How to use Dasylab measurement temperature TC


I need measure the temperature of the thermocouple DataShuttle-3000 with Dasylab. The 3000 datashuttle is specified as "input thermocouple on any of the 8 differential inputs. When I try to put in place the analog input module (PQaq3k - 1:Al) in the Dasylab, we Channel Setup Channel setup-select the range or the TC Type, unfortunately, I can't find type of transport CANADA. Only available voltage range. Can someone help with this problem.

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You must configure the device for differential channels in DASYLab. Configure parameters are not passed.

I have to point you to the help file. On my computer, it is called iotdcdasy.chm, in the folder C:\Program Files\DASYLab 9.0.

Since within DASYLab, click the Help menu, then driver. It will be labeled "IOtech Enhanced DASYLab driver Guide"

On the left, navigate to the tutorial section. Double-click it to open it, and then on the last entry, "temperature measurement with PersonalDaq/3000 s."

This gives you a configuration illustrated, step by step for thermocouples.

This section is too long to repeat here.

If this does not work, you should be in touch with your dealer directly. They are equipped to help you.

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    Best regards

    Thang Nguyen

    Hey Thang.

    AHA... for this, you can use the channel property node.

    See you soon


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    Scott, I believe that I came up with a way for you to make selections within your settings and have prepared an example to demonstrate the method. Much depends on whether this technique, using your spot color and a specimen, will work. If so, you can measure the number of pixels in the selection following the instructions I provided previously. Here goes:

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    I hope it does the job for you.

    [(Edit: quand vous arrivez àles valeurs plus sombres, vous pouvez constater qu'augmenter la tolérance contribue à la couverture de l'écart entre valeurs.)]

  • How to use the buffer circulation


    I am a new user of DasyLAB. I use DasyLAB 12. I want to use the cirular buffer, but I do not understand what it does? I want to not write that measured data the past 60 seconds (for a testrun) in an output file and from the thought that the circular buffer would do. But he has an entrance and an exit. There is no record actually works. What is the circular buffer for and how can I write the measured data of the last 60 seconds? I tried to connect a file block directly writing to the output of the buffer, but it does not work.

    Thanks a lot, and what concerns the best.


    DASYLab written stream of data in the buffer. You must use module action to free the data. To understand how, use a switch to trigger an 'event' manually. For an example, see the attached sheet.

    You can use a time-module base to generate a "pulse per minute" to make the data once per minute.

    Another idea: use the multi-file-option to Write Data-module:

    Length of the index = a number, the first digit 0, last number 1

    «Using a time-module "Impulses per minute" and fix an action-module: target is the writing data module, the action is then "file".»

    DASYLab written now a minute of data to the first file. Data from the second minute will be written in the second file. Data from the third minute overwrites the first file, the data from the fourth minute crushes the second file.

    And so on.

    See attachment ' '.

  • How to use HX85BA sensors with NI DAQ system?


    I'm trying to connect two sensors of Omega HX85BA moisture to my NI DAQ system. The sensors detect moisture, barometric pressure, and temperature, using three 0 to 10 VDC positive outputs @ 10 mA or less, with a common thread of output. I have a SCXI-1000 chassis with two modules SCXI-1100 cards, 1102 b and a single 1102. Map of 1102 uses a block to connect SCXI-1303, while the other three cards use some 1300 years. The system will mainly use thermocouples for temperature measurements, but there will be other types of sensors, such as the two HX85BAs.

    The manual of the product for the HX85BAs is not very clear on how to connect the sensor to the system. Terminal blocks each have 32 channels with the positive and the negative screw terminals, it doesn't connect three positive sensor outputs to individual channels, with the municipality of output connected to each channel? It will work installation with SCXI cards I have, or I will have to purchase different cards? The system will be expanded to include at least 4 cards in a separate chassis SCXI 1000 more, is not a problem for the purchase of different components to adapt to the HX85BAs.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi BBalmforth,

    You can connect the sensor to the SCXI-1100 1300 TB. Connect the positive output of CH + and CH - CHSGND. Common output wire must be connected to GND.

  • How to use the probe PT 1000 with NI 9211

    Hi all

    How to use a PT 1000 with NI 9211 temperature sensor?

    I am currently using Signal Express, just try to measure the temperature, but so far with no success

    THX in advance,


    A NI 9211 is a thermocouple device I.  A PT 1000 is an RTD.  While it might be possible to signal conditioning to get this to work, you're better off:

    Purchase of a thermocouple to replace the PT 1000

    Or buy a NI 9217 (RTD module) to replace the NI 9211

  • Tecra A8 - How can I know the temperature of the processor?

    How can I know the temperature of the processor?
    It seems very high. And I'm worried about this.


    I m using the Everest Home Edition
    This tool is free and it reports the temperature values NECK and HARD drive.
    In addition, you can find some information about the software installed and inserted material parts.

    See you soon

  • How to use USB CAN 8473, code for the basic example

    Hi all.

