How to sync iTunes with iTunes ext HDD iMac?


I can't afford to buy the 256 GB MacBook Air, then I'm the one with only 128 GB.

When I launched my iTunes, I pressed down option and select the external HARD disk where I put all the songs.

Songs in iTunes external HDD has been copied from my iTunes on my iMac.

So, how can I synchronize my iTunes in my iMac with the iTunes on my external HARD drive?

Thank you


What do you mean "iTunes sync in my Mac?"  You say that you no longer use the library in your computer (iTunes' incidentally is the only application), what is there to sync (and once again 'sync' has a very specific meaning of transferring the elements to and from a mobile device)?

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  • How to sync mac with mobile air

    How to sync mac with mobile air

    Cell phone? If an iPhone, iCloud is one way.

    On Mac: Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > select items to synchronize

    On the iPhone: settings > iCloud > select items to synchronize

  • Project of restoring links on the other computer, with the ext hdd same source files

    I was working a project with all the source files for the project on an ext hdd. This machine in particular, then crashed and I have more access to it. data recovery after extensive (and expensive), I got the program from the old pc files and some of them include the first pro files. Is it possible to link these data, creation of a new pro, always the same machine using the ext hdd with the source files? Thank you

    That's the advantage of keeping your external media.

    Just open the project first on the new computer.  So you should not need to be reprinted media if the external drive has not changed its name from Volume and is saved as the same drive letter (PC).

    Worst case, when you open the project of the missing file dialog box will open.  Make sure to repeat others is checked and navigate to the folder / outside looking.

    Once reconnected, save the project and then...

    go and drop your auto save preferences to the external location, so you don't have to retrieve project files crashed in the future!

  • How to sync iphone with itunes with XP

    I have a 5 c of Iphone and windows xp. How to get the latest version of Itunes to sync with my phone?

    You do not have. The latest version of iTunes requires Windows 7 or higher. Even Microsoft can't stand Windows XP. It's time to upgrade.

  • Music library has for many CD tunes not purchased from iTunes store.  How to sync them with my iPhone?

    The music appears on my computer, the new MacPro laptop but does not appear on my iPhone5.  What should I do to get the two devices to share the music? - if you subscribed to Apple music or iTunes game, you will not have to run manually or synchronize music on a device in iTunes. Synchronize your music is made by iCloud and all of your eligible music should appear there. Movies can always be synchronized.

    A little more on this subject and a few options - and: move content from iTunes on your computer to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch


    and a workaround -

    If you haven't signed up for one of the iCloud based services: - "synchronize your music changed in iTunes 12.2.0 and iOS 8.4 music App."

  • How to sync iTunes movies on an iPod Nano 7th Gen?

    Hi, I'm Sam.

    I have an iPod Nano 7th Gen (software: version 1.1.1)

    I have iTunes (software: worm 12.3.2) on a HP Pavilion 15 laptop with Windows 10.

    I can sync my iTunes library of songs (imported CDs and downloaded iTunes) on my iPod.


    I can't synchronize iTunes downloaded movies on my iPod.

    To try to get movies to sync my iPod I have:

    -In the main movie section of my iTunes (not in iPod movies or sections of the iTunes Store), I clicked on a movie and the quality of the video: on the downloaded movies, there are only two options (by default (HD 1080 p) and high definition (720 p)) while others bought but not downloaded movies are the first two options as well as two more [Standard (SD) and high definition (1080 p)].

    When I try to sync a movie downloaded to my iPod with one of the first two options of quality Video (by default (HD 1080 p) and high definition (720 p)) I get this message:

    'FILM' was not copied because video high quality SD is not compatible with the iPod "MY IPOD".

    -In preferences, store preferences. I checked the box that says 'download high-quality SD video '. Before deleting all of my library and the re - movies download.

    When you try to synchronize any re-downloaded movies, with video quality settings, I get the same message as shown above.

    -The only other thing I tried (which others have suggested) is to select the movie, and then click file - create a new Version - create iPod or iPhone version. Select the movie by clicking on it, then the steps or by clicking it and then pressing Alt and then following the steps.

    However when I tried to do I can not click "create iPod or iPhone version" because it is grayed out and cannot be clicked.

    If anyone has other ideas/improvements on ideas on how to get movies from iTunes on an iPod nano GEN 7 please let me know.

    If this can help all the movies I've tried are Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Forrest Gump and Top Gun.

    You cannot use the "Create iPod or iPhone version" command if the movie (or TV show or music video) is a purchase on iTunes Store, because the video has DRM (copy protection), as required by the content producers.  That is why the command is grayed out.

    Try going to the screen purchased in iTunes (click bought along the right side of the main screen of iTunes Store).  On the screen that is purchased for films, in the lower right corner of the window, there is a check box for Download HD when available.  Uncheck the box and find movies.  If there is a cloud for movies to download, download it.  When only the HD version is currently stored on your computer, you should get the SD version.

    iTunes might as well of both HD and SD of a movie bought in his library at the same time.  They are not presented separately, but he will say 'HD - SD"next to the name of the movie in the library list, if it has both.  Most of the SD movies should load and play on an iPod nano.

  • How to sync iTunes podcasts on Windows 10?

    Hello, everyone.

    I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. In Windows 7 I could set up my Clip + automatically synchronize my iTunes podcasts when I plugged the Clip +. I did it via Control Panel | Material and audio | View devices and printers.

    Anyone working on a way to have a Clip + synchronize automatically whenever one connects the Clip + to Windows 10 computer via the USB cord?

    I can always find Panel | Material and audio | View hidden devices and printers. But I can't find a way to do the sync to behave as it did before (so far).

    I can also find Windows Media Player. But I can't do it (so far) find a way to do auto-sync. In particular, it does not appear to remember the folders to synchronize.

