How to upgrade RAM memory?

It comes to my specifications specifications:

ASUS - X450CC double hearts 2117U

-2 GB RAM / HDD500Gb

-GPU Gforce GT720M

-Windows: Win 7 64-bit Home Basic SP1 OEM original its license (updated)

(I used the new Asus X450CC driver for Win 7 update of 2014)

My request:

-Can I upgrade RAM memory with the addition of 8 GB of RAM? and how much RAM can be read by the system?

(Before, thanks for the reply...)


No, you can up to 8 GB of RAM as follows: 4 + 4 GB is if you can increase the initial 2GB in slot 1 to 4 GB, and then add an another 4 GB.

I suggest you also contact ASUS Technical Support:

J W Stuart:

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  • HP 255 G4 Notebook PC: How to upgrade RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB on laptop HP 255 G4

    I would like to know how to upgrade my RAM 8 GB on my laptop HP 255 G4.



    See page 44 for "how-to".

    Add one of them:

    4 GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600 MHz) 691740-005 & qid = 1466629940 & SR = 8-1 & Keywords = 691740-005

    That will take you from 4 to 8 GB. Technically, this procedure will be to endanger the guarantee, but it is not terribly hard to do. Remove the bottom cover and the locations of memory are there. If you choose to move forward and to do so, be careful and closely follow the manual because there are a lot of screws.

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  • Satellite Pro 4600 - how to extend RAM memory

    I want to increase the RAM in my old Satellite Pro 4600.

    -Someone could advise me which of the (actually existing) types of RAM cards are suitable?
    -The laptop has a maximum memory limit, or I can go up to 1 GB (for example)?

    Thank you.

    Of course, there are some limitations to upgrade!
    You can upgrade the memory on this laptop to max 512 MB (2 x256MB)!

    You can use PC133 144 pin SODIMM as mentioned modules [here: |]

    Memory locations must be placed at the bottom of the unit.

    -Turn the computer
    -remove the screws which fix the plug memory module cover
    -slide you finger under the hood a lift it off.
    -mount the fittings of modules in connectors of computers at a 45 degree angle, then press the modules carefully to ensure a good contact
    -push the module down so it lies flat. Locks on each side will engage in the place to fix the module.

    All that... easy s ;)

  • How check installed RAM memory and check the amount of memory RAM is consumed

    Original title: RAM used

    Is there a way I can check not just the RAM installed but used the rest of the memory used please what are the steps on the computer?

    Thank you


    If I understand correctly you want to know how to check how much RAM is installed on your computer, as well as the way you want to check the amount of RAM memory is consumed by the computer. I will certainly help you with information.

    To check the amount of RAM installed, I suggest you follow the steps:

    • Click Start.
    • Right-click on computer and select Properties.
    • In the window system, under System properties, see installed memory (RAM) to the memory installed on your computer.

    To check the memory consumed by each program you can check by following the steps below:

    1. Open the Task Manager.
    2. On the performance tab, click on Resource Monitor.
    3. Under the resource monitor , you should be able to see the memory consumed by each program.

    To check the memory usage, see at the bottom of the Task Manager in the status bar where it says physical memory: xx %

    Hope the above information helps. Please keep us updated with the status of the issue to help you further.

  • Pavilion g6-2330ee: upgrading Ram memory

    Hi all

    I want to improve my Pavilion g6-2330ee ram memory. It works now with 8 GB of ram (4 GB X 2 Slots).

    What the maximum RAM I can? I can't ram 32 GB (16 GB X 2 Slots)?

    I thank you all.


    8Gig amx.

    Supports the following configurations up to 8 GB:

    ● 8192 MB total memory (4096 × 2) (no support for 32 bit OS)

    ● 6144 MB total memory (4096 × 1 + 2 048 × 1) (no support for 32 bit OS)

    ● 4096 MB total memory (4096 × 2 048 or 1 × 2)

    Total system memory of ● 2048 MB (2 048 × 1).

    Your Service Guide here.


  • Satellite L50 - A - 16 G - how to upgrade RAM?

    I have a Satellite L50 a 16G with 4 GB of RAM and I would like to move to 8 GB, but I don't know what memories are compatible with my PC.
    I tried to present that the serial number on the Support from Toshiba page but tells me that is not valid, as the Auto Detect tool is unable to detect my device and if I get the model in the list is not?
    How can I get information on my PC?

    According to specification for laptop, your laptop can be upgraded up to 16 GB. Modules memory compatible RAM for your laptop are:

    4 GB DDR3-1600-PA5037U-1M4G
    8 GB DDR3-1600-PA5037U-1M8G

    In the lower corner of your laptop, you will find the cover of RAM. Remove it and you will have full access to the RAM slots.

    Do you know how to remove/make up RAM modules?

  • 17 - e110dx how to upgrade ram?

    How can I go about upgrading the ram in my HP Pavilion 17-e110dx? I would like to move to 8 GB and would like to know what type of ram to buy. A link would be appreciated.


    Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop.

    Chapter 1 page 6 provides information to upgrade memory.

    Make sure you get the PC3L-12800 (DD3L-1600) memory modules.  The L stands for low voltage.

  • How to upgrade video memory on Satellite L40 - 17R?

    I have laptop Toshiba Satellite L40 - 17R with 2 GB RAM and I want to upgade my video memory: 256 MB Max (384MB). How can I do this?

