How to turn on a wireless network card on a Satellite 3000 514 without hardware switch?

I have a 3000-514 Satellite. This laptop has an internal mini PCI slot. Recently, I bought an Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG wireless mini PCI card.

The drivers have been installed correctly. The computer has detected the card and the condition of the equipment indicates that the device is functioning properly. However, a message appears indicating that the radio is turned off and must be turned on by the switch hardware. It seems not to be possible to activate the card without the switch...

See the corresponding page in the Intel support:

Now, the problem is that the laptop Satellite 3000 514 has quite such a material change.

Does anyone have an idea what to do?


If the switch is not available then it of not possible to pass the card ;(
It seems that the camera is not minPCI scalable WLan!

In this case, he must use an external solution such as a USB WiFi key or card PCMCIA WLan

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    first - sorry for my English. I have toshiba P20 S203 (I know - old hardware).
    I read a few descriptions on this computer and I know that the model probably have wifi. I see on the left side of my laptop, but don't see it Win Xp Pro Sp2.
    How to turn on and connect to my lan wirreless?

    again sorry for my English...


    As mentioned the laptop has no installed wireless network card, but you can improve with one compatible.
    The minPCI card has two cables; Brown and white.
    Usually the white cable be connected to the hand and Brown to the

  • Satellite A30-104: WLan not available - I turn on the wireless network card

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A30-104 with an inprocomm ipn2220 built in wireless card. The problem I'm having is that when I get a network says its not available and asks me to turn it on.

    The driver is installed for the card, the switch for the wireless is set on you and I pressed FN & F8 and yet led remains off and nothing happens.
    I watched autour and seen that some people cover the terminals 11 and 13 and it works but not too sure.

    I also should this problem with a new card or is there a way to fix this?

    Any help much appreciated.


    I guess that you upgraded the wireless lan card later, didn t you? I know that 11 + 13 pins hint and it worked, but after awhile the card did not and the connection quality was so poor that I bought a card atheros on ebay and this card works really well. So I suggest that you are looking for a card atheros on ebay and to install such card in your system since the cards are known to work properly in the toshiba machines.

    My configuration: Tecra 9100 with P4M and Atheros 5005 G MiniPCI card

    Welcome them

  • Wireless network card cannot be turned on

    I have a Gateway t-6330u that I recently had to reformat the hard drive and when Vista was reinstalled the driver for the wireless network adapter was missing. I downloaded the correct driver for it, but now Windows fails to activate the wireless network card. The hardware switch is turned on, but in the windows Mobility Center, it won't let me turn on the wireless network card. I tried to repair it with the windows network diagnostics, but it is also unable to turn on wireless networks. Then he told me he tried a repair but the problem persists. After trying a few times he gives up and tells me to contact my network administrator. Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi adht450,

    This problem can occur because of an older version of the driver that you need to update.

    Click Start> type in Device Manager in the start search > expand NICs in Device Manager > right click of network card > click Properties> click on Driver tab > click on update drivers> click OK.

    You can view the following link to update the drivers: ' t-work correctly

    You may need to look into the security WPA and WPA2 keys, you will probably need to change this.

    For more information, you can consult the following link:

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How to upgrade the wireless network card in Windows Vista


    Please how can I update the wireless network card?

    Thanks for the help


    I suggest you try the steps from the following link to update the wireless network card drivers.

    a. right click on the Start button and click on Device Manager.
    b. display all devices on one.
    c. right-click on the WLAN driver and click on Update.

    Display us the results, once you try the steps above.

  • Satellite L510 - how to install the driver for wireless network card?


    I recently bought Toshiba Satellite L510 laptop and problem in the installation of the wireless driver. I downloaded the driver from Toshiba sites.
    And installation get competed with success but it always ask for divers 'Network controller' and 'Askey for Toshiba.
    I'm trying different drivers of these last two days, but without success.

    Can someone Guild me please how to configure computer L510 laptop wireless. Also where can I get the drivers mentioned above.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi mate,

    I m asking you to install the WLAN driver on your laptop computer purchased recently. Normally all the stuff is already preinstalled the operating system with all the drivers and tools. He s ready to use.

    However, what you mean exactly with her always ask for divers to Askey Toshiba network controller?

    Your wireless network card is listed in the Manager device correctly or yellow exclamation? What WLAN card you have?

  • Satellite L500 - can not turn on the new wireless network card

    I have little problem with client model T. Satellite l500-1ek. I change orginal at BCM94321MC wifi wifi card mini pci card (rev 6). Card works well - everything is ok - driver installed ok.
    But I can not turn on wifi with FN + f8 key - Windows.

    This isn't a software issue - this button should work before starting any kind of system, but do not work. I tried everything, including the update of the BIOS. Card works correctly, but can not turn on wifi: (.)
    Can anyone provide another solution than to change the map?

    I have reinstaled value-added package and Flash utility support card - fn Panel works but buton f8 disappeared.
    I tested with another card from mnipcie and have same problem - can not turn on wifi - fn + f8 does not work

    Post edited by: Ipcur

    Hi Ipcur,

    Why you traded with another wireless network card model?

    He works with the wireless network card preinstalled Toshiba?

  • My wireless network card is disabled, and I don't know how to activate it.

    My wireless network card is disabled, and I don't know how to activate it. I have a laptop HP Pavilion Dv9000, which originally had Vista but I installed XP Professional on it. According to Wefi all I had to do is click Start and then click on connect to and right-click on wireless connection and click Activate. My problem is when I click on start... There is no connect to click the button. Anyone know where I can find my connect button?  Thank you!!


    Try changing your preferences in the start menu.

    Click with the right button on the task bar > select Properties > start menu tab > and make sure that this Start Menu, menu classic start no is selected. Then check to connect to.

