How to uninstall Oracle 11 g database Options?

I encountered a problem. A company that has developed an installed Oracle 11 g EE application.

I guess they would use all the default options. Some of them are allowed separately and are not used. So I need to uninstall them.

For example, I see that it is installed 'Advanced Compression'. I tried to uninstall it from the Universal Installer, but it is not an option.

In Oracle 11 g you cannot uninstall options by running the runInstaller as you could in previous versions.

Regarding specific advanced compression, the answer is: you cannot uninstall. Discover * can the Advanced Compression Option (ACO) be disabled or uninstalled? [1459216.1 ID]. *

See MOS for all other options that you can uninstall as there may be a way to do it.

For example: * how to remove the Option of extracting data from the database [297551.1 ID] *.

Another option is to re - install the Oracle Home, using the custom install and not to install some options do not require you. Advanced compression is not one of them but the partitioning and security label are among others.

If you do not use the feature. It shouldn't be a problem really.

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    Im running the deinstall.bat that is located on:

    then in the command window, I get this message:
    Specify all headphones single instance that must be configured out [LISTENING]:

    What should I enter here?
    What is an auditor?

    Thank you...

    Generally, the default value (BACKSPACE) is correct.

    The listener is the network feature which helps you connect. He listens to new connection attempts.

    I like to think it's a traffic COP that allows a connection, but has nothing to do with later.

    The listener is a named process that is running on the Oracle server, waiting for requests from the client to connect to the Instance.

    The listener does not normally handle connections once the original request was made. The listen listen on a default port is 1521.

    Best regards


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    You must uninstall oracle 10g by

    1.Oracle Universal Installer from Start menu

    2. Run regedit.exe and delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE key.

      This contains registry entries for all Oracle products.

    3 make sure that he didn't there no service oracle left behind in the services Panel

    4 restart your computer

    5.Delete the "C:\Oracle" directory, or the oracle_base directory on which you had installed oracle 10g



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    Check the docs - removing the Oracle database software

  • How to uninstall oracle 10g?

    It is not uninstall section? so, how can I uninstall?

    Thank you


    Run the Setup program to Oracle, then the other to the opening screen, you will be able to see the installed product. Choose the product the product installed and click on uninstall. On unix, it is very easy to uninstall the product by removing the directory $ORACLE_HOME.

    I don't know what is your platform.


    Published by: skvaish1 on January 27, 2010 15:32

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    There is some information about the authentication proxy Oracle here,

    Use EVP would be very similar.


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    Kart wrote:
    Hi all

    I want to remove the logo oracle from the dashboard page... I know this might be somewhere in the xml file... I don't want to remove the jpeg file but I want to just turn it off in the level of the xml files...

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    Well, change the name of the file in the directory containing the images of the dashboard of Oracle to name as copy of oracle.jpg

    and put the image that is transparent or just a dummy image and name it exactly like the previous
    for example: dummy.jpg-online oracle.jpg

    Thank you

  • How to uninstall windows7?

    OT: uninstall windows

    How to uninstall windows7?

    Two options:

    (1) to format the hard drive or partitions (System and Windows C :) where Windows is installed.

    Partition Wizard Home Edition (free):
    Note: There is also a CD bootable or versions of the bootable Flash drive:
    Flash player:
    Among the features and functions: create partition, Delete partition, format partition,.
    A partition resize, move partitions, Partition recovery after an accidental deletion,
    Convert the partition, partition Explore, Hide partition, disk surface test.
    Change the drive letter, a partition active Set, Explorer (content display) of the partition.
    Note: To achieve any task using the "Operations pending" box at the bottom or top left.

    GParted (free):
    GParted is a publisher of FREE partition that allows you to shrink and change other operating system partitions Windows and Linux.
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    With GParted to resize your Partition Vista or Windows 7:

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    It allows users to resize/move Partition, drive system extend, copy Disk & Partition, Partition merge, Split Partition, redistribute free space, convert dynamic disk, convert disk GPT on the MBR, Partition Recovery and much more.

    (2) keep the windows, but disable as follows:

    Open a prompt (run as administrator) and quick entry: slmgr - upk

    This removes the product key (free to use the key on another PC) and becomes Windows evaluation mode.

    J W Stuart:

  • Uninstalling Oracle RAC 11 g 2 GI and database software

    I currently manage multiple 11 GR 2 RAC clusters, all hosted on IBM AIX 6.1 pSeries servers. I need to downgrade a RAC cluster so that the material can be reused for a different use.

    I read "RAC Installation Guide for Linux and Unix", specifically Chapter 8 in the documentation. This document mentions using the deinstall tool provided with the software, but I've never used this before utility.

    I would like to know what experience others have had usinging this tool, and if I have to use DBCA first remove the database hosted by the cluster. Are there "potholes" or bugs known during the use of this utility?

    Thanks in advance for any answers. I appreciate the assistance provided by the community.


    First remove the database and run uninstall later. Enjoy reading this note
    -"Behavior of the utility of-install/uninstall/Uninstall Oracle 11 g 2 [ID 1363753.1]" so you can expect the behavior
    -How to uninstall/Uninstall Oracle Home in GR 11, 2 [ID 883743.1].

