How to use only black ink on the Canon print app?

I wonder if you can use only black ink with the soft print Canon. I have a Pixma MX420 and we do not buy ink color so if I print a document from the application, all in colour will not be displayed. I'd rather he appear in black and then not at all.


Printing options are limited to mobile devices.  In order to take full advantage of printing and scanning capabilities, you would have to print from a compatible computer, Windows or Mac OS x using the real drivers.

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  • Photosmart 7510 - I want to use only black ink since I don't have all the need for a color.

    Photosmart 7510 - I want to use only black ink since I mainly use this for work and don't have all the need for a color. If I have more ink, can I just replace the black and it still work? Thank you very much for any information you may have!


    I did a few test last year, you can print black only master always need color ink for the printer. Black setting only as a default printer will only print black and it consumes a little over heating of the process color inks. In short, it will not be printed correctly when run out of color ink (s) or does not start at all.

    Kind regards.

  • How to set the hp7510 to use only black ink

    C311a model HP 7510

    How can I use black ink only each time unless as otherwise defined. I use a Mac Book Pro & P command does not offer this option.


    You can follow these steps:

    Step 1:

    Select Print on the file menu.

    Step 2:

    Click on the popupbutton and select the quality and the media.

    (under Mac os x tiger select Colorsync and after that select gray tones)

    Step 3:

    Check printing in grayscale.

    Step 4:

    Press the button print.

    Source: Mac Support

  • Photosmart 7520: Preference avancΘs, change the default settings, print using ONLY black ink (not color ink)

    Where can I find this that all information in the preferences > advanced, what they mean, how and why.

    How to permanentely to change the default printer settings.

    How to use out of the black cartridge for everything I print (I do not want to use ANY) color ink.

    Hi TJBar,

    This link should give you the information you need to explain the menu print, print menus. In order to print in black only, you can select "print in black and white." Note, however, that color will be used during maintenance of your printer. This is necessary to prevent the healthy color ink for when you do not need to use it.

    Please let me know if it helps.

    Thank you very much


  • How to use omly black ink on my printer?

    I have a brother mfc-j410w. How can I configure it to use black ink only?

    Please go here:

    Then download the software user's Guide*-on Page 12, you will see how to select grayscale to print in black and white.

    If you do this because your color cartridge is empty so not all printer software will allow you - it can insist that there is a current non-empty color cartridge. Test it by trying or contact the support of brother for advice: .

    * This is for the MFC J410 (the closest model you number I could find) the MFC-J410w.

  • How to use DO NOT when searching the 8 Windows App Store?

    I have no problem with the charm of the App Store search, but I don't want to see the games, and it seems that the store is infested with them.  The problem is, I can't find any way to get the search charm accept Boolean values in any form.  (It seems that Windows 8 is dumbing down of the interface, remove features and back to BACK, get people to remember text commands.)

    How not to use with the charm of research?

    Before that, how to search for nothing _except_ games?


    The display is a bit better, if you select downloads, but then 'NO' gets ignored and all it lists is games, exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

    You can't go there.   This means the site: downloads. which exclude of course website: you need to search for what you want.

    So unless you're facetious "Gets a little better" I don't know why you find it "barely usable".  You fail to capitalize the NON?

    You must capitalize the NOT and OR operators. Otherwise, Bing will ignore them as stop words, which are producing generally words and numbers that are omitted to speed up full-text search.

    50 results per page.   No games.

    Ditto when I click in the entry box and choose to search the web instead.

    50 results per page.   No games (with the exception of a few ad above links)

    So that's another advantage of Microsoft Search: no advertising.   ; }


  • HP Deskjet F4480: Can I use just black ink in my printer HP Deskjet F4480?

    I have a HP Deskjet F4480 printer.  I only use it to print in black ink.  Is it possible to use only black ink in the printer (which is much cheaper)?  Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Grayscale is more useful for printers that have four or more cartridges. You can find on the feature by clicking on this link, but I'm not positive how useful it will be for you.

    Insert a black cartridge in the color slot will not have to act as a backup cartridge. The printer will see that it is not a color cartridge and refuses to read or use it.

    Please let me know if that solves your problems.

  • HP Photosmart 7510 won't use photo black ink

    I have a photosmart 7510 printer and I am printing from microsoft word 2010 on a windows 8. I print a word with no pictures in document. Printer preferences are on plain paper with normal quality. I can't the printer to use the XL Black ink cartridge. It only uses photo black ink. Is there a setting that I can choose to let him use the regular black ink?

    Hi shirsar,

    I understand that you have a Photosmart 7510 which seems to use a lot more than regular black ink black photo. I'm sorry to hear that, but think I can help you with a solution.

    You can set the printer to use only black ink when printing from the PC and ensures that it uses black ink and no ink picture. My instructions will be set up in the pilot if he does for all programs (if you just want to program it please let me know, and I advise you more). You'll want to start by going to your start screen, and simply start typing devices and printers, and you want to open that (if that is not in the work Panel type and then proceed to open devices and printers). Once the devices and printers is open, right-click on your Photosmart 7510 icon and select Printing Preferences. You'll want to then click on the Advanced Options button at the bottom right of the screen. The next page that appears will allow you to set the printer to use black ink only when printing from the PC (please follow the screenshot below for any clarification).

