How to take pictures with touchsmart 310

I have my computer for a while now and I still don't know how to take pictures with my webcam. Help, please!

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  • How can I take pictures with a regular usb camera and labwindows

    How can I take pictures with a regular usb camera and labwindows


    What do you mean "ordinary USB camera? It's a Vision camera with a communication based on the API Vision camera or a 3rd party (such as a webcam)?

    In the latter case, you may need to consult the documentation of the manufacturer, it should be sent with her library (C DLL, ActiveX automation, .NET assembly) with functions to communicate with drivers.

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  • Take pictures with the camera on the T410s

    Is it possible to take pictures with the camera of the T410s, and is there any software related to this?  I tried everything I can think of but no luck.  Are there instructions on how to use this camera somewhere?

    I would really appreciate any advice or assistance.  Thank you!


  • I cannot take pictures with 5 concerts available through iPhone 5s.

    I'm trying to troubleshoot iPhone 5 s mother.  She directs questions where it does not allow to take photos more because it says it's full.  When go us to settings and look at the use, we have 5 gigs available and used 5 concerts.  She has deleted everything it can turned off his phone and it still not allow it to take pictures with the photo app.  When using facebook, it can.

    We tried a reset and restoration, and he always acts as if his phone is full.

    If you have not already done this, open the Photos app.  Select Albums on the bottom, then "recently deleted".  Choose 'Select' top right, then 'Delete All' at the bottom left.

  • take pictures with windows 7

    Hi, we just bought a new laptop and we want to take pictures with the webcam to send to facebook and e-mail. I ask the geek squad and they told me that moviemaker would do this. We cannot understand. Is there a way to take pictures on windows 7 and publish them. I can buy a program if anyone knows what to buy. Help, please!

    You would:

    • Open Windows Live Movie Maker
    • in the Home tab, click the video icon Webcam
    • record a few seconds, which translates the clip in WLMM
    • Scroll through the clip to a framework of choice
    • Use snapshot next to the Webcam icon on the menu on the Home tab, which saves the image to a. Sill PNG picture
    • uplooad or e-mail photo
  • BlackBerry smartphones can not take pictures with my blackberry 9800 torch

    Hello! I can't take pictures with my bb torch 9800.
    Everything on the camera is OK, the problem is when I try to press the button to take a photo: nothing happens; It's as if I do not press even though the flash lights.
    In short; My bb torch refuses to take pictures.
    What can I do to solve this problem.
    Thank you

    Try a battery pull if you please, with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery 15 seconds and then reinsert the battery to reboot the device. This will clear all hide as restarting a PC. Then try again and see if the problem persists.

  • can I take pictures with my external webcam?

    can I take pictures with my external webcam?

    Only in the cable sector by which it is attached and providing he has a top button that allows snapshots to be taken. Not all cameras have this feature...

  • TouchSmart 310-1125f: problems of RAM with Touchsmart 310-1125f

    I'm having a time heckuva upgrading RAM on this machine. To start, I tried an upgrade of RAM several months to a year. I went to the product page HP customer care to find out what kind of RAM I needed, and how much has been. It does not appear that the RAM on the product page info is correct, because I ordered what I thought, it was EXACTLY what I need and when it arrived and I took the machine part to install the RAM, I discovered that there was NO WAY that I bought was going to adapt. Product page indicates the installed a PC3-10600 DDR3-1333 RAM machine. What I bought was the Office of PC3-10600 DDR3 - 1333 mhz 240 pin DIMM RAM. It seems the rub is Office RAM laptop RAM vs. HP's product page does not specify the Touchsmart 310 uses laptop RAM, or at least what I think is laptop RAM. The installed RAM is small (SODIMM?) where the RAM I bought to upgrade is great "stick" RAM. The RAM that is currently installed in the machine has a sticker that reads "1RX8 PC3 - 10600S - 9 - 10 - B1. I just need to know without a doubt what to buy to upgrade RAM, because the machines performance is poor, return of points of sale by correspondence are a chore, and I don't necessarily like tearing apart my computer mainly for no reason. To add insult to injury, after I realized the mailorder RAM did not adapt, I handed the computer together without writing the specifications for the RAM installed to try to resolve the dilemma, so I had to tear the machine today (and put back together) just to get the RAM specifications. Thanks in advance for anyones insight!

    The specifications of your system indicate the following.

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  • Help me to take pictures with my built-in webcam.

    Hello, everyone. I have a PC laptop Asus X550C and I can not know how to take photos or videos of my integrated webcam. I can't find the app in Windows 7. Please help me how to take photoes.

    Type without worrying.


    Hi amina,

    ASUS LifeFrame is a software utility that is supplied with the ASUS laptops that have a webcam. It allows you to control the webcam.

    Click on the Start button and in the search box, type Lifeframe and check if it appears in the result.

    If this does not help, you should check with the support of Asus.

    Hope this information helps.

  • How to take pictures of my CPM and put them on my Ipod touch

    I am trying to transfer photos from my library on my Ipod touch

    I am trying to transfer photos from my library on my Ipod touch

    Perhaps the following would offer a few ideas:

    How to download pictures on my iPod Touch

    iPod Touch: The Guide to adding/synchronize your Photos

  • How to take pictures on the dell Tablet

    I can rotate the camera, but I am unable to take pictures

    You use the camera application? You tap the screen to take a photo.


  • Mirror images, take pictures with A7-10

    When I take a picture, shows the captured image as a mirror image, i.e. mailbox etc. appear as if looking in a mirror. How can I fix it?


  • How to take pictures of windows media center and put them on your xbox to use as background really stuck

    hey im trying to get pictures of the internet ive saved on my laptop on my xbox for new backgrounds I have done before with a usb key, but it doesn't seem to work now. Ive connected my xbox 360 to my windows media center and I can't seem to find how to save the image on my xbox I could really use some help ive been tempting centuries now and his frustraing really thanks ():

    Hi Josie,


    Thanks to join Microsoft Community where you will find all the required information on the Windows operating systems!


    You want to add an image to the background of the Xbox.

    You can refer to the section set an image as the background of Xbox 360 Dashboard site:

    You could get more support on the support site:

    For any question related to Windows, feel free to contact us.

  • How to take pictures of the photo library & place in a folder to be sent by e-mail

    I imported the photos on my digital camera to my computer. These pictures appear in Photo Gallery. now... How to put in a folder so I can send by e-mail. I have windows vista Home premium.


    I suggest that you try the steps from the link below and check if it helps.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to send picture with hyperlink by email

    If you make an image in Photoshop and incorporate with a hyperlink... How can you send this image through your email address, and the hyperlink is still active? A bit like send a newsletter with a clickable button at the bottom of this one. Is there a way that the image must be saved, which allows to open it in the body of the email with the hyperlink still works?

    Use your email client, like Outlook.  Save your image to a regular JPG format, insert it in an email, right click, and choose hyperlink and paste the link.  Or you can use an ap like InDesign or the editor and save it as an interactive PDF.  What you can't do is save an image directly from Photoshop with hyperlinks

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