    I use NEITHER USB-8473 CAN transmit and receive data via CAN.

    I have traveled a lot a lot of pages related to this and realized that the API will not work for USB - CAN. Can someone tell me please how to use this USB-8473.

    Maybe an exaple program would help me. (It is not PCI it we USB,)

    Thank you.

    You will need to install NI-CAN, if you don't have already done.  This is the API that you can use with a 8473.  After installing, open Explorer Measurement & Automation and make sure that you can see the 8473 under your devices.

    Here is a sample VI (LabVIEW 2009) that I wrote for another developer to make the CAN communication basic tests.  You enter a package CAN as a series of hexadecimal bytes separated by spaces, and it will send it to you.  It displays every CAN packet it receives in the same format.

  • How to use IntegrationMethod

    I use c# and want to integrate it with my trave acceleration (double [] to the trace of the speed.  I've seen NationalInstruments.Analysis.Math.IntegrationMethod but have no idea how to use it.  I have a code short example of how to use the function to integrate.

    Thank you


    Hi Yajai,

    If you are looking for "Numerical Integration" or "Method of integration" in the Measurement Studio help (by clicking on start-> all programs-> National Instruments-> Measurement Studio-> Measurement Studio Documentation) you will find articles that go into the details of the syntax required for these functions as well as example for c# and VB.NET programs. I highly recommend to get into the practice of the use of this aid. Please report if you have problems with the examples.

    Kind regards


    For simplicity, I have my generation than active events of the session data exported to PFI0 and I Start Trigger of the session with my purchase configured to monitor PFI0.  However, due to the RTD, I have a lag of calendar data.

    The help document specifies an attribute "NIHSDIO_ATTR_DATA_ACTIVE_INTERNAL_ROUTE_DELAY" can be used to generate a trigger delay.  In addition, he says:

    You can set up the data event Active delayed as a source for any trigger of acquisition by manually entering DelayedDataActiveEvent as parameter triggerSource .

    I have no problem by assigning to the attribute, but I was not able to find how to USE the event active data 'delayed '.  It doesn't seem to be a signal that I can export to PFI0, or it seems to be a place that I can configure start trigger acquisition to watch.

    I use niHSDIO dll revision 1.5.3

    Hi broke,

    There are two standard methods for eliminating the round-trip time of your measurements:

    • You can use the DelayedDataActiveEvent signal to start your acquisition.  Using this, you can set the number of clock cycles sample to delay your purchase to account for the RTD using the internal travelling time attribute.  I would like to look at the example of RoundTripDelayElimination to see what it looks like in C coding.  Here you can find the default example: C:\Program Files\IVI Foundation\IVI\Drivers\niHSDIO\Examples\c\Measurements\RoundTripDelayElimination
    • Alternatively, you can wire the DataActiveEvent through your ESE and the Commission of HSDIO physically.  This would give the DataActiveEvent the same as the data itself round-trip delay.

    Looks like you're on the right track with the DelayedDataActiveEvent, I would like to know if you have any questions about the examples or have problems by eliminating the RTD.  Thanks for posting and have a great day!


  • How to use Javascript to loop through a tabular presentation

    APEX: 4.2.3

    DB: 11 GR 2


    I have a master form / retail. We will see that master is the order information; Detail is the order lines. Detailed form is tabular

    The detailed form, there is an attribute called 'Line Order Qty' and the user can update this field.

    User can update all rows in the detail forms and change "line Order Qty' for each line. When the user click on 'Save' button on Master form, I have to do below:

    Sum of the 'line Order Qty' for all lines, and compare it to another field called 'Plan Order Qty' on the master shape.

    If sum 'Line Order Qty' > "Plan Order Qty", then it should appear a message with "Are you sure?" with two buttons on the message: OK and cancel.

    If users click on 'OK', the application will proceed and update another field called 'Sum of Order Qty' on the main form and the value set for the sum of "Online Order Qty" for all lines;

    If the user clikc 'Cancel', the application will be paused. The user must come back to change "Line Order Qty", and then try again

    given, I need a popup message when the validation, I think I have to write javascript; However, in the javascript code, I need complete all lines in detail (tabular form) to get the

    The sum of the 'line Order Qty'. Then I can compare the value and to launch the pop message if validation has failed?

    By reading this thread: building the perfect beast: Oracle APEX - Soft Validation using dynamic measurements

    I think I need to create a reference for action (DA) dymaic Javascript expression; However, in Javascript, how do I browse a table?

    Yet once, I need an example of using Javascript to browse tabular forms in the form master / detail.

    I don't know that my question should be raised before; but I can't find a good match of thread.

    Thank you!


    Hi Kevin Zhang,

    Sum of the 'line Order Qty' for all lines, and compare it to another field called 'Plan Order Qty' on the master shape.

    If sum 'Line Order Qty' > "Plan Order Qty", then it should appear a message with "Are you sure?" with two buttons on the message: OK and cancel.