    Hope this helps, have a nice day!

  • Why my printer won't use his black ink cartridge

    I recently bought a printer officejet 7500 a large format. We use it at home with a computer wireless windows laptop and my mac running OS X 10.6.8

    No matter what I put in the black and white print settings, etc., he will not use his black ink cartridge. It uses color for all printing cartridges no matter what it is. It becomes very expensive and annoying. Since the purchase of the printer, I bought a black cartridge HP new from PC world real.  Since the purchase of this, he has never used since.

    What we're doing wrong?

    Thank you.

    If the device does not black ink print, it may be a couple different things, the cause.  Have you tried to run the print head alignment feature in the configuration menu of the printer?

    If the unit is not aligned correctly, while she can have colors (including black in this) lack of printed documents.  Check out the steps described in the document, found here, to solve a problem of printing such as this one.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • After logging on my Satellite Pro only black screen and the cursor are visible

    I have a windows vista pro (PSAASE-00G004GR) satellite after turn on and typing the password for windows vista, the screen goes black but I see that the cursor moves & because it seems that the hard drive also works in th background, but I can't see anything except the mouse cursor , I tried to boor with other options (LAST WORK safe MODE KNOWN FEATURES... etc) but it's still the same only black screen and the cursor...

    I do not prefer the product cause of my data recovery on this subject, any ideas?


    You have the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAS hmm if you want to save your personal data, I recommend to remove the portable computer HARD drive and try connecting it to another computer via an external USB HDD controller. These cases of 2.5 HARD disk are not expensive and you can buy it in every store of the computer.

    Then you could try to recover the laptop delivered together with the Toshiba Recovery CD.
    But wait; have you tried to connect the laptop to the external display?
    Check it!
    Maybe you could see something on the second screen.

    I think that this procedure could be useful to clarify what s wrong.
    To me this question looks like a small little dysfunction of the FL inverter.
    In this case the installation of the new operating system will help you not to solve this problem.

    But who knows the verification is necessary to find what could be wrong.

    Good luck and bye ;)

  • Black ink on the edges of the envelope

    I am printing small envelopes & make me smears of black ink on the edges.  It seems that the ink is on the edges of the paper feeder/rolls. It doesn't seem to be a way to clean these rollers.

    I have an officer 6500 Wireless using Windows 7.

    I cleaned the print heads using the tools

    I think I found the solution.  I tried to print envelopes using the 'better' configuration.  I guess this setting must crack down on the paper/envelope harder than an "automatic" setting when feeding it to print.

    I made these changes:

    New automatic printing settings

    Placed the flap of the envelope inside, then pressed the edge to flatten it.

    I was able to print envelopes.

    Thanks for your suggestions and advice.

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    You see the same locations if you take a picture out in the open?

    It's more like flares of the lens, because of the light coming from one side of the room and hit the lens at an angle. If so, it is an optical phenomenon and cannot be resolved.

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    You can always search within those, but you need to add extensions to the file system so that it knows to look inside these files.  You said that you have a lot, so it's perhaps tedious.  Here's How to search within several types of files.

    One thing you could try is rather to make a copy of this file, rename all the files to the same extension (even an extension false for example something.bill) and perform your search on this band.  Just an idea.

  • How to use a form created on the Capture of a vector

    People, I'm having difficulties to find out how to use a form created on the Capture of a vector. For example, I open Illustrator on my desk and, although the form is saved in a creative library of clouds, I can't find how to open this archive as a vector. I tried everything from capture, but then I can just export the shape as a bitmap image. I'm really lost on this.

    Hello Cristina,

    In Illustrator, simply drag the shape of your library panel in an open document. That's all there is to it.


  • How to use setViewportBounds (Bounds value) to the ScrollPane?

    How to use setViewportBounds (Bounds value) to the ScrollPane? This method is, visually, what for? I tried to put a specific Bounds.minY to have a precise scrolling in the axis Y in vain. I use the setVvalue() method to scroll, but it is not convenient to exactly locate a position in the coordinates of the node content listed in the scroll pane.

    The viewportBounds are the limits of the viewport (i.e., the visible part of the content) in the scrolling pane itself, if I understand correctly. The way to access programmatically is by setting the vValue property.

    I have not tried, but if you do something like

    DoubleBinding vmax = new DoubleBinding() {
         { super.bind(scrollPane.viewportBounds(), content.heightProperty()); }
         public double computeValue() {
            return content.getHeight() - scrollPane.getViewportBounds().getHeight() ;

    to configure your component to scroll, then you can call setVvalue (...) and just pass a location of coordinates for your content node. This assumes that your content node is a region or a control; you will have to perhaps a little logic in the method computeValue() to deal with the cases where the display window is greater than the additional content.

Maybe you are looking for

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