How to transfer music from Windows Media Player for Nokia E71 Smartphone?

How to transfer music from Windows Media Player 11 for my Nokia E71 smartphone using a USB/cable connection? (Operating system XP sp3) I would choose mass storage mode or transfer media on the phone? WMP does not detect the E71 even if it is a compatible device. The Nokia site advises that WMP auto-reconnaît the phone and then briefly lists the synchronization process that WMP explains in detail. Can you please provide the steps leading to load 8 GB card my phone with music?

Hi treksie,
Check the following Nokia Support positions and see if it helps you:
Here is an article to set up a device to sync with Media Player:
To know the mode of transfer, contact The Forum Nokia's Support because they are the best people who can guide you on this issue.

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  • How to transfer music from Windows Media Player to MP3 Sony Reader

    When I try to transfer music to the library media player to a Sony 4 GB MP3 player with 3.00 GB of free space, it comes back with an error has occurred. What should I do to fix this problem.

    Yes, but his advice to help get rid of the error. From your brief question, nobody can guess that you are a "dummy computer." In addition, you don't say what model of Sony, so you can't see how to use it to help you!

    Unfortunately, there is no easy cure for wave-the-magic-wand. You will need to go under the hood and get your hands dirty or ask someone to do it for you.

    So, without being facetious, here's the long version. If anything is not clear re-don't post, no problem for re - explain:

    (1) read the manual supplied with your Sony device. If it says install software Sony provided on a CD or DVD with the unit and you did not and that yet, then install it...

    (2) use said software Sony for transfers - it works? I ask because I had a Sony camera a long time ago and it necessary/best worked with Sony software. Their video cameras are another example of this. But that is besides the point.

    (3) if the manual says you need or can use WMP to the sync'ing, then that's where we get dirty hands.

    (4) do the following: right-click on my computer (on your desktop) > click Properties in the menu dropdown > left click on hardware > left click on Device Manager.

    (5) glance to see if there are yellow asterisks against one of the entries in the Device Manager. If there is, note to the bottom of the unit in question, double left-click on it and a small window will open. Note the exact error. Re-post with the said error.

    (6) If no error: disconnect your Sony USB device > left click on the sign against the penetration of USB Controllers + > make right click on each entry to tour who turns and selected 'delete '. Not re-start your PC until all the hubs/USB controllers are removed/UN-installed... This will unfortunately be uninstall all your USB devices (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.), but don't worry, the driver software will always be on your PC. See paragraph after Phew!

    (7) re-boot.

    (8) let XP re - install the USB software necessary for all USB devices you may have connected (keyboard, mouse).

    (9) once things are settled down, grab the manual Sony. Check to see if you need to install the drivers for the device from Sony. If necessary, then pop the installation in your drive disc and install it there. If its so-called plug-and-play, then XP will install generic drivers and you do not have to do a thing. Whatever the option, when XP says your device is ready to use, open WMP (or the Sony software, if its necessary) and transfer away.


    If you have a USB printer (or other device) turns on / them one by one. XP will ask you if he can look for the drivers. Let him do his thing, as the necessary files are already on your PC (see end of point 6). and he must know where to look. If there is just one problem, you need to reinstall the driver, XP will overwrite all of the files that is already.

    Listen, if you're not happy to do the above, ask someone to help you or do for you.

    Re-post if the problem persists, but please give references of full model of your Sony Reader so I can take a look at the online manual.



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    See iTunes & Windows Media Player to play well.


  • How to download music from Windows Media Player Digital Recorder?

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    How to download music to my portable recorder Tascam DR-07mkII to my Media Player?


    Please see the instructions for the digital recorder to transfer the files on the computer.

    You can also transfer files using the recorder memory card.

    Follow the link to download music from Windows Media Player Digital Recorder:

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library:

    Note: Also applies to the operating system Windows Media Player in Windows XP.

    I hope this helps.

  • How to download music from Windows Media Player to my IPOD Touch 5th generation?

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    You do not have.

    You must synchronize with iTunes.

    iTunes: synchronization of multimedia content for iPod and iOS devices

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    I get an error message when you try to transfer mp3 files on my Walkman of Sony W760a from Windows Media Player.  I have a Sony VAIO with Windows 7 software. I use a USB cable and my phone is recognized as a compatible device in Explorer Windows and Windows Media Player. I can go as far as creating and dragging playlists. Once I select 'sync', OMP said she is "preparing to sync" for about 5 minutes, it says "syncing" for 5 minutes, then said that the track was a mistake and stop the rest of the channels of transfer to the phone. He's going to tell me what the error... Help!

    For any question on Windows 7:

    Link above is Windows 7 Forum for questions on Windows 7.

    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Delete music from your music folder instead.

