How to toggle thumbnails

Hi all
I use a laptop Lenovo G585, Firefox 40.0.3
When I open a new tab, and before I chose a site to open, I show four thumbnails of sites. I know that there are more, but I'm unable to see by all means such as enabling/disabling or scrolling, as there is no scrolling tabs/arrows. The only way I can see is by removing one and then an other "pops" in the display, it goes against the purpose of click on thumbnails for return to the required site.

How can I see thumbnails below these four is displayed, or how to get a view of those who are out of sight?
Thank you


Hello otman,.
Thanks a lot for your answer.
Although I found a solution that has responded to my original question, I'll have a look at the suggestions that you have posted and perhaps one will prove to be more appropriate!
As for the others, I'll copy and paste your suggestions and keep them for future consideration.

Kind regards


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    Your friend was violin in the library database.

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    You can try this ervoperez ?

    Open the pictures folder

    Click the arrow next to the view button (top right) and then move the slider to change the size of thumbnails.


    Right-click in the folder where your images are.

    Select view-> medium icons.

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    Thank you

    Here's a possibility... go to... Start ORB / Control Panel.
    Folder options / tab / files and folders / uncheck
    "Always show icons, never thumbnails" / apply / OK.

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    Thank you

    Hi RicardoMC,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    From the description of the problem, I can understand that you need more information on disabling the taskbar thumbnails.

    Windows 7 does not include a graphical (GUI) User Interface to disable taskbar thumbnail preview.

    The only option that comes pretty close to turning off the feature is by modifying the registry settings. Check out the following link and check if this helps you to disable the taskbar thumbnails.

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    Hope this helps you. Please let us know if you need assistance.

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    Thank you


    Which language to use to automate things in your environment?

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    My problem is, I need to turn off (disable - not hide) of columns in the report to prevent changes according to the value of one of its own columns - for example, a value of + 'q' + in the column period is going to turn some columns, while value of + 'h' + will toggle other columns. (The 'q' / 'h' value is the same for all the lines in the form.)

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    It was very easily in forms with the triggers when-new-record and the elements of parameters as enabled. I am really so confused as to how to do this with ApEx - not to mention that I am helpless with JavaScript... Given that the page works well with the wizard-generated form, I want to keep it this way, but I'm ready to learn new tricks if the solution is building manually (as explained here: or do it with a dynamic query (as explained here: although I'm not sure to understand things , explained here (and if she needs clean MRU treat...?)

    Thanks in advance,


    You are the very welcome. I had a lot of help at the beginning of this forum so I try my best to give back. :)

    Good luck for the demo!

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    You can test something: If you type or paste Subject: newtab in the url bar and press ENTER, you get the page with nine thumbnails?

    If it works, an add-on may have replaced this page with its own page. You have any tab or searching for modules that you may be able to reconfigure, disabled or delete? You can check the Extensions and Plugins here:

    Tools > Modules

  • How to toggle the FN button without pressing FN on Satellite Pro


    I use my laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro for coding and to do the key on the keyboard F11 to debug code.
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    Thank you

    You use Win8?

    What model of laptop do you have?

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    Hello, Marty

    Please use the Forum for answers!

    You can enable the thumbnails by going to start, photos (or any folder), organization, folder and Search Options, click the view tab, make sure that the always show icons, never thumbnails is unchecked.

    Let us know if that helps.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Most of the players have the option to activate the mouse click play/pause on the video player.

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    Thank you.

    Hi DGinz,

    To play/pause in Media Player, you must use the keys.

  • Windows live mail - how to toggle working online / offline work

    Hello - I hit the 'work offline' button in Windows Live Mail by mistake and would like to know how to "work online" by default.  I tried to switch and he repeats that question - asking me if I want to work online. Can you help me with this?  I look forward to hear from you.

    Windows Live Mail is supported in this forum

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    original title: in my photo/s file, I don't see the pictures of my photos. Instead, I see a collage of a flower for each photo. How to bring back my thumb nails?

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    In fact, I just found it.  I went into control panel customization & appearance, where I was able to select the photos instead of icons.  Phew!  Which was only a week.  Hatred of Microsoft.

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