How to use my flash logo in another site in flash fla file?


I created a flash (Adobe CS4 ActionScript 3) logo with 8 objects of movie clip animation (the file name is MyLogo.swf). It works very well. I have another file called MyWebsite.flaflash.

The question is, how do I use my MyLogo.swf in MyWebsite.fla so that it can run on my home page?

Please guide me.

Thank you.


1. create another charger using a similar code.

2. once the upload is complete, you can resize your charger as any other displayobject.

3. you can position your charger like any other displayobject

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    Please help me.

    Thank you


    Here is a tutorial which explains how to work with flash cs5 subversion. CS6 should be no different.

    Make sure all members of your team are committed goes a little further use it properly.

    This is no evidence, give you and your team at least 3-4 days to do the test, if you are already in the middle of production: wait until this your next project.

    Notice: The negative result of the article mentioned only occurs because the two simultaneous processes want to validate a change to the timeline at the same time.

    If you use your file xfl mainly as a way of sorting movieclips and symbols, you should not experience this problem.

    If the main caveat with version control for the moment: never work on the root timeline, if you try to open an asset in the library which is outchecked by a colleague, you will get a warning message that the current file is in use, which prevents this problem.

    Another one Adobe

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    After you click 'Export', he will now try to download this file to the Media Encoder. And that is the problem: Flash, then mentions that the file could not be imported to the Media Encoder, and at the same time the media encoder will say the same thing: "this file cannot be imported", or "this file cannot be read.

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    You can open the video in any player after convert you, but adobe media encoder requiring some QuickTime plugins to work...

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    While I have a master's degree, my know-how is written the text, does not not with the computer functions that are new to me.  Whenever I try to my backup job, the default setting of my Media Smart desktop assumes that my files will be sent to some separate, newly purchased drive, drive E.  However, I don't have any drive E!  I bought some DVDs but they keep rejected and cannot be written above.  Seems cheaper solution was to buy a flash drive.  I tried to save, but the menu showed that drive new E or "insert DVD."  What I need to know where/how is insert (front of the back of the Tower?) flash player and the "selection" of this option.  Do I need to buy a special cable to connect this small Lexar Flash drive, 16 GB?

    Thanks for all the words of wisdom.

    Hello leathergirl. I checked the model number on the HP website and did not find a system with this model you listed.

    You can see the card reader in the E: drive when you try to back up your data.

    You should be able to navigate to any location (by car) which is able to accept data during backups. I don't recommend that you use the backup but just Windows copy and paste all data, such as documents, pictures, music, etc..

    Unless you use DVD +/-RW disc, the DVD disc can have that data written (burned) to them once. DVD +/-RW can be rewritten several times before becoming defective.

    The Lexar 16 GB Flash drive USB should be inserted into the USB port on the front and then recognized by the operating system and drivers must be installed by the operating system.

    You should be able to copy and paste your data to the Lexar FlashDrive using Windows Explorer. Lexar Flash drive must be placed in the list of drives on the left side of the screen when using Windows Explorer.

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    Try to make a file on your partition named FileHistory.  .   Right-click and select Properties.   Share it.

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    I have a Web site here: How to export the graphic on my site to modify the graphics using photoshop and what format is in when you edit and then when load on the site? Thank you.

    If its your website, you need to know. If someone built it for you you can look at the page source in your browser to see what they were doing. Use of website .jpg .png .gif and .ico mainly for example it is a JPEG on this site.  This is a link to this site.

  • BlackBerry Z30 how to use wifi for a specific Web site?

    I want to access site at night using WiFi only. Is possible without disabling the dada Móvil?

    Thank you.

    Please re-read my answer above... it's automatic, there is nothing you can do to force it. And certainly no way that would be specific website URL.

    Well, actually, if you just turn off your mobile radio, then the single network path will be WiFi... but you said that you do not want to.

Maybe you are looking for

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