    Thanks a lot for any assistance.


    WMP usually communicates with the Sansa through MTP mode.  If parameters system/settings/USB Mode is automatic and the Sansa is WMP (10 or higher) on your computer, it goes in MTP mode.

    Sync Toy probably wants mode MSC, the standard USB connection, see the Sansa as two flash drives.

    You can change the modes in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode. But your computer will see a mode at the same time - that is to say, all of the files you sent by MTP mode will be invisible on your computer if you switch to MSC.

    It's a pain to make the transition, but if Sync Toy turns out to work better for you, you'd better get all the files you need copied off the Sansa, mode MSC and Syncing over to hide.  I think - but you should googled around - you can always use WMP in MSC mode.

  • How to sync Firefox with Android?

    I have some problems with Firefox sync on my laptop with my Android device. I followed the instructions on and everything worked fine until the last step. According to the article, the synchronization must be completed when the code is accepted, but instead, I get a log on screen for my sync account. When I hit the button "I have an account", I have to fill in my account, the password and the recovery key, but the problem is that I don't have this recovery key. According to, I should just go to the sync screen and click on 'Manage', but there is no such link. What should I do?

    Good news! After that I entered the code of 3 x 4, I was redirected to the synchronization configuration screen, as usual. I followed the instructions on (remember that I couldn't find my recovery key). Miraculously, it worked this time! My problem is finally resolved and everything works fine now! Thanks for all the @cor-el helps!

  • Smartphones blackBerry how to sync calendar with desktop calendar (s) BB

    BlackBerry synchronizes E-mail, but they seem to have forgotten that people are too calendars.   How can I automatically update my BB calendar with a yahoo calendar or a microsoft outlook?   I've heard there may be third-party software.  I found one, but it was for the Mac.

    any suggestion is welcome.

    If you are interested you can do it for free via Google.

    1. get a free e-mail account

    2 get gmobile sync for BB

    3 Setup Outlook to sync with Google Calendar

    You would use gmail account to send emails.

    You can even track your current email to gmail (much more fast delivery) and be able to respond to your original e-mail name.

    Let me know if it would suit you,

    Thank you

  • How to sync calendar with Windows 8.1 yahoo?

    How sync you Yahoo calendar with window 8.1 app?

    Right now, you can't.  Yahoo provides support for syncing the iPhone using CalDAV, but which currently excludes Windows and Google devices.

    You can see that sync services Yahoo offers here:

    But on the side of Microsoft, Microsoft has recently added CalDAV support on Windows Phone, and it's from Windows soon (can't tell the exact date).

  • How to sync contacts with windows contacts iphone

    Windows 7 and iphone 4

    What follows from the Apple iPhone Support gives information on how to synchronize with Windows Contacts:

  • How to sync keywords with other programs?

    is it possible I can get lightroom to sync keywords so that I can access them in other programs?  synchronization of folders only appear to do the reverse (get other prorgrams in lightroom keywords) is this true?

    Rigel Conway-White wrote:

    saving files meta data have problems?  it take more disk space or slow down lightroom?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Disk space can be neglected. After automatically can slow your system a little bit, but it takes place in the background.


  • My iPhone-ish syncs with macbook pro when it comes to iTunes. Message reads "iPhone need latest version of iTunes. I can't understand how to upgrade iTunes on the iPhone, unless it comes to update the operating system. I guess I have the latest OS, 9.3

    My iPhone-ish syncs with macbook pro when it comes to iTunes. Message reads "iPhone need latest version of iTunes. I can't understand how to upgrade iTunes on the iPhone, unless it comes to update the operating system. I guess I have the latest OS, 9.3.2 on my iPhone. Any help for this problem?

    • Sync with iTunes on a Mac or a PC requires:

    iTunes too old and too old osx to support necessary to have iTunes, you will need to update osx to update iTunes to work

  • Movies that I own on DVD and I tore and transfer to iTunes appear in my iTunes library on my iMac (El Capitan 10.11.2), and I can sync them with my iPad to watch there, but not in iTunes on my Macbook Air (El Capitan 10.11.2). Why? How?

    Films I own on DVD, and that I ripped and transfer them to iTunes appear in my library in iTunes on my iMac (El Capitan 10.11.2) movies and I can sync them with my iPad to watch here, but they do not appear in my library of films iTunes on my Macbook Air (El Capitan 10.11.2). Why? How can I fix it?

    I don't know why my post says 'Mac OS X (10.7.5) '. All my Macs run El Capitan 10.11.2.

  • iPhone 6s doesn't sync wirelessly with iTunes

    I have a new iPhone running OS 9.2.1 6s.

    Is set upward wireless at the Apple store, restored from my previous iPhone 5 and me kept updated iOS and phone saved wireless, and had not annexed it with iTunes on my Mac, until today.

    I have the gasket with the USB cable into my iMac running the last El Capitan, iTunes 12.3.2

    The iPhone has shown in the section "My devices" in iTunes, but I immediately got a message "there is a new version of iOS for the iPhone (9.2.1). iTunes started download iOS 9.2.1 but I stopped, because the phone has already 9.2.1.

    I checked the preferences to allow the iPhone to sync wirelessly with iTunes, applied and then ejected from the iPhone.

    My iPhone is connected to wifi, but when I restarted iTunes it does not connect wireless - the wireless only showing in iTunes is my iPad.

    My questions are so

    (1) why only iTunes can only see my iPhone 6 is already running the latest version of the iOS software


    (2) why didn't it connects wireless when I set the preference to do?

    Thought I'd ask advice here before that I contacted Apple support.

    Thank you


    There is a different verson of 9.2.1 released by Apple to fix the error 'January 1, 1970.  It is only available through iTunes, not live.

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