How to transfer iTunes with comments and followed by names, but keep the files of the song on external hard drive?

I have all of my music stored on an external hard drive. On my old iMac, I have iTunes with all the songs on this hard drive organized or recognized as I like, with comments and play lists and track/song names and album names. How can I transfer iTunes as it is to the old iMac to the new MacMini while leaving the actual files of the song (> 2.5 to) on the external hard drive? In short, I want the old iTunes on my new computer, but the files of the song in the current HD thank you so much.

(2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM 20 "iMac; 2014 new Mac Mini)

Hmmm...   Never tried, but I "think" it should work.   The reader will need to named exactly something on the new computer, as it was on the old.

1. on the old computer, go to {user folder} / music/iTunes and move the files on the external hard drive.

2. on the new computer in iTunes, go to Preferences > advanced and not select "copy of the file to the iTunes Media folder.

3. always in this same window under "iTunes Media folder location", click on change.   Now select the location on the external hard drive, you have moved the files too.

Files to be copied.

iTunes Music Library.xml

iTunes Library.itl

iTunes Library Extras.itdb

iTunes Library Genius.itdb

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