How to uninstall or disable MSN messenger from poping up place in Windows XP?

Please please advise how can I uninstall or disable MSN messenger from poping up place in Windows XP?
I tried to type "RunDll32 LaunchINFSection % windir%INFmsmsgs.inf,BLC. Delete '.
Remove the 'hide' msmsgs = msgrocm.dll, OcEntry, msmsgs.inf, 7 «»
It is always invain.
Thank you.

Please please advise how can I uninstall or disable MSN messenger from poping up place in Windows XP?
I tried to type "RunDll32 LaunchINFSection % windir%INFmsmsgs.inf,BLC. Delete '.
Remove the 'hide' msmsgs = msgrocm.dll, OcEntry, msmsgs.inf, 7 «»
It is always invain.
Thank you.

Have you encountered this?

or windows R key and type msconfig and go to the Startup tab and remove messenger from there...

To completely remove follow

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    I thought about it myself, and it can be done. But thanks for trying.

    I'd be interested too... I have Win7 - and the new version is a pain! What happened to multi-tasking?

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    Kind regards.


    Please see the following article for help on how to disable the creative cloud.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards

    Sumit Singh

  • How to uninstall all updates previously installed from Windows Update in a single shot?


    After recently using the freshly installed Windows 7 computer, we have to customize and set up the computer according to the administrative definitions according to the access controls. After inspired to emphasize on enabling automatic installation of Windows updates, all seemed well until the update process had actually initiated. but the latest saw a dull experience with infrequent and unrecognized system breakdowns.

    So, we decided to perform a full update of windows after realizing that they are guilty of the devastation.

    given that it is not possible to uninstall a bazillion updates manually and cumulatively, I have to rely on an automatic programmed script stressed to uninstall these updates in the order until the end (thereby restoring debut)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Awesome... Thanks dude.

    Some of the information do not show upward in your post, but I was able to understand.

    1. The list of updates:

      WMIC qfe get hotfixid > c:\list.txt
      (This you will get a list of all the updates that are currently installed.)
    2. Open C:\list.txt in Notepad. (Remove the first line, it's just the title)
    3. Generate the uninstall script:
      for /f %i in ('type c:\list.txt') do echo wusa /uninstall /kb:%i /quiet /norestart >> c:\uninstall.cmd
    4. Go to Edition > replace and set the following field values: (replace CTRL + H, "/ kb:KB" " with" / KB: "")
    5. Run the script that results.
    6. Restart the node.

    NOTE: This is what should look like the syntax after you change with CTRL + H.

    WUSA / uninstall /KB:981391/quiet /norestart

  • How d o I disable 2 steps from my old phone number? So I can't enter my Google account?

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    Hello 1cherylcarrasquillo, this is a question where we as support for the mozilla firefox browser cannot be a great help. Please contact google support instead to find out what options there are to recover your account.

    Thank you for your understanding!

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    An automatic Windows Update installed a box of "Desktop Search" in my taskbar.  I don't want it and want to get rid of because I'm not sure what it does. It is more useful than the beginning > function on my computer, or the search box on the web browsers of research?

    If you want to remove Search 4.0 after installing, go to add/remove programs, look for "Windows Search x.x" (where x.x is the version that you have installed, the current version is 4.0). Next time you run Windows Update, remember to check the box to hide this update, so he does not try to install it again. If you use and outlook to search your email, or it will prove useful.  Or right click on the search icon in your taskbar and click help to learn more about Search 4.0.

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