How to use Firefox Sync to recover lost bookmarks

I have a Firefox Sync account and I synced my firefox with it data. But I completely erased my PC, so I use Firefox Sync to retrieve my data from firefox?


Hi Zukokun!

Unfortunately the synchronization is not a backup service. It uses a central server to synchronize data between devices, but these data are not maintained if it is not maintained locally (i.e. in your computer).

Having said that, sometimes if the reconfiguration is fast data can always be on the server.

Good luck.

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  • Delete my data from a browser using Firefox Sync navigation

    Yesterday I started using a tab in Firefox for Android, but I accidentally spent in a regular tab. And a junk site got registered in my story and as semi-automatic sugestion... I have not found a way to remove these individual entries, I'm desperate so I deleted all navigation data in Firefox for Android. I use Firefox Sync and I still have my old data in my phone (it uses Ubuntu), but I tried and I can't get the old data in Android.

    I have 3 questions:
    -Is is possible to remove entries of the individual history and AutoComplete suggestion in Firefox for Android?
    -Is it possible to recover the old data of navigation in my Android device?

    Yes and Yes.

    1. You can open a new tab and see the history list. TAP and hold unwanted history and select 'delete '.
    2. You'd have to synchronize the device on the account. Also you can drag to the story in a new tab and drag between history and history is synchronizes to confirm if it's there.
  • Can I use Firefox Sync on a public computer, like I did with Xmarks?

    I'll miss Xmarks. How can I use Firefox Sync when I go to an internet café?

    You cannot use an Internet café to access bookmarks, the add-on Firefox Sync is limited to synchronization data, it does not include an option to access the bookmarks from any computer online. There are other companies that offer online access to favorites such as Google Bookmarks and Delicious bookmarks.

    Xmarks can continue, but you will have to pay to use it, for details, see

  • Sync has replaced the existing bookmarks instead of "synchronization"... How can I recover lost bookmarks?

    Decided to try to use the bookmark option in sync of 4 FF. I had been using the other options of synchronization without problem. My goal was to get to my work PC bookmarks in sync with my PC at home. I turned sync bookmark on my work PC, when I Rose House and restart my computer, before realizing what had happened to FF had crushed my favorites on my home PC with bookmarks of my work PC. I have now lost ALL my favorites on my home PC. How can I get these?

    I didn't have time to try to save my favorites from my PC at home, apparently when you set the only instance of synchronization to use the bookmark that they all are set to sync. I thought I'd have a chance to save bookmarks from my PC at home before I activated on this computer to synchronize bookmarks.

    Firefox automatically saves backups of your Favorites, you must restore a backup of the day before that happened. See this support article.

  • How can I copy my favorites without using Firefox Sync?

    I'm not comfortable putting my personal information on an online server, which is what I do with Firefox Sync. Is it possible to copy my favorites on a flash drive, as we used to be able to do?

    Bookmarks > show all bookmarks-> import and backup - Export HTML... - on a USB

  • Hi, I used Firefox sync as a backup, because I had to format my hard drive, now I want to return info and it seems that I can't. Is all the same to retrieve the Info

    I have my username and password but never kept the recovery key original.
    What I read, I tried to use her replace all data with the server, but without the original key is not let me, and if I request a new key, it says that it will erase the info on the server.
    Can anyone help?
    Thank you

    I'm sorry, but if you do not have a backup of the sync key then all data stored on the server is lost and cannot be recovered.

    It is always better to make a backup locally on a Flash DRIVE or CD/DVD-ROM because synchronization is not intended to be used in this way.

  • Firefox Sync settings are lost when you restart the Android device, is this normal?

    I use Firefox Beta v14 for Android.

    After a restart of the Android device, synchronization settings are lost, nothing in the settings 'account and synchronization '.

    Sorry to hear that Firefox is losing your sync account. You have installed Firefox for Android onto an SD card? We are tracking the reports like yours to We believe that Android itself is deleting accounts when the Firefox application is installed on the SD card. Can you check if Firefox is installed on an SD card?

  • How to stop Firefox Sync synchronization Personas?

    Firefox Sync keeps syncing my characters between browsers, which is a bit frustrating because I prefer to keep separate personas on different computers. I can't find an option to turn it off. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Sorry ' end this pref is added by synchronization only when the Personas Plus extension is also installed.
    services. Sync.prefs.Sync.extensions.personas.Current

    I don't see a separate pref for Personas in a profile where Sync is the only extension is installed.

