How to transfer iTunes Movie Clip for HTC Hero, HTC touch?

I have an old iPod Touch, I often buy songs or movie on iTunes online store, now I just got a Christmas present - a new HTC Hero phone and want to transfer music from iTunes on my HTC Hero phone free of change, is - it possible? How to make


Hi choleli,

ITunes music works only with the iPod.
ITunes Store is a store based on online digital media software operated by added Apple Inc. DRM protection on them. You can't make music iTunes to HTC Hero directly unless you first remove the DRM protection.

You will need to contact Apple support to find out how to transfer files to the mobile phone.

I hope this helps!

Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
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    I replace my current Macbook with an iPad Pro. How do I transfer my iTunes from my iPad Pro on my iPhone? I know how to leave my Macbook, but what if I sell my Macbook? Apple has really solve this problem, if they want us to replace our MacBook with the new iPad Pro.

    An iPad Pro does not replace a computer, it does not sync the content to another iOS device.

    If these are iTunes purchases and they are still in the store and you have not reached the country since their purchase, then you might be able to re-download them via the tab bought from the iTunes Store app on the phone. Or you can subscribe to Match iTunes on your computer and download your music to (correspondence is only for music, not for the movies or videos) so that your music library is available in the cloud.

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    • You can move the rental between devices as many times as you like during the rental period. However, the film can only be played on a device at a time. If you rent a movie on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV, it is not transferable to any other device, and you have to look on this device.
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    I have all of my music stored on an external hard drive. On my old iMac, I have iTunes with all the songs on this hard drive organized or recognized as I like, with comments and play lists and track/song names and album names. How can I transfer iTunes as it is to the old iMac to the new MacMini while leaving the actual files of the song (> 2.5 to) on the external hard drive? In short, I want the old iTunes on my new computer, but the files of the song in the current HD thank you so much.

    (2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM 20 "iMac; 2014 new Mac Mini)

    Hmmm...   Never tried, but I "think" it should work.   The reader will need to named exactly something on the new computer, as it was on the old.

    1. on the old computer, go to {user folder} / music/iTunes and move the files on the external hard drive.

    2. on the new computer in iTunes, go to Preferences > advanced and not select "copy of the file to the iTunes Media folder.

    3. always in this same window under "iTunes Media folder location", click on change.   Now select the location on the external hard drive, you have moved the files too.

    Files to be copied.

    iTunes Music Library.xml

    iTunes Library.itl

    iTunes Library Extras.itdb

    iTunes Library Genius.itdb

  • How to transfer iTunes to the flash player library

    Original title: itunes for usb flashdrives
    I need to download my itunes collection on a USB of mass media. When I select the usb option poes playlist not come, just the will of the cd player. How can I format or anything else I need to do for this download so I can plug into my car radio instead of an ipod.


    The flash player is detected on the computer?

    To transfer iTunes library to a flash drive, follow these steps:

    a. plug your USB stick into the port on your computer. Start iTunes on your computer
    b. go to the "Edit" menu in iTunes, and click on "Preferences".
    c. click on the "Advanced" tab to see where exactly your iTunes library is stored. It will be an XML file.
    d. open your library by going to the "Start" menu, select "computer", by clicking on the appropriate drive and navigating to the location of the file.
    e. open a second window in 'computer' and click the icon of your flash drive. Drag and drop your library on disk. It might take a certain
    time, depending on the size of your library.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher-Microsoft Support.
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  • Create a button in a movie clip for ipad

    I am trying to create a button in a clip for an ipad app (a button next to a slide show, the slide show page is a clip.
    This is the code that I have tried. Button = nextbutton, video clip = artworkmovie. I want just the button to advance the movie clip an image.

    nextbutton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, nextClickHandler);

    function nextClickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void


    artworkmovie.nextFrame ();


    It works very well from the scene, but if I have the button 'next' in the film 'artworkmovie' I get the error "Line19 1120 access of undefined property nextbutton. (Line19 is "nextbutton.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, nextClickHandler);") How can I create a path to the button? I tried artworkmovie.nextbutton and that has not worked.

    Sorry for this one basic question and thank you for your help.

    artworkmovie.nextButton should work.  Make sure you have the name of button assigned to each keyframe in the movieclip.

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    280584 wrote:
    If I try a fifo DMA allows you to transfer data between FPGA and RT, I choose TYPE: ok DMA HOST-TARGET? or SCOPE TARGET must be selected? In this case, my host is the RT and the target is FPGA ok?

