How to use gotomypc torch BlackBerry Smartphones. How to install java?

I just bought a blackberry with ATT as carrier torch. I would like to be able to use the torch to connect to , but it says that java is required when using the web browser. How to install java on the torch so I can use the gotomypc Web site? A link to download would be great. Thanks for any help.

You can not install the readers of applet Java on the BlackBerry Torch.

If you want to control your PC from Windows of a torch, you get another protocol of control, such as VNC or RDM.
for VNC and RDM, you can find apps for your torch on App World.

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    Please help me I download apps on my torch 9800 help bb world bt it dosent install on my fone, as he tells me that there was a problem installin the application please try again later... even if I try to download outside bbworld it tells me failed to download... on the configuration of e-mail d it always tell me 'address incorrect email or password'... Please help me

    OK, I can't say enough. But I'm like described KB as a lack of policy is NOT what you have, which means that you have a COMPUTER policy on your device. It's just weird because I've never seen a COMPUTER policy like what you describe, but then of course I have not seen anyone.

    So, I think (it's more than that, actually) is that you do indeed have a policy COMPUTER on your device that may well be the reason for the failure of the installation, you encounter.

    If it's a working or otherwise associated with certain BES service device, then you need to talk to anyone who provides the BES service on your problem... they control what is the it policy.

    If this is not a working device and/or you do not subscribe to any service of BES-level from anyone, then the conjecture is that you have received this camera as previously used, and the previous owner didn't properly clean the it policy, leaving you with a latent policy causing you these problems. To remedy this situation, you must make sure you have a full backup, according to the link in my sig auto on my posts. Then proceed you to this:

    • Article ID: KB31291 How to reset a BlackBerry smartphone to factory using BlackBerry Desktop Software Settings

    Once finished, your device will be like new again, with nothing on it... No. data, no added applications, etc. If you continue to restore the backup, do not forget that you DO NOT make a simple full restore... restore instead, only those databases that you need (e.g., contacts, calendar, etc.) and more precisely to avoid any database that have nothing to do with BES, business, political, etc. If you restore that contains the it policy, it he will dutifully restore your BB and you will be right where you are now.

    Good luck!

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  • 3/10/11: Vista update story reported that an update to the Blackberry smartphone failed to install. How can I get this update or at least know why it has not installed?

    Here are the associated error message.

    Research in Motion - other hardware - BlackBerry Smartphone

    Installation date: 10/04/2011 03:00

    Installation status: failed

    Error details: Code 800F020B

    Update type: recommended

    Research in Motion, another update of the software of hardware released in April 2008

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    If Windows Update error 800f020b while trying to install updates, an update that you are trying to install applies to a device that is not connected to the computer. Make sure all your devices are connected and turned on, and then try to install updates again.

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  • Layout data Apn update for BlackBerry 9800 torch blackBerry Smartphones.

    How can I update my data set Apn on BlackBerry 9800 torch? Because I am on the plan to talk about AT & T, but on the compensation plan as you go the phone as no mobile network, but I have to use wi - fI because of the $ 50 package unlimited is just talk and text, so I try to go to 10 net because unlimited and text and web and I have the unlocked code so I can take it to the net for but when I net 10 Web page and they say that I need to update data of AFN that affecting the phone will just work, someone help me, even if I have someone else 10 net, just to make the phone work 100%.


    Here is a KB with the instructions:

    • KB05327 How to set the parameters of AFN on the BlackBerry smartphone

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

  • My torch blackBerry smartphones just guard reboot

    Hi, today I downloaded a free app named 'Never Miss A App' sent me a link S4BB.  My torch then started a restart and since then, that's all what he will do. I tried to connect it to my office of BB, but it does not connect and office displays the message that the torch is shutdown or restart. Seems to me I'm drunk as now, the phone seems unnecessary.

    Any suggestions please?

    I contacted S4BB who sent an automated response acknowledging my email and asking if there is anything else they can do. Not very useful and they are based in Hong Kong.

    before that, try safe mode

    How to start a BlackBerry smartphone in safe mode

  • View cant Youtube of my Blackberry Torch blackBerry Smartphones

    Please let me know what went wrong and how to fix it. All of a sudden I can't view youtube. message "server is blocked or unresponsive.

    Thank you

    Hello yslserene,

    YouTube uses the WAP browser for streaming videos (, I would say firstly verfiying with your service provider that WAP is enabled.

    If WAP is enabled, complete the following:
    1. on the BlackBerry smartphone home screen, click browser.

    2. go in the browser Options > General properties.

    3. Select the prompt before: passage to the carrier of the network for streaming media box or delete if it is checked.

    4. do a hard reset of the BlackBerry smart phone and trying again to stream videos from YouTube (

    If you use a unlocked device have a look at this article:
    Cannot view the video file to YouTube on a unlocked BlackBerry smartphone

  • How to install Java or uninstall Yosemite?

    Upgraded my macbook in Yosemite. Some applications do not work, say they need Java SE 6, a "legacy" Java version. Not vital apps, but I would like to make.

    MacBook is now painfully slow and buggy. I have to keep applications force - quit smoking. iPhoto has disappeared. I don't know the upgrade was a good idea.

    I downloaded Java SE 6 with Oracle. Would not install because I have a newer version of Java.

    I looked at several sites who advised on how to uninstall Java, most involving the opening of the Terminal and paste it into the code. It did not work.

