How to synchronize the calendar with a caldav server using TLS

Adding a caldav TLS in the calendar of Firefox 1.3 application server causes an error message ("Ein unbekannter Fehler trat auf" - English translation: "an unknown error has occurred"). Is there support for caldav servers encrypted in Firefox OS? And in case it is taken in charge: How can I get more details about the error happening?

The I try to sync with the server is
It takes support TLS versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

Hi Martin,

Here is the official response from one of the developers of the calendar:

  • CalDAV is done entirely via http/https and the calendar app is happy to send the xhr on ssl requests if you enter an https url. He is also happy (currently) to send unencrypted http requests although if you give a url for a server that doesn't support ssl. Hope that helps!

So it seems it should work on a technical level, and that you already add CalDav address in a format "https".

Are you able to access this calendar normally with other calendar applications? Maybe I need to open a bug for this issue.


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    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community.

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    Using an NI PXI 2567 Board, the signal applied at the entrance the 4461 (AI0) switches between a V2 and V1 signal. I would like to synchronize the switch between the two signals with the trigger signal applied to the input of the PFI0 Governing Council 4461. In order to obtain samples of N/2 of V1 and V2 samples N/2. Synchronization of 1 to 5 ms would suffice!

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    Thank you in advance for your help...

    PS: the configuration of the system is:

    -LabView 8.5

    -Chassis PXI-1044

    PXI-4461 on slot 2

    Module 4-slot PXI-2567

    Hi Frederic,.

    I came back to this recently and used the following examples to run the desired synchronization.

    PXI-4461: Acq & graph tension-Int Clk - dig Start & Ref .vi

    Samples per channel = 1000

    Rate (Hz) = 10000.00

    Start the trigger Source = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Onboard start = fall

    Reference Source Trigger = DAQmx Device Name] / PXI_Trig0

    Reference edge = fall

    Trigger samples = Variable (100, 500, 900)

    PXI-2567: Switch Scaning-SW

    Advance the output terminal full = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch0-> com0.

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch1-> com1;

    Hardware configuration:

    The PXI-2567 module controls an external relay that switches between the voltage of 5 V on ch0 and ch1 0 V.

    The PXI-4461 connects to the COM of the external relay and therefore reads 5V when ch0 is connected; 0 v when ch1 is connected.

    Procedure: The above examples are used in the following procedure.

    1. run the PXI-4461 VI.  A start trigger (falling edge) is necessary to start collecting samples before firing.

    2. launch the module, PXI - 2567 VI.  When ch0 is initially (and immediately) on com0, a trigger is sent to PXI_Trig0.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples before firing.

    3. - click on the "Connect to the next" button on the front of the PXI - 2567 VI module.  This sends a trigger to entry software for the PXI-2567 module and the transitions of the scan for ch1-> com1 list.  Once the PXI-2567 module remains (debounced), advanced complete relaxation is sent on PXI_Trig0 for the PXI-4461.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples after outbreak.

    Note: Instead of the trigger of the software entry, an external input trigger can be used (e.g. PXI_Trig1).


    > Before instant release of samples = 100

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 500

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 900

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    I hope that the attached screws and the explanation above helps you and/or other customers who have this problem.

    Best regards

    Chad Erickson

    Switch Product Support Engineer

    NOR - USA

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    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.



    Hi Luz... You have the track selected in the timeline panel puppet? You need to target the puppet that is controlled by the webcam/microphone/keyboard/mouse by selecting its track. That it arms for registration.

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    Open the Add-ons - Extensions Manager, search for 'Flash' and press the 'delete '.

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