    Yes, you will need to use 'Host to Target' or 'Target to Host' (the FPGA is the target, RT is the host); the one who depends on the direction that where you want to send the data.  Target range is for FIFO that is used only on the FPGA. they are useful for transferring data between the simultaneous loops in FPGA code.

  • How to set a video clip for canvas

    I have 2 objects to animate in Adobe, MovieClipA, and MovieClipB movie clip

    MovieClipA has 10 images on the first and the last picture is the code this.stop ();

    MovieClipB has 2 frames, on both images is the this.stop (code);

    I also have a button, which when pressed parts MovieClipA using the play(); function.

    I want to play once MovieClipB MovieClipA hits frame 10.  I put in (); but it says that movieclipb is not defined.  How it set if javascript can read?

    MovieClipA and MovieClipB are at the same level. If you try to talk to one inside the other, the script is not at the same level it's a down from there. "parent" is the way that direct you to the level you upward. Yes, mother. MovieClipB go to the right thing.

  • How to transfer vidio of picasa for windows movie maker

    I made a movie of my pictues in Picasa and burn a dvd. Director said was the thing to use. but I don't know how to get the vidio of picasa, windows movie maker

    Lol... in Windows XP... Movie Maker won't help
    make you a DVD, unless you run the
    Windows XP Media Center 2005 Edition.

    You need DVD Authoring software... What follows
    Freeware can be worth a try to help you get started:

    (FWIW) It's always a good idea to create a system
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    DVD Flick
    (the download is: "dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe")

    Save the file to your desktop or a folder on your
    hard drive and install from there.

    Be sure to read the Guide:


    Tutorial DVD Flick

    Burn any Format video DVD PC

    AVI to DVD with DVD Flick Guide

    To create a video DVD base that should play in a free
    permanent drive DVD... try the following...

    First... read the DVD Flick Guide to familiarize
    with the program.

    Open DVD Flick and insert a blank DVD in your drive.

    If the window of Autorun from your computer... just close it.

    Click the project settings button and check... Video /.
    Target format... residents United States... Choose... NTSC /.

    The title button left click Add and navigate to your
    Video clips and select the ones you want on the DVD.

    You can have by selecting one and then use
    the up and down buttons.

    Left click on the button create DVD / OK / Yes / Yes.

    Please wait while the DVD is created.

    When the text "Completed successfully" is displayed you
    DVD Flick can close. Now you can eject your DVD
    and play in your DVD player.

    At some point you might want to buy more
    Advanced Cyberlink, Nero, Roxio, software
    Ulead, etc... but at least it is a start.

    Good luck.

  • How to transfer the movie to the flash drive

    I am trying to transfer the video I made using imovie on a flash drive, but it cannot be copied, the film is the 5.62 GB and Flash drive is 32 GB.

    Probably, your USB is formatted for a PC and not Apple. Most of them is set form in format FAT 32 PC, or something similar.  This format limits any file size to 4 GB.   It must be in MAC OS extended (journaled) format. Order/Get Info lets you know how it is formatted.    If it's not MAC OS extended (journaled) Apple, you can reformat the drive to MAC OS extended (journaled) using the utility disc on your Mac application.    You must first remove all files from your USB drive to a different drive, because reformatting the flash drive will delete all the files it contains.  Once the flash drive is reformatted, you will be able to tailor your movie on this subject, assuming that other files do not use disk space.

  • How to sync iTunes movies on an iPod Nano 7th Gen?

    Hi, I'm Sam.

    I have an iPod Nano 7th Gen (software: version 1.1.1)

    I have iTunes (software: worm 12.3.2) on a HP Pavilion 15 laptop with Windows 10.

    I can sync my iTunes library of songs (imported CDs and downloaded iTunes) on my iPod.


    I can't synchronize iTunes downloaded movies on my iPod.

    To try to get movies to sync my iPod I have:

    -In the main movie section of my iTunes (not in iPod movies or sections of the iTunes Store), I clicked on a movie and the quality of the video: on the downloaded movies, there are only two options (by default (HD 1080 p) and high definition (720 p)) while others bought but not downloaded movies are the first two options as well as two more [Standard (SD) and high definition (1080 p)].

    When I try to sync a movie downloaded to my iPod with one of the first two options of quality Video (by default (HD 1080 p) and high definition (720 p)) I get this message:

    'FILM' was not copied because video high quality SD is not compatible with the iPod "MY IPOD".

