How to use express airport when I have the cable modem? you want to listen to music in stereo.

Hi all, this issue is driving me crazy. the goal was to use an Airport Express station to listen to the music of my devices in my stereo and a DAC to warm up the sound, but do not know how to connect because I have a cable modem my network on. I just want to use airport express to broadcast in stereo. I asked 3 people at the apple store today, and they seemed just as I asked them how to build a House from the ground. they had no idea. did someone hear doing this specific process? Thanks for any input.

I understand the process of putting in place the DAC, is just the thing of the whole network that creates confusion. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

You can have one or the other hard connected (wired) network or a WiFi to your airport, but you can't have both. Unplug your ethernet cable from your Mac. Now, you'll be on a Wi - Fi on all devices. Reset your AE and use the installation wizard. Otherwise most suppliers of cable modems that with wi - fi for which they charge you an additional monthly cost.

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