How to transfer videos into picture of the iMac to the flash player?

When I copy and paste videos on iMac photo to flash player they appear on the flash as photos instead of the video player.


Copy and paste videos stick preview.  To record a video for an external drive using "file > export > export original...» »

Who will write a copy of the video on thumb drive.

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    various Web sites such as facebook tell me to watch the videos that I have to install the latest version. I can install the latest version without problem but then when you watch videos, specifically 4oD there is no prohibition to change popout or modes full screen. This isn't a problem on version 10, is there something I can do to make it compatible or is there a way I can get version 10 to run on facebook and other sites that tell me I need to upgrade?

    I just give the site 4oD a try (using this link) with the last runtime and I see the the slider, deployable and buttons full screen.  I tried IE, Firefox and Chrome.  Could you try to do a clean install and try again?

    How to do a clean install of the Flash Player?

    Thank you


  • How to transfer pictures from the flash drive for PC

    Uploading images to a flash drive

    a friend gave us a flash player that has pictures on it. I plugged it in and it turns on but I get nothing on my screen says thast there download or anything like that. How can I get my photos once they are uploaded?

    They don't automatically upload. In some versions of Windows, when you insert any type of removable drive (flash disk, CD, DVD, etc.) you will get a dialog box asking what you want to do with the content. I find it quite annoying, but, in this case, it would be useful, because then you can choose from various options that may include any software you have to display the photos.
    As this did not happen, press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer, click Folders in the menu to display the folders pane, then click the icon that represents the flash player. You should see (depending on your display options), a list of the icons or thumbnails of the photos. Try a double-click on one to see if some kind of viewer opens (for example, if you have a recent version of the installed office and they are JPEG files, they will probably open in Microsoft Office Picture Manager). If this isn't the case, right click on one and choose open with. You can have a few viable options listed; If this is not the case, click on choose program... and select a probable from the list in the dialog box that opens.
    Note that this will only display the photos; they are still on the flash drive. To copy them to your hard drive, you will need to drag them from the flash drive into a folder on your hard drive.
  • How to transfer a video in "LOCAL FOLDERS" in the flash player?

    But seriously, I'm trying to transfer a video that I put in a new folder in the topic My Local folder to a flash drive?

    Thank you.
    1. Navigate to the location of the video.
    2. Insert the flash drive.
    3. In the left pane, under computer, the flash drive will appear as a new drive with the next available drive letter.
    4. Right-click on the video and drag it to the flash drive.
    5. Release the right mouse button and click on copy here.
    6. Once you have confirmed that the video is on the flash drive, you can delete the original if you wish.
  • How do I use image capture to transfer videos from iPhone 5 on iMac

    How to use Image Capture to transfer videos from iPhone 5 on IMac

    Connect the phone to your Mac using the cable and launch the Image Capture. You should see the phone on the left under devices. Click on the phone and should allow you to import the videos.

  • How to transfer videos from my LG phone first to PC under XP Home?

    I opened the multimedia player, connected my phone and press sync, nothing happens.


    1. were you able to sync the phone with windows XP earlier?
    2. what exactly happens when you sync? You get the error message?
    3. How have you connected the phone to the computer? Via USB or Bluetooth?

    You can also try to connect the phone using the mass storage Mode and check if you are able to transfer videos. To select the mass storage Mode, see the phone manual, or contact the manufacturer.

    See also:
    Synchronize your media files to a portable device

  • How to transfer iTunes to the flash player library

    Original title: itunes for usb flashdrives
    I need to download my itunes collection on a USB of mass media. When I select the usb option poes playlist not come, just the will of the cd player. How can I format or anything else I need to do for this download so I can plug into my car radio instead of an ipod.


    The flash player is detected on the computer?

    To transfer iTunes library to a flash drive, follow these steps:

    a. plug your USB stick into the port on your computer. Start iTunes on your computer
    b. go to the "Edit" menu in iTunes, and click on "Preferences".
    c. click on the "Advanced" tab to see where exactly your iTunes library is stored. It will be an XML file.
    d. open your library by going to the "Start" menu, select "computer", by clicking on the appropriate drive and navigating to the location of the file.
    e. open a second window in 'computer' and click the icon of your flash drive. Drag and drop your library on disk. It might take a certain
    time, depending on the size of your library.

