How to use Microsoft Fatima 2006 and above if I don't remember the password?

I had to restore my computer windows Vista due to many viruses. I had Staples download and copy my files. Now I can't access my Money 2006 because I don't remember the password. I tried all combinations of passwords and none work. I called Microsoft and they told me that they do not support the money no more. _Hit so hard on me.

I lost 15 years of the transactiona of money and they can't or won't help me.

Please someone out there knows how to update or change the password for the money.



There still is a Microsoft Money Forum for your questions:

"Use this forum to discuss Microsoft Money. This includes money, more and older versions as well. »

See you soon.

p.s. Microsoft Policy in these Forums is that no support will be given for lost or forgotten passwords but see what people knowledgeable on this Forum say about your problems.

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