
    33333 total
    knani %

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