Hi, Im running windows vista Home premium with IE 9 on 64-bit for now, nobody knows if there is a download free windows 7 available to try to improve my system from vista to windows 7? Thank you.



There is no free upgrade to Windows 7.

There was a special offer to do years back. but this offer has expired for a long time.

And Microsoft sells more than Windows 7.


Before purchasing Windows 7, follow these steps:

Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop.

If this is not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

"Windows 7 system requirements"

"Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:

Windows 7 upgrade paths: (v = ws.10) .aspx

«Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7»

See you soon.

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