How to use no-9234 to acquire different types of signals (sound pressure and acceleration) concurrency in a task?

In the labview example, it have only a type siganl acquire vi.  I don't know how to acquire signals of type used in a single task.  I'll use the same rate of sampleing.

The attachment can not acquire two signals at the same time. I just use a "Table control" to acquire the signal.

who can give me some example of VI.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Kisyou,

You must insert another channel to create DAQmx with the desired properties, then point it to a channel not used on your NI 9234 like the image below.

Best regards

Izzy O.

Product Support Engineer

National Instruments

Tags: NI Software

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    See you soon


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    no ip route cache

    No keepalive

    Dialer pool-Member 10

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    first request ISDN tei negotiation

    XXXXXXX calling ISDN

    no fair queue

    compress the stac

    No cdp enable

    Chap PPP authentication protocol

    multilink PPP Panel


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    password *.

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    I set up this kind of thing and it worked fine. When I set it up I have explicitly configured (so named) two different RADIUS server groups and referenced groups of specific servers for each authentication method. I did not understand if it works to keep the default group Ganymede + and use it for your authentication normal or if you may need to configure a default group for this.

    Try it and tell us what is happening.



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  • How to use a working repository when the type is set to 'run '?

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    Can someone tell me what are the exact steps to import packages or repository in this work newly created repository 'Exécution' type?

    Kind regards.


    A working repository which is of type EXECUTION cannot be used to import packages/interfaces etc.

    You can able to import only the SCENARIOS in component operator (tabbed scenarios) and run 'just '. In the execution of the term repository State, you can able to run objects created in the development repository.

    In addition, u cannot access designer itself if it is a repository of EXECUTION.

    Thank you

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    Sorry, sorry, sorry
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    Thank you!

    A few questions.

    Are these frequencies of associated signals? If so, were they to be "in phase"?   As from one simulation after another, put one start later in a case statement, pass a county of timer to establish the initial start time through the loop, subtract the value of the other in the loop, when the difference is => in 2 seconds, set a real flag and have the second simulation in the real of the structure of the business case.

    Typed too slowly again!

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