How to treat the points when they are just above the other?

I was fiddling around with the trace function and create outlines of text. For some reason any sometimes I'll end with two points that overlap each other and no way to get rid of one or the other. How the hell can I clean this up? I know I can do something like simplify to reduce points on an object, but it goes beyond the necessary adjustment to remove one troubling point.

Even when you zoom in as far as possible I can't to select one point on the other because they are in the same place.

Also if you want to do this manually the negative of anchor point tool, which is part of the toolset of feather pen icon with the sign less will allow you to remove the top. Also, if you click on the anchor point with the direct Selection tool, and then press DELETE it should remove just an anchor.

But Concatenate could do this as a difficulty.

you will find it useful.

Tags: Illustrator

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