    It may be useful

    See you soon

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    Yes, it is done with modify_target

    emcli modify_target-name = "payroll_db" - type = "oracle_database" - Properties = "" OracleHome: / oradb "-on_agent"

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    No further details or a more specific question, I can only refer you to mount and use generic information:

    If you are not sure of how to formulate the questions you need answered, see: How to ask Questions The Smart Way

  • How to install Oracle Database Audit Vault

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    any useful link would be useful

    Thank you...


    Please check: How to install Oracle Database Audit Vault - Yahoo video search results

    Thank you

  • How to uninstall adobe reader software?  Request a free 30-day trial and screen appears with bundles of optional fees

    Cannot uninstall or get the free option of 30 days.  Keep getting requests from CNET Download.  Is this related to adobe reader.

    Sorry for the confusion. There are two products.

    Adobe Acrobat DC (paid)

    Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free)

    You say that you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free. It's good but there is no trial for this since it's free. Adobe Acrobat DC has a trial. You don't want that one.

    Then, you have Acrobat Reader DC and it works correctly?

    If you don't have it get on the Adobe site (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions) so you want to delete what you have installed and get from Adobe.

  • To uninstall Oracle 11 g R2 Linux 6.6

    Dear forum helping!

    I have oracle 11g r2 installed on Linux 6.6 on VMworkstation 11.0.0 build-2305329

    initially do you less space when installing database, he gave me the low error disk volumes

    It will not be able to install the database configuration wizard

    Cancel or ignore

    I should have an abortion, but I chose to ignore that was my mistake

    Later I have a free memory

    Now I want to uninstall oracle 11 g linux 2

    found the link

    Can anyone tell

    using the. / deintsall

    I will be a loser

    (1) groups and users.

    (2) clean the oracle directory

    (3) you will need to reconfigure


    / etc/oratab


    As I have not installed the wizard of the Oracle Configuration

    (which was my mistake)

    is the the right option to run. / Uninstall

    When it fails to install Oracle it can leave ghost process behind that will avoid a re-installation. You have not specified a what you have exactly, but usually, it will be sufficient if you remove Oracle software as root, restart the system and try again:

    For example:

    # rm - rf/U01/U02 /u03

    # f/etc/oratab rm

    # rm f /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc

    # rm f/usr/local/bin/dbstart/usr/local/bin/dbshut

    # shutdown - r now

    There may be several files, which I do not remember all of the memory and it depends on what you have installed, for example, ASM, but I think that should do the trick for you to reinstall the software.

  • FMW: Portal Upgrade Advisor - review of videos on "how to install Oracle Middleware 11 g Rel 1 portal and explorers.

    Configuration - upgrade the test system - 'build base Middleware of Oracle 11g Architecture'
    Review of the videos for "How to install Oracle 11g Rel 1 portal Middleware and discoverer?"

    Part 3 installation of the basic Oracle Home (10:40) & type = ATT & ID = 1118681.1:PD11G_INSTALL_PT3 & inline = 1

    RE: NOTES: so it seems that do us step 4 [update software/binary in the ORACLE_HOMEs] here
    instead of step 3 [install but do not configure Oracle Identity Management] starting from
    'Build base Middleware of Oracle 11g Architecture'.
    Maybe suggest to change the documentation in MOS Advisor upgrade,
    to remove step 3 until after the upgrade the binaries and install patches 11g group.
    Or change this 3/4 part to talk to install IDM.

    Part 4 patch the Oracle home (04:57) & type = ATT & ID = 1118681.1:PD11G_INSTALL_PT4 & inline = 1

    RE: NOTE: it looks like a typo/read error on the page that says "necessary to run the Wizard Patch (PSA) Set?"
    There, it says '... If the Group of hotfixes version UCR has been used, no action is required. "I think that it should
    say «...» If the Group of hotfixes RCU version was NOT used, no action is required. »

    Part 5 running the Configuration Wizard (08:50) & type = ATT & ID = 1118681.1:PD11G_INSTALL_PT5 & inline = 1

    Specify the Application FOR page/section: you must specify OID information for installation of the portal.
    If you do not wish to integrate oracle descoverer services and do not want single sign - on, uncheck the box.
    RE: NOTICE: verbal instructions on this boy, are confused.    Instructions on where to get information from the OID would be useful
    here. in addition, the instructions show that if you have specified use of discoverer, a check box is displayed and check
    That's if you want to use the SSO on.   A blurb on what if you did NOT specify discoverer would be appropriate here.
    Or something about this discoverer is and if it comes by default with the installation.

    First, as discussed in another thread, I plan to reformulate the wording of this step... so thanks again for your comments.

    Note on this question / comment

    "To understand at the time where we upgrade repository portal.  In my opinion, who runs the configuration wizard PFRD is that fact for us.  I will go through the video.    And me who runs the IDM upgrades OID configuration wizard. »

    PFRD Configuration Wizard does not upgrades the repository of the portal, it creates just a portal 11g AS Instance against the repository Portal 10g's existing. The Upgrade Wizard upgrades site two-step

    1 put Update Wizard (option "upgrade intermediate level Instance") upgrades 11 g base instance configuration so that it matches the source portal AS10g instance configuration

    2 Upgrade Wizard (option "Upgrade the repository in metadata schemas") upgrades the repository Portal 10 g.

    It's a similar story for instant messaging, only the IM Upgrade Wizard upgrades the configuration file system and the GI database schemas in a go (IE there is no upgrade wizard option separated to "Upgrade the repository in metadata schemas")

    I think that the Viewlet created the PFRD and IDM Upgrade Guides whether clear.

Maybe you are looking for