    Windows Media player is someone to list what is in your music folder...
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    My SDCard in F drive... If I can get the part "micro" to the sd card in

    I just bought a unit of music... (Stanley Tek PS-1)

    I want to move music from my windows media player

    My SDCard in F drive... If I can get the part "micro" to the sd card in

    I just bought a unit of music... (Stanley Tek PS-1)

    OK... your SD card is in the removable (f) disc?

    Go to your music folder... Start / music...

    Click right a music file or group selected music files
    and from the menu choose... Send to / removable disk (f)...

  • How to put music from windows media player in itunes

    It is music that will not play in my itunes library. There O with! inside. The music went to windows media player. I don't use windows media player. I want my music in itunes so that I can put it in my ipod. iTunes keeps giving me update. Complicated the thing. The only good thing is the Internet radio.

    If you know where your files are stored on your machine:

    -in iTunes file / add the thread to the library, then place you where your files are stored. Click on the first, hold the SHIFT key and click the last. Click OK and let iTunes do its thing.
    If you don't know where they are stored, search for Windows using *.mp3 that the asterisk is a wild card and so the search will all throw your note. mp3´s where they are then iTunes as above.
    These files with the. next to them means iTunes has heard of them but don't know where they are stored. Simlpy you must re - add to your iTunes library.
    See you soon,.
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    Just an idea that might be worth a try...

    Is it possible that your files are still there but have
    become hidden?

    Reach... Control Panel / folder Options / View tab.
    ... To check "Show the hidden files and folders" / apply / OK.

    Let us know if the files reappear.

  • How can I put music from windows media player to my 6th gen apple ipod

    I am not able to send my music from my windows media player for my apple ipod 6th gen can someone please tell me how this is done?

    First thing you need to do is import your audio in iTunes, if they are wma or mp3:

    Mac 101: Importing Windows Media Audio in iTunes files

    Then, you must synchronize with your iPod

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes help...

  • Transfer files from Windows Media Player to another account password

    Original title: windows media player

    How can I transfer my files from windows media player to another account password? on my PC. I have the vista operating system


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Hi zztopzztop,

    Instead of a new user account, you can move the public folder of music, and from there the two accounts are accessible and played.

    Check out the link:

    If you want to continue copying, then you can copy if the default location for the new user account.

    Sign in with the user account that you may have created. To ensure that this new user account has administrator privileges.

    a. open the Explorer, click on organize, and select folder and Search Options

    b. click the display and check the option Show hidden files and folders box and click OK to save the settings.

    Now navigate to your C:\Users\(Old Username folder) and copy all the files and folders in the folder C:\Users\(Old Username) in the C:\Users\(New Username folder).

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • try to download music from windows media player on my pc to my phone, my pc says is music to my phone, my phone says my playlist is empty. What should I do?

    Just got a new phone and I'm trying to download music I have on my pc to my phone. I think that my phone do not support my Media Player playlist. How can I change the format on my pc so its compatible for my phone?

    Hi KathleenBrewster,

    1. What is the brand and model of your phone?

    2. what type of music files you want to transfer?

    If you try to convert the format, you can use your favorite search engine to download third party software to convert the format that is supported in your phone.

    Note: The use of third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    You can also check the following items and see if it helps.

    Set up a device to sync in Windows Media Player

    Windows Media Player sync: frequently asked questions

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to remove protection from Windows Media player

    When I copy music from a CD and copy that music from the library to a flash drive, the music is now protected that I can't play anywhere else but a PC. How to remove this protection?

    Hi ToniAli,

    Method 1
    I suggest you try the steps from the following links and see if that helps.

    When you try to use Windows Media Player 11 to play a digital camera digital rights management (DRM) - multimedia file protected, the media can not play

    You may be unable to read content protected after your computer hardware changes

    Method 2
    If you copied CDs for protected Windows Media Audio files, the CD must be copied again.

    Uncheck "copy protect option" in Windows media player and then tear up the new CD

    If your allowed to copy the CD on one computer, you may experience these problems

    The Player Windows Media DRM: frequently asked questions (what are copyrights?  () Applies to Windows XP)

  • Protected by digital rights management and cannot add music from windows media player to windows movie maker

    Original title: I can't add music from my windows media player to my windows movie maker?

    I made a video with windows movie maker and when I tried to add music from my windows media player, I got a message that says that my music is protected by digital rights management and it would'nt I will add the music.i have made a film before, and I could add music.the music in my Media Player is from my own cd collection. then how will I can't add music to my windows movie maker?

    Movie Maker probably only supports unprotected WMA files.

    WMA files will be protected if they were torn apart by WMP with the copy protect music setting (Options of WMP - music Rip) turned on. For an unprotected WMA, you will need to re - rip track, after being assured that this setting is disabled.

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