How to transfer contacts from old WP to my Vibe P1?

Hi all I, m new with lenovo and I have a few questions, I hope that Im on the right place to ask!

Recently, I had p1 vibe and replaced my old phone Windows but now I have no idea how to transfer all my contacts again phone? I know that this is a trivial question, but I really need help.

Thanks in advance.

If I'm not mistaken, WP phone syncs contacts from Hotmail. From there, I think that you can add it through accounts, then it syncs to your Android phone.

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    To use your iPhone with Windows, you must install the software Apple iTunes, then read the instructions that come with it.

    "genjammy" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    Hello everyone, I had an iphone recently.a question confuses me. How to transfer contacts from iphone to computer? Anyone know the answer? Please tell me and I thank very you much!

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    Palm OS (i.e. your treo 755) phone data transfer to a phone WINMO (treo pro)
    data on a palm OS phone should be first to outlook sync
    and then you can make Active Sync with your Treo pro to transfer data from outlook to your new phone

    or, you can actually communicate with your carrier
    so they can do it for you

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    Naturally ask the experts in the forum Outlook is the best choice.
    After posting here, you may want to consider trying this...

    Open Windows Live Mail > at the bottom left, click on the Contacts button > in the Contacts window, click file > import > click on Microsoft Office Outlook address book > the rest is self-explanatory.


  • How to transfer contacts from another phone to my Droid?

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    If your previous phone was through Verizon, then you can use Backup Assistant. Follow the directions in this thread... There are a few key elements that Albi left in its response.

    Also, if your phone is not a Verizon phone, then you can just go back to the Verizon store and ask them to use their device to transfer contact. The seller of Verizon that you bought your Droid by should have offered you.

  • BlackBerry software how to transfer contacts from Mac AddressBook to new z10?

    I'm trying to sync my phone with Blackberry link and do not have the best experience.  I went from the iPhone and all my contacts, music, etc. are on a Mac computer.  Not having a chance get my contacts from my address book on the z10 - advice?

    It's simple.  They did it is super easy.  The z10 talks to iCloud transparently and automatically synchronizes all email, contacts and calendars.  Here is the link directly from BlackBerry.

  • BlackBerry smartphone how to transfer contacts from BB Q5 to Bold 9650?

    Well Yes,.

    You read that right. :-D

    I have a BB Q5 and one just got my obsolate Bold 9650 running on OS 5.0 works again :-)) (was looking for the battery).

    I want to transfer my contacts (and calendar, if possible) to Bold 9650.

    I already have a link to BB and latest BB Desktop Software. None of which supported the other device.

    I launched the desktop software and attempted to 'restore' backup file created with link of Q5.

    Enough, obviously office did not see all files in the folder where I saved it.

    I don't remember the extension of the files created by us office, but the name of the link files extension is .bbb

    Is not serious. The problem is: I can't transfer my contacts/calendar of Q5 9650. Mobile calendar is not very important, but I really need contacts.

    Is there another way, as the storage cloud or any system whereby I can transfer contacts between these two devices to backup online?
    I already have the box on Q5, but it does not at all on "BOLD". Not at all.
    BB Protect does not work for the Q5.

    Help, please!

    And thanks in advance. :-)

    PS: Sorry for spelling errors.

    Done everything! :-)

    With the help of link (for OS 10) BB, BB Desktop Software and MS Outlook (namesake).

    First, I copied my Q5 in Outlook contacts, using the BB link.

    Then Outlook contacts using BDS, copied in "BOLD".

    PS: It is in short. Manage my original outlook contacts was a quite different mess. :-D

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    You should be able to transfer your files and folders with no problems, using a flash/USB.

    Note. Only files and folders can be transferred, all programs and applications must be reinstalled from their records, or downloaded from the site of the publishers.


  • Two iPhones 5 & 6 s iCloud different pieces of identification: how to transfer contacts from 5 to 6 s

    I have two iPhones 5 & 6 s with iCloud different identifiers. Downloaded contacts to iCloud 5. Suppose I need to export these as a VCard in the identification. How can I attach the VCard to an e-mail?