    Or, go to control panel > network connections. Find your wi - fi adapter and right click, select Enable.

  • If the Office don't not have a wireless network card, how can I go on installation/download/that it is better to get?

    I installed a router (Cisco Linksys Wireless - N GigabitRouter) wireless to my laptop and now I'm trying to connect a desktop (Windows Vista) computer to the network, but he tells me that he doesn't have a wireless network card. How should I do to install a / if can be downloaded, where? and what is the best?

    You must either install a wireless card to the desktop or to get a wireless adapter that fits into a USB port. Here are the Linksys products, you could use

    If the office is reasonably close to the router and you can connect a cable to it, wired Ethernet would be less of a hassle.

  • Satellite A100-529: How can I enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all!

    I'm new here, but I want to know how can I activate the wireless network device. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-529 keyboard is a Fn key that must be pressed with the F8 key to turn on the wireless network device. I did, but it does not work.

    What can I do to turn on my wireless device?
    Thank you!

    You are right. The FN + F8 key combination should be used to switch to the WLan card.

    But look, man. Have you checked if your laptop supports wireless network card?
    I think it does not support the minPCI wireless network card and the card does not exist!

    That's why the WLan card cannot be activated :) you know ;)

  • My wireless network card does not work! (Computer HP laptop, 2000;) Win7 Home Premium 64-bit)

    All of a sudden out of no where my wireless network card screwed! I now use a straight-through Ethernet cable. I have no idea how to solve this problem! If it's just a software thing, then whatever, but I will have to consider to Best Buy or what?

    (1) did you check that you have not turned off accidentally any possible hardware switch?

    (2) have you checked that the correct drivers are installed?

    (to benefit other readers, this is a clean install after major problems from the use of registry cleaners and bad advice)

  • Satellite Pro A40 fell on the wireless network card; Damaged PCMCIA slot

    This morning my Satellite Pro A40 (Celeron 2.6) fell 40 cm. He fell right on the wireless network card that has been inserted. This card is still alive and so is the rest of the laptop, but the PCMCIA location is little damaged. I can insert PC cards almost completely, just the last piece (when the pins are) wrong.

    I removed the cover near the CPU, and there, I could see the inside PCMCIA slot; I could see the main part and the last part where the pins are. That little part as is pushed upward, as you can see in the pictures.

    I think I'd be able to fix myself this PCMCIA slot, but I can't remove it. I removed all the screws on the rear plate, but he is still blocked.


    PCMCIA slot

    The PCMCIA location; on the left, you will see the part with the pins, which is pushed upward. It's also what I see when I look at the pins in the PCMCIA slot. as they are pushed down, but I don't think they are folded.

    Wireless network card

    Wireless network card; It is a little damaged but it still works.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can remove the back plate, or another way to remove the PCMCIA slot and fix it?

    Hi Steve

    Well, I can give t well you not answer how you can just remove the PCMCIA slot.
    There are a lot of screws and to my knowledge, it is necessary to remove all covers and screws that are placed at the bottom of the unit and inside under the keyboard.
    Please check this specific device. Perhaps you have overlooked a few screws.

    But if it is impossible to remove the PCMCIA slot of the unit, I recommend to ask the service partner for a detailed instruction.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • I don't know what wireless network card driver to install for Satellite A200


    Im trying to install the adapter wireless by Satellite A200 (PSAE0E) and can not make it work.
    The website offers different drivers and says that I have to click on "How to identify my wireless network card driver", but that the document does not exist.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    According to the specifications of the laptop your Satellite has Atheros AR5006EX wireless network adapter.
    Download from

    Just choose the right operating system.

  • Satellite A300D-11v - wireless network card does not work under Win XP

    I ve problem. I'm looking everywhere and I don t know what s happened.
    I installed XP and I ve problem with WLAN. Before I've used Vista and was ok :)
    I got the driver for RTL8187b of Conn = 5 & DownTypeID = 3 & GetDown = false & downloads = true #R TL8187B
    and I tried the official website of Toshiba.

    In Device Manager, everything is ok, but I can't connect.
    This n t work:
    "The wireless network card is Atheros and not Realtek! The LAN card is Realtek but not the wireless network card!
    The Atheros driver can be found here:

    Can someone write me step by step how this fix.

    Please help me and sorry for my English :)

    > Also may try to reinstall the drivers that appear in this web site, appear here the Atheros drivers your need of portable.

    Your computer laptop doesn t support card Atheros, but card Realtek WLan.

    > In Device Manager, everything is ok, but I can't connect.
    As you say the WLan card is recognized correctly, but you can't connect.

    I m do not know why, but you should check first if your WLan router uses the same standard WLan (802.11 A, B or G) as the WLan card.
    Check the settings!

    Then check if the right WLan encryption has been selected, check if the Mac address was not enabled, check if the firewall doesn t affect the WLan connectivity.

  • Qosmio X 500 - wireless network card is not recognized

    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem really frustrating with my WI - FI, the thing is that since this morning, my PC can't recognize his wireless network card and it isn't same state that there is a problem with her or anything, it's just like it never existed in the first place! Also the wireless light is still disabled, even if the switch is turned on, it all started this morning, my PC was in mode 'sleep', I lift the screen and the screen goes black with a loud beep and it restarts automatically, so no WI - FI more!

    I tried to restore about three days, but nothing has changed, so I tried to reinstall the driver wlan everywhere, but the installation does not start even, as if he says 'there is no card wlan here for a driver to install... "
    I'm sorry for the long 'report', but really, I'm out of my mind! Help, please!

    Can you please tell us more about status of WLAN card?
    Card WLAN recognized and listed correctly in the Device Manager?

    Make sure that the WLAN switch is in position and try to use the FN + F8 key combination to activate the wireless network card. What happen when you try to do this?

Maybe you are looking for