    My suggestion is for you to post this question during the synchronization of Firefox / armor support forum here - - and hope to see developers computer Sync and can put on a list of 'tasks' for this project, especially since 'Sync' will probably be part of Firefox 4 , rather than be an extension as it is now.

    I see 26 prefs that probably can be used to disable specific preferences or settings for synchronization, and I think I can disable synchronization of stored Personas should be as important as any of the others the prefs.
    services.sync.prefs.sync.browser. .

  • are there books available to learn how to use Firefox?

    I just started using Firefox, so I'm all new to this browser. I would get a book on Firefox to help implement and use it.
    Someone know of a book 'good' or 'books' I could get.

    Kind regards


    Firefox changes so quickly that the content of the books is soon outdated or even before their publication.
    Many changes occur in the user interface in each new version and what parameters are present and how they are labeled, online documentation is much easier to update than books tat would be confusing if they contain outdated information.

  • We do use Firefox Sync and FF on a desktop and a netbook. However need microfox on netbook and prefer more big toolbar on the desktop. Problem synchronizing...

    We use Firefox on your desktop windows 8.1 and a Net-book of Linux Mint, the problem is with the synchronization.

    Use of the Littlfox add-on on the net accountant to make the best use of space and a more decorative with the office. Those problem is with sync that keeps the theme switching.

    is their anyway set up sync to understand that each version of firefox has a profile and that certain questions or clarifications apply?

    Am not the only problem with this, now that we have laptops, tablets, furnished his starts coming more.

    See the screenshot.

    Under Sync my, do not synchronize Addons.

  • What type of encryption using Firefox Sync?

    Can someone tell me what type of Firefox Sync encryption encryption using on the server? This has not been answered in the FAQ.

    There is probably no additional encryption on the server. Everything is done on your computer before you transfer the data via a secure connection


    The Weave password is what makes this work. Remember, your browser already knows your passwords and the history of the form: it is decrypted everything in your local memory. By using the password, we encrypt your information on your local computer. Then, we use industry standard SSL to relay information encrypted to the server.

  • My phone can't use Firefox Sync, says she is "obsolete".

    On my Samsung Galaxy S Blaze running Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm suddenly having trouble with Firefox Sync. It was working fine yesterday, and today, I noticed that an update of Firefox for Android has been installed.

    So I'll try to send a tab of my phone directly to my computer, but no dice. I already checked the "Accounts and sync" part of my phone settings. Firefox Sync is listed with the correct e-mail address, and I have not deleted my phone in the list of devices allowed for my account. Curiously, Firefox Sync is shown as being obsolete. My phone literally contains my e-mail address and under it "Firefox Sync (not recommended).

    Anyone else having this problem, and is there a solution for this? Any info would be much appreciated.

    We decided in Firefox 29 we were not satisfied with the user experience and had temporarily agreed to no ship there with Firefox 29. We hope to be in a future release.

  • I used Firefox Sync synchronize my favorites at 09:00, 15:00.At 18:00, I can restore the bookmarks synchronization at 09:00 and 12:00?

    I can use different bookmarks in an hour?

    If there are problems with bookmarks and you've lost a little so you can try to restore an older copy of JSON in the bookmarkbackups folder.

    If you've accidentally deleted bookmarks, then use "organize > Cancel ' in the Bookmark Manager (Bookmarks > show all bookmarks) to recover.

    Hold the button is the first of the three buttons on the toolbar in the library (Bookmark Manager).

    That only works if you have not closed Firefox.

    If it does not work so that you can restore bookmarks from a JSON backup.

    This will replace all current bookmarks and you lose the favorites that have been added since the backup was created.


  • I would like to use Firefox sync to charge to the top of my favorites from an old computer. However, the first step requires that you click on "Firefox" at the top of the page. There is no "Firefox" at the top of the page.

    Computer with XP to new computer with Win7

    In WinXP Firefox 4 + versions use tools > Options to get the synchronization menu.

  • Can I use Firefox Sync by accessing my stored bookmarks, etc. via browsers non-Firefox (i.e. accessing a Firefox Web page through Internet Explorer from a public computer)?

    If I ever find myself in a situation where I can't download a copy of Firefox on the computer I use (i.e. at a public computer in a library, for example), I can access my favorites Firefox and other data via a Firefox Web page accessible via a non-Firefox browser?

    N ° Mozilla synchronization service does not offer online access to your personal data.

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