    On the 5 you can disconnect from the iCloud and keep the contacts on the device, and then connect to the id that you will use with the 6 s and fusion.  This load the contacts on the other iCloud and will allow the 6 s get the contacts.

  • How to transfer files from old PC of office to the new Satellite L750?

    Hi everyone - starting at this site so be gentle with me please.

    Specifically, I want to ask: (a) Will the MS Word 7 Starter, which is already installed on my computer Toshiba laptop accept a lot of files from my old Desk Top for most Word documents? What kind of capacity has the Starter? What is the best device to use - a portable hard drive? USB? Discs?


    (b) how to retrieve my Bing toolbar? Currently, I don't have a toolbar that displays the file, new, cut and paste at all. I have a space of Bing search on my desktop, but nothing else except a toolbar at the top where I type addresses located on the side until now at the top right with host, Star and a cog. Higher than ago valued one minimize, maximize and cross to close.

    Thank you very much



    All word documents are compatible with any Microsoft Office Word application.
    If you used old software in Microsoft Office 2003 and now want to use an Office 2010 or later server MS Office 2007, then you will need to install a patch Ms.
    But usually, you will receive a notification message if necessary.

    On moving the files to the other computer.
    The best and easiest method to move files is the use of external HDD USB or memory flash stick, copy the files to USB HDD and then move it to the new laptop.


  • BlackBerry Smartphones transfer Contacts from old Q10

    Please help, I have nearly 1000 contacts in my Q10, but only a fraction have been downloaded on my new private via Content Transfer. These are apparently "local Contacts". How can I get all the contacts transfer or uploaded to Google Drive?

    You use this account gmail on PRIV? If so, check if the contacts are synchronized:

    Go to settings

    Scroll accounts

    Tap on Google

    Tap on the gmail account that has your contacts

    Now check if the switch to IT.

    If you have not added gmail account that has your contacts, then proceed as follows:

    Go to settings

    Scroll accounts

    Tap Add an account

    Select google

    Follow the instructions... and your contacts will automatically be there.

  • How to transfer files from old mac (using Lightroom 4) to the new mac (using Lightroom 6)?

    I have an old Mac using Lightroom 4. My new Mac has 6 installed Lightroom. I want to transfer the entire photo collection and catalogue more to the new computer in Lightroom 6. I tried that already use an external hard drive, but the photos in the Collection of photos all appeared as gray boxes (no visible pictures). So, what's the right way to transfer photos via so that Lightroom 6 look at the way he was on LIghtroom 4?

    Any help is appreciated.

  • How to transfer contacts from iphone 5 sec to 6 sec without restoring backups?

    I have iphone 5s which has 1800 more contacts, (icloud + google contacts). now I have another iphone 6s I planed to use with iphone 5s together.

    I installed my iphone 6s as a new iphone and use the same apple ID, now the problem is when two phones Internet access incoming calls received on two phones at a time, and a second my all contacts are not displayed in new iphone 6 s 320 icloud saved contacts out of 1800 are the shows What to do I can use two iphones.

    For simultaneous calls

    Settings - phone - calls on other devices - OFF toggle

    With regard to contacts - one option is to import your contacts into Outlook or Gmail and then set that upward on the new phone - contacts will come with the e-mail account

    Another option

    Use a free application like FullContact

    FullContact - synchronize, manage and back up Contacts with multiple devices

  • Transfer Contacts between old Samsung and Z2

    Hi, does anyone know how to transfer contacts from an old phone Samsung [email protected] 357 (GT-S3570) at a Xperia Z2?

    I tried to back up contacts on a memory card on Samsung and then using PC companion to transfer them to the Z2, but for some reason, that one contact has been transferred on even though there is about 80 contacts.

    Would be the work of TeamViewer Kies software or something like this:

    Thanks much for any help.

    You can also export all contacts via Bluetooth to the new Xperia.

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