    -In preferences, store preferences. I checked the box that says 'download high-quality SD video '. Before deleting all of my library and the re - movies download.

    When you try to synchronize any re-downloaded movies, with video quality settings, I get the same message as shown above.

    -The only other thing I tried (which others have suggested) is to select the movie, and then click file - create a new Version - create iPod or iPhone version. Select the movie by clicking on it, then the steps or by clicking it and then pressing Alt and then following the steps.

    However when I tried to do I can not click "create iPod or iPhone version" because it is grayed out and cannot be clicked.

    If anyone has other ideas/improvements on ideas on how to get movies from iTunes on an iPod nano GEN 7 please let me know.

    If this can help all the movies I've tried are Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Forrest Gump and Top Gun.

    You cannot use the "Create iPod or iPhone version" command if the movie (or TV show or music video) is a purchase on iTunes Store, because the video has DRM (copy protection), as required by the content producers.  That is why the command is grayed out.

    Try going to the screen purchased in iTunes (click bought along the right side of the main screen of iTunes Store).  On the screen that is purchased for films, in the lower right corner of the window, there is a check box for Download HD when available.  Uncheck the box and find movies.  If there is a cloud for movies to download, download it.  When only the HD version is currently stored on your computer, you should get the SD version.

    iTunes might as well of both HD and SD of a movie bought in his library at the same time.  They are not presented separately, but he will say 'HD - SD"next to the name of the movie in the library list, if it has both.  Most of the SD movies should load and play on an iPod nano.

  • How to transfer iTunes to the new iPod Nano library?

    Hello - I have a new iPod Nano and need to transfer my iTunes to my new Nano playlists.  Thank you.

    If your songs in your iTunes library, you can set up automatic synchronization for these playlists.

    Select the iPod in iTunes, so that you see on the screen of the settings in the iTunes window.  Along the left side of the window, in the sidebar, under settings, click on music.  To the right, you see music in the iPod settings screen.

    NOTE: Since it is a new Nano, I guess it's currently empty.  All the songs from the iPod that are NOT in your iTunes library will be lost.

    On the screen settings of music , at the top, tick the box to Sync music.  Below, if your iPod has enough storage capacity to hold your entire music library, you can choose the option synchronize entire music library.  And click apply at the bottom.

    Otherwise, choose the option synchronize playlists, artists, albums, and genres.  Below, look under playlists and find the playlists you want to synchronize with the iPod and select them.  The capacity at the bottom of the window bar indicates how much storage on the iPod is used with the current selection.  When you are finished, click apply down button to synchronize your selection to iPod.

    Further, you can update the playlists in iTunes (add and remove songs).  The iPod has no need to be connected.  The next time that you connect the iPod (or click sync , if already connected), iTunes automatically updated the iPod with the same changes.  If you have the iPod sync the music library of anyvalue, iTunes keeps the iPod updated with any change in your music library.

  • How to create a movie clip and place the other clips to move inside?

    I followed a tutorial of ping pong (

    In the fourth step, it is said to

    4 - inside another Clip named 'Limits' place 'Pads' and the 'wall '.                           Name of the instance of the pads should be "Pads" and instance of the wall called "border".
    We put the wall and trim inside the same Clip, to use it in order to know when the balloon is collided. And we could not put everything together because the ball behaves differently if hit the wall instead of the pads.

    How to create this clip and put the other clips of film "inside"? Also, if anyone can find, where should I put this clip? Should I put it in the same place as the wall?

    Please help out me.

    When you double-click a movieclip to open for editing, you have a work space to put things inside this movieclip.  That's what I call its Stadium.

  • How to transfer itunes library from PC from XP to Windows 10 computer laptop

    I'm looking for help if there is someone who is able to explain the technical magic to someone who has no idea what she's doing!

    I have an old PC with Windows XP and run my iTunes from there, with all my media files on an external hard drive. The iTunes is version I have "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" box checked, as well as box "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library". I bought a laptop with Windows 10 and want to start running iTunes this new portable computer, while keeping the files on the EHD and keep all my playlists, etc. I have all the music files saved on a separate DHM.

    I installed the latest version of iTunes on the laptop and was able to recognize that my library, but all the playlists, play counts, a large part of the work, and most importanly, the tick on the side of the track (I have about 55 000 titles there, so I have to uncheck a lot because they won't fit on my iPod) disappeared. I don't want to go through the 55 000 tracks again, so could you is it someone please let me know the best way to make the iTunes on the laptop are similar to what I currently have.