    If users click on 'OK', the application will proceed and update another field called 'Sum of Order Qty' on the main form and the value set for the sum of "Online Order Qty" for all lines;

    If the user clikc 'Cancel', the application will be paused. The user must come back to change "Line Order Qty", and then try again

    given, I need a popup message when the validation, I think I have to write javascript; However, in the javascript code, I need complete all lines in detail (tabular form) to get the

    The sum of the 'line Order Qty'. Then I can compare the value and to launch the pop message if validation has failed?

    Follow the steps below

    Step 1: Change your page - > function and declaration of the Global Variable-> to insert the code below

    (i) f06 is here, the column on which I am looping the f06 column and enters the total variable to the value change in the values of the row that is changed by the user.

    (II) also replace your column with f06 markup on which you want to loop and calculate the total

    (III) assuming that P6_ITEM is the point where you plan_order_qty, replace with your article.

    (IV) SAVE this demand is what happens when OK is clicked, assign the request to process.which you give the floor to a click of the button SAVE the

    function update_order_qty () {
      var line_order_qty_tot = 0;
      $("input[name='f06']").each(function() {
        line_order_qty_tot += parseFloat($(this).val().replace(/,/g,''))||0;
      var plan_order_qty = apex.item( "P6_ITEM" ).getValue()
      if (line_order_qty_tot > plan_order_qty) {
          apex.confirm('Are you sure?', 'SAVE');
      } else {
          apex.submit( 'SAVE' );

    Step 2: Edit the page-> Execute when loading the page-> to insert the code below

    \\calculate the total on change

    Step 3: Change your button Save and put under the Action when the button is clicked

    Action: Redirect URL

    Target URL:


    Hope this helps you,

    Kind regards


  • How to use an option button in the report of the IR to redirect itself to view another report

    IHH team, I have a requirement where I have an IR report option button. By clicking this radio button, another report appears under the main report with few other details of the selected item. The idea was to have a zoom of report as seen in the Group of MS Excel.  However, I am stuck because I don't want the user to press the "submit" button each time after selection of a radio button. I want the result to Report2 to change on the selection radio button in report 1.

    Please notify.

    Kind regards


    for example

    Report1 details

    RB col_id text1 text2 Text3

    1 . abc erd 45

    2 ghj dfgrt 67

    Suppose the user selects the first option button, the page displays another report with details below the main report

    Report1 details

    col1_id text1 text2 Text3

    RB1 1 abc erd 45

    2 RB2 ghj dfgrt 67

    Report2 details

    col1_id col2_id text1 text2 Text3

    1 11 ihj pkpk 78

    1 23 ljl kpk 45

    user6255521 wrote:

    Please update your forum profile with a real handle instead of 'user6255521': Video tutorial how to change username available

    When asking a question, always include the information referred to in these guidelines: How to get the answers from the forum

    I was able to achieve using the linl. I created a link on the col_id and it redirected to itself after you set the value of col2_id. I also changed the style of the button link and so col1_id looks like a button.

    However, I was interested to know if we can achieve this with a radio button and use the update form the Report2.

    You mean like this? It is very simple to implement using dynamic measurements.

    1. Add a column of radio group to the main report:

        apex_item.radiogroup(1, d.department_id) rbg
      , d.*
        oehr_departments d

    APEX 5.0, apply a static ID "rbg" to the column of radio group.

    2. create a hidden page unprotected element to maintain the value of the selected radio button to use as a filter in the detailed report. In the example, it is P31_DEPARTMENT_ID.

    3 refer to the element of filter in the WHERE clause of the report detail:

        department_id = :p31_department_id

    Set the Items property of the Page to send in the definition of report P31_DEPARTMENT_IDretail area.

    4. create a dynamic action of change on the Group of radio buttons:

    Event: Change

    Selection type: jQuery Selector

    jQuery Selector:td[headers="rbg"] input[type="radio"]

    Real Actions

    Seq: 10

    Action: Set value

    Type of value: Expression of JavaScript

    JavaScript expression:$(this.triggeringElement).val()

    Selection type: Article (s)

    Point: P31_DEPARTMENT_ID

    Seq: 20

    Action: Discount

    Selection type: Region


    The best way to get help with something like that is for you to reproduce the problem with an example on Set up as much as you can before posting here and when you post the question, share identification information of developer comments for the workspace so that we can see the example and work the solution directly.

  • How to use the tool in camera raw ch cc mac adjustment

    How to use the tool in ps cc mac.

    Specific measures.

    Thank you!

    Hi brunog,.

    Please see the tutorials below.

    Making color and tonal corrections in Adobe Camera Raw

    Tutorials Adobe Camera Raw 8 - tool straighten

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards


  • "How to set the measuring tool onto the foot of measure in inches, for example 10'4"

    "How to set the measuring tool onto the foot of measure in inches, for example 10'4"

    Hi jacobj89654320,

    You will need Acrobat application for this, please refer to this KB document for details

    Kind regards


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