    Unfortunately you can not upgrade you RAM physically as your video RAM is just shared memory.

    You can try to increase the amount of RAM in the BIOS because the video RAM should be a shared memory. If you can't find some options in the BIOS, that allows to increase the amount of video RAM, then you won´t be able to update...

    To learn more about shared memory, please see the following site:

    I must also tell you that even if you would be able to increase the amount of graphics memory shared, it won´t affect performance not really since the system RAM is slower then a sort of RAM dedicated.

    Welcome them

  • How to upgrade RAM for Satellite Pro 4300 Series

    I own toshiba satellite pro 4300. He now has 128 MB of RAM.
    As it becomes very slow, I want to improve it with additional 128 MB.
    The problem is, I'm not an expert in this stuff and don't know how to do it. I have a friend gave me the extra RAM, but as I have lost the user manual, I don't know exactly how to do the upgrade.
    I will be grateful if someone can help me. Please consider me as a "dummy" in the explanation. :-(



    As Lucky said already support memory Expansion can be found in the lower corner of your laptop and it is fixed with two screws. I hope you have the module that is compatible with this unit.

    I found the info that Ram module with the PA3005U part number is good.

    Good bye

  • How to upgrade RAM

    Hi, I want to upgrade my RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB, but I have no idea what type of RAM to buy. The only information I can get on my laptop is that it's a pavilion g6 but I don't know exactly what model it is. I went to HP support and who does not. I tried to put the product on the HP site, but which tells me either. And because I don't know what version of the g6 I, I can't even find information on the HP site... cracking up haha. Help please, someone at - it suggestions as to how I learn more in detail on my laptop?

    Thanks in advance.


    We should be able to help figure this quite easy. There are two ways. You can choose the one you want - or both.

    1. turn on your PC and on the sticker with the serial number, type the number of the product in the box below.

    What is model ID G6 you have and you will be linked to the support page and pilot the card product, manuals, etc.

    2. download and run the Crucial memory free Scanner tool that will look on your PC and report how much and what type of memory you need.

    If you need further assistance, we will be more than happy to help you.


  • Satellite A200 - how to upgrade the memory?

    Hi, I have a Satellite A200 and want to update the memory. How would I know what to look for when buying? Thank you.


    > I have a Satellite A200 and want to update the memory. How would I know what to look for when buying?

    According to the specifications of the product a 200 series:

    You can upgrade to the top to 4 GB ddr 2 (667 MHz)

    Post, exact model you have

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  • Re: How to upgrade the memory on Equium U300-15I

    I've searched the forums and yes I found the son with Assembly instructions, but I do not have a manual for my laptop bought recently renovated.
    My problem is to determine which cover to locate the memory slots.

    I have 4 GB custom which should arrive earlier this week.

    LOL we talk about memory upgrade but how someone should know what model of laptop, you mean?

    Maybe you could provide these details?

  • Satellite A200 PSAEOE: how to upgrade the memory?

    I have a Satellite A200 PSAEOE.

    I recently bought a 2 GB memory PC2 DDR2 (667 MHz) part number: PA3513S-1M2G.

    How do I put in and I need another one of the same size as for the moment, I have 2 x 512mg inserted.

    Thanks GB


    Did you check your user manual?

    You will find a details how to insert the new memory module.

    By the way; You can mix the sizes of memory. This means that you can insert a 2 GB + 512 MB RAM

    See you soon

  • How to upgrade RAM on Satellite L300-1BW


    Agreed I would update my RAM. But I've never owned a laptop, I have been using your desktop since the first day.

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of little RAM that is compatible with my L300-1BW.

    Prefferbly 3-4GB RAM would be really decent. Thank you to

    Hi dude

    If it's your first laptop then I would recommend first read the manual of the user that is stored on the Toshiba laptop.
    I think that this should be the first step before using a device for the first time.
    I did it with my new Full HD LCD too before using it I first read the user manual.

    Why I m suggesting consulted the user manual? Its very simple.
    You will find all information s. check the extension memory of Chapter 8.

    The laptop can be upgraded up to 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) and you can use the modules of PC2-5300. If the laptop supports GL960 Express chipset then the PC2-5300 modules would go as PC2-4200 due to a lower speed of the FSB of GL960 Express chipset.

    Notes; The 32-bit Windows recognizes THAT 3.2 GB of RAM. Only 64-bit OS can handle more than 3.2 GB

    See you soon

  • Compaq Presario CQ57-104TU: upgrade Ram, memory (Ram Hynix PC3L-12800)

    Hello world

    I have a Compaq Presario CQ57-104TU. I recently decided to upgrade the ram (currently 1 x 2 GB Elpida PC3 - 10600 1333 Mhz). I bought 2 x 4 Gb Hynix HMT451S6AFR8A, PC3L-12800. Unfortunitely when I install the new Ram (Hynix)

    the computer does not start. Is there something I can do or the Ram is not compatible?

    Any help would be appreciated,


    Here is the Service Manual:


    See p.2. Specified memory is DDR3-1333 1.5 volt and you try to install low-voltage DDR3-1600. In addition, memory that you are trying to install is high density, because it has 4 blocks on each side, where I am betting that original memory was of low density (8 blocks). Long story short, it is not compatible. It do you no good to install DDR3-1600 by the way. Best of cases, it will anyway be downclock speed 1333.

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