How to uninstall Microsoft Silver light so I can watch a movie from netflix?

It is as a loop, a support page to another, I can't at the end a solution, whenever I will uninstall, it won't allow him, send me in support of page that runs in a loop, really...


1. what exactly is the problem that you are facing on the computer?

2. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the full and exact error message?

3. what version of Silverlight is installed on the computer?

3. what operating system is installed on the computer?

4. what happens when you watch movies on Netflix?

Method 1:

I suggest to consult the article and try to uninstall the program:

Diagnose and solve the program installation and uninstallation problems automatically

Method 2:

I suggest you to return the item and check if it helps:

Uninstall previous versions of Silverlight on Windows

If the problem is not resolved, please provide more information to help you best.

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    Usually, you should be able to remove applications in Windows Vista-> software settings.

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    Go to the Panel of control-> Add / Remove Programs find the office, then uninstall it.

    If there will be any problems with it please read this solution from microsoft.

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    It would be prudent to remove entries from the registry and the values for Purble Place. It doesn't hurt also to them to leave because they don't refer to any program since you already have you have already uninstalled the software.

    I hope this helps answer your question.

    Thank you

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    Try to uninstall Office free trial

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    I downloaded intunemp3 to get music, but it did not work properly so I tried to uninstall the product and all I get is (error windows cannot install acsess, this can happen if the installation program has not been installed correctly) and as it happened I met other problems which I think may be related to the first problem. When I use my system tools to defragment files, it only that Flash and never starts, when I try to download windows updates they fail.even when I try to run a security scan the sas error McAfee has encountered a problem please click Home and try again. can any body out there help me out?

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    Try to do a system restore: click on start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, System Restore.  Then choose the restore point from when itunes tried to install.  If this does not work, let me know and I can give you another way to do it.

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    In Windows 8. Delete is dimmed

    And yes the link delete right is grey. Use the top of the page:

    Search for "change of input methods.

    In the settings-> "change of input methods:

    On the tab bar, to the right of 'Add language', there is a tab/button 'delete '.

    This will remove the entire language support.  What we want is simply to remove the only input method.

    I installed the additional language support as a language uses Unicode for their shell installation.  Thus, without the support of the language, we're going totally blind.

    But what considered typical Hubris Microsoft, Microsoft does not allow to remove one input method.  Most of the people use a 3rd party input method which is much more superior than Microsoft.  More than one actually is an argument.

    Is there something in the registry that can be forcebly get rid of it?

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    Hello.  It seems to be a registry error that is introduced.  Message «...»  Unregistered class ".
    All my video files are .wmv. WMM was very good before installing Nero 10 Multimedia Suite.
    Under XP. SP3.
    Many frustrating and useless to work already done.
    WMM is not in the 'Add Remove Programs', or the elements of Windows in the control panel.
    Thank you - in a way to peace of mind!

    Well... OK... but we have no way of knowing what you've already tried.

    The articles explain how to reinstall Movie Maker 2.1. Perhaps it would be
    be worth a try to reinstall Win XP SP3.

    Uninstall of Nero or do a system restore to a time before you
    installed, it may be worth trying. I'm guessing that he installed some filters
    This Movie Maker is not compatible with.

    Did you try to uncheck all filters and/or by clicking Restore all
    Default button?

    Not sure about your reference to Windows 7... I thought you were
    under Windows XP.

  • How to uninstall Firefox? I'm not going to use software from a company that is discriminatory.

    No additional details not required


    To uninstall Firefox please see Uninstall Firefox on your computer

    Thank you.

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