    I removed the new version of iTunes from the laptop and tried to open the old version of my EHD, but it won't let me and gives me an error iTunes error Windows error 126 7. I'm guessing that I have not all files necessary for the opening of iTunes on my DHM and some stay in the C drive of my old PC, but I don't know what needs to get through, it is possible to have all the files on the EHD program and open the old version of iTunes on my laptop this way. I took my DHM and reconnect the old PC and it still works very well from there.

    I have to say it's all become a bit of a mess over the years, as I tried to move everything related to iTunes, including program files, for my DHM, it would be reasonable to assume that I don't know where all the bits and pieces that need to run iTunes currently are on my old PC and DHM and something seems to be duplicated with similar looking for records in both places, probably as a result do not remove older versions during the upgrade as I should have done. I confirm, however, that my library is in a folder on the EHD.

    I can't upgrade to the latest version of iTunes on the old PC, because it doesn't seem to be compatible with XP, and I was unable to download the older version of iTunes on the new laptop (something to do with a difference between 32 and 64 bit, but I didn't have a clue what it meant!).

    Ultimately, I want to be able to do is plug my DSE on the new laptop and be able to open iTunes, see everything, as it is currently on my old PC.

    Sorry to look like a bit of a novice when it comes to computers, but if someone could help I would be very grateful, because I'm afraid to do something which all mess up!

    See make a library of portable split.


  • How to transfer files to vista for xp

    I have a new laptop which has XP as OS and I want to transfer files from my Vista Home computer, how can I do this.  The new book has no disk drive.

    I also have a laptop another XP I want to transfer files to the new XP laptop, how can I do this?

    Depending on the amount of data, use a USB key or the two computers on network.  Or the other method will work for Vista--> XP and XP--> XP.

    If you don't have a router, you can use a crossover cable to connect the two computers.

    What follows is old, but still good, networking MVP Malke installation tips:
    File/printer sharing Excellent, comprehensive, yet easy to understand article on sharing files/printer under Vista. Contains information about sharing printers and files, and the folders: for XP, start by running the Network Setup Wizard the on all machines (see warning in section A below). Problems sharing files between computers on a network are usually caused by 1) a misconfigured firewall or a firewall neglected (including a dynamic firewall in a virtual private network); or (2) inadvertently run two firewalls such as the firewall of Windows and a third-party firewall. and/or (3) do not have accounts to the same users and passwords on all computers in the workgroup. (4) tries to create actions where the operating system does not. A. configure the firewall on all machines to allow traffic to local area network (LAN) as being approved. With the Windows Firewall, it means which allows file sharing / print on the Exceptions tab normally run the XP Network Setup Wizard will take care of this for these machines. The only "witch hunt", it will turn on the XPSP2 Windows Firewall. If you are not running a third-party firewall or you have an antivirus with "Internet Worm Protection" (like Norton 2006/07) which acts as a firewall, you're fine. With a third-party firewall, I usually set up the allocation of LAN with an IP address range. E.g. would be - Obviously you would substitute your correct subnet. Do not run more than one firewall. DON'T STOP FIREWALLS; CONFIGURE THEM CORRECTLY. (B) to facilitate the Organization, put all computers in the same workgroup. This is done in Control Panel System applet, the computer name tab create c. corresponding to the user accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not need to be logged into the same account on all machines and assigned to each user account passwords can be different; accounts/passwords just need to exist and to match on all machines. DO NOT NEGLECT TO CREATE PASSWORDS, EVEN IF ONLY OF SIMPLE. If you want a machine to boot directly to the desktop (a particular user account) for convenience, you can do this. The instructions on this link work for XP and Vista: set up Windows to automatically log (MVP Ramesh) - D. If one or more of the computers is XP Pro or Media Center, turn off Simple file sharing (Folder Options > view tab). E. create share as you wish. XP Home does not share the users directory or the Program Files, but you can share folders inside those directories. A better choice is to simply use the Shared Documents folder. See the first link above for more information on Vista sharing. F. you have the job of file sharing (and tested by exchanging a file between machines), if you want to share a printer connected locally to one of your computers, share of this machine. Then go to the printer mftr Web site. and download the latest drivers for the correct system. Install them on the target machines. The printer must be collected during the installation procedure. If this isn't the case, install the drivers and then use the Add Printer Wizard. In some cases, printers must be installed as local printers, but it is outside this response.

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