    I looked at how to uninstall Yosemite. The process seems very involved and delicate. A simple passerby, said one, is to use Time Machine to go back and restore the computer to a front date of upgrade. I tried this but the button 'restore' on Time Machine for archive pre-upgrade was grey and would not work.

    Suggestions? Perhaps the time to bring it to the geniuses of Apple?

    Kind of annoyed that Apple has pushed so hard to upgrade - using deliberately annoying guests who could not be removed from the screen by clicking on one of the "remind me in an hour', 'remember that night', or 'call back me tomorrow" buttons.

    Sorry, I did not clear. My preference is to resolve the problem of Java. If this cannot be done, I would uninstall Yosemite.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not install apps in App World

    I recently changed my Blackberry ID email address via a web browser on my PC.  Changes, updates on my Torch 9850 and my Playbook.  I am able to connect on the site of Blackberry ID and my email address is confirmed.  I can't even change my password Blackberry ID of my devices.

    When you try to install an application on the Playbook, I get the following error:

    "Setup error: [0003-0006] there was a problem during the installation."  Please try again. »

    On the Torch 9850, I can not install applications or even open up My World.  I get the following error:

    "Blackberry App World is had problems connecting to the server Blackberry App World.  Check your network connections, and then try again. »

    It has been several days since this occurring began.  I stopped by a corporate Verizon store on 2/26 and they seemed to think it was a question of RIM, but they don't seem to know much about Blackberry.

    All the threads I found point to problems with the Blackberry ID, but mine seems to go well.

    Does anyone have a solution?  Thank you.

    Troubleshooting further with the support of the RIM has solved my problem.  Here are the steps I took to solve:

    1. Change my Blackberry ID email address to the address of origin of my flashlight.  I then have full access to App World through the torch, Playbook, and web browser.
    2. Created a new Blackberry ID with my new email address to confirm without isue with this address.  I was able to connect via the browser with the new account.
    3. I deleted the new Blackberry ID using the link in the email they sent me.
    4. Change my Blackberry ID email address to the new e-mail address using my flashlight.  The change has been accepted and spread to the Playbook.

    I now have the new email address associated with my old ID and access of all devices.

    Support said it should work the first time, even from the browser, and they will continue to try to reproduce the problem on their end.

    If you have similar questions experiences, try the execution of all changes since the phone.

  • How to change titles of the album for blackberry torch BlackBerry Smartphones?

    I put on music and a few albums, it is said the album, but albums then separated for the artist and one base in the song. How can I change the title so it's all under the one name?

    Transfer these songs to a PC, then change what must be changed. then sync them back later.

  • Torch blackBerry Smartphones blackberry stolen. I put the phone to the index. But my pin code is in use?

    I lost my torch from blackberry to the University last month. I contacted my network provider and they put the phone to the index. However, my friends recently told me that my PIN is now underway to use with a different view of the image and the personal message. Therefore, I can only assume that they unlock the phone by changing the IMEI (which is illegal). Is there a way I can track my phone using my pin code. I still have a proof of purchase, including the box with the IMEI and the BBM pin on that number. I have not previously installed any software on the phone. All answers are appreciated

    If you have no third-party tracking software, such as the free BlackBerry Protect not average follow-up and recovery of your phone installed on your phone, you have.  Of course, your carrier may do if you provide your PIN (and perhaps the IMEI as well), but they won't.   Contacting them and the suspension of the SPINDLE should do the trick there.  I'd get back on the phone with them about what is (or was not) fact.

    I hope that helps you.

  • Reset password for Blackberry Torch blackBerry Smartphones

    How do back in my Blackberry Torch if I don't remember the password. I bought a new phone and had this flashlight in a drawer. My adult son has lost its smartphone so I was going to allow him to use the BB. When he put a new SIM in it the BB wants a password and I have no idea what it is, in fact, I thought I had wiped the own BB as I thought to sell. Helps that I don't care if my info is on it. I just unlocked so that it can use it.

    Hi Shopppr.

    Hello to your solution, you can write the word Blackberry you ask the password but can memorize introudce incorrect password several times then try more than 10 times, when you type the displayed word written Blackberry.

    This will make your blackberry then do do you a factory reset to leave the Blackberry completely as she came back without password to reset and let him do the whole process you can put the SIM card from your operator.

    Now you can enjoy your Blackberry once more.

    Kind regards.

    Bravo * don't forget to give to you and these people who help advise on your questions, as well the answer type *.

    @ gutijose14

  • Torch blackBerry Smartphones new bb 9810

    Ive just got my new blackberry torch 9810

    How long should I leave for the first charge?

    until it is loaded, the new lithium batteries do not care the first indictment, use it and keep it crowned

  • Slider on the torch blackBerry Smartphones

    I have software problems when I use the slider on the torch to access blackberry features, it's just a white screen.  How someone at - he encountered this problem before, if so how do solve you the problem

    Have you contacted O2 to see what they say about it?  If it is hardware related, the device has a warranty that needs to be addressed.

  • Languages of remove torch blackBerry Smartphones

    Better to start by saying that I am new to Blackberry - period... So don't be too hard on me... I just got my torch a few days ago and every now and then I change the language that I can send text messages... I would like to remove the other languages I know not how or when I would use them.  Is there an easy way to do this?

    Go together to the top-> section of personalization and languages.

    Press update (leaving only English fact TIC TAC)

Maybe you are looking for

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