    Kind regards
    Afzal Taher-Microsoft Support.
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    If you want to embed videos in your muse site, without using a service like youtube or vimeo, so you will need to download the video files on the server manually and use them via the video tag in html5, HTML5 Vidéo

    To insert the video tags in your pages of muse, you can use the option "object-> Insert HTML code.

    Because this option is not available in Muse, out of the box, I would recommend that you post it on our ideas here,, and let our team of devs know this requirement.

    - Abhishek Maurya

  • I would like to know how to transfer a book bought in the shop of apple for my kobo ereader

    I would like to know how to transfer a book bought in the shop of apple for my kobo ereader

    It is not possible.  It says on each purchase page in the ibookstore what to read a book, and you will not find here of Kobo.   You must purchase your Kobo tips this ereader.   Is there an app to read stuff from Kobo on your Mac (but no application to read stuff from apple on other types of machines).

  • How to transfer video from iphone to pc 5s

    How to transfer video [~ 45 MB] iphone 5S for pc

    You might find this link useful:

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer - Apple support >

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    How can I save my picture for the web and devices?

    I can't find the option when I want to save the image

    Hi jacquelineb,

    What version of Photoshop are you using?

    If you are using the latest version of CC, please consult export images Adobe Photoshop for mobile and web. Tutorials Photoshop Adobe CC

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


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    I can give you a few examples of web services in ODI, perhaps that you find them useful?
    Try: -.

    See you soon


  • How to block all the videos and ads on all the site as how it is when it shows the gray screen when the flash player needs to be updated

    Hi there please help me. I didn't have this problem until two days ago when the browser updated itself. I have the youtube video downloader add on and always use it. I'm on a data plan and it used to block videos and add ads which I like, but now is not because of the update, I came back to the old version, but it did not help and I downloaded the flash but block it does not work. It makes the slow loading of pages and uses a large amount of data that I tried many things like all the plugins of switching to add it on the menu to activate ever and it doesn't quite work. Before it used to show the gray screen, where it says "the flash player is out of date" on videos and commercials, but he does not do this because of the update so please help me to do it again.

    I solved. On the firefox support page they will give you information about the HTML5 player and they say there that firefox uses it only 38 version before so I'm 36 version and it worked in blocking it as before.

    So its all sort and if everyone wants to do the same thing go to and all previous versions will be there.

  • How to download MicrosoftFixit50202.msi of the flash player for my not more long computer work - error 0 x 80070002

    How to download MicrosoftFixit50202.msi of the flash player for my not more long computer work - error 0 x 80070002.   I found the site for download fixit, but I have no desktop feature other than the startup repair options.  I thot I could download fixit from my flash drive solution, but I can't find a command prompt to access.  It is the only page from command prompt I can find... I'm in x:\windows\system32\cmd.exe trying to find the good order for my location flashdrive G:

    I used to go G and get G but it says only that go and get are not internal or external commands and not an executable program or batch file

    HELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!   Thank you!

    x:\ I do not think it is a 'valid' for what you intend. I used a 2nd computer and the original disk, I don't remember tho if I used windows file transfer or just copy, but I had the disc copied to the flash drive and reinstalled windows 7. I have still no working dvd rom (x 2) they open and close (sometimes), but the drivers need to be mounted to something incomplete. repair is absent as well. some other problems too but its been executed in this way for months (apx5). here and there, I get an email from answers, that's how I arived here really (enroute) hope this helps (a bit)

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    With the help of Windows 10, not all pdf documents launch Adobe Reader DC.  As a result, I have not all normally available printing options.  How can I get Reader to open the default player.  I need to clear, step-by-step instructions, please.  Thank you


    Please visit the following link to set the reader as default PDF reader.

    Restoration of Adobe Acrobat Reader in the default PDF Viewer


    Sukrit diallo

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