How to use parameter values in a run profile

I run a Disqualification work in CLI using a shell script with additional parameters, such as phase.*.processor. D * .parameter_name1 = abc

This has been very useful in using the same value on all processors.

However, I have a different use case where I need to use the same value within a run profile mainly to reduce to a minimum the records being read by the reader.

How can I make use of the dynamic value in the run profile? something like:

parameter_value1 = abc

phase.*. Snapshot.Table1.sql_predicate = {parameter_value1}

Yes you cannot really define a parameter and have it used in several specific substitutions. But you can probably use wildcards in the substitution syntax so that you must specify a simple substitution in the first place.

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    Hello community, I have a problem when creating a function. The purpose of this function is to check the table of weather gave yesterday or not. We must check this on different tables on different sachems. We are creating a function with input variables.



    in_schema IN VARCHAR2,

    in_tablename IN VARCHAR2,

    in_datefield IN VARCHAR2,




    -Declaring variables

    v_is_true INTEGER.




    WHEN MAX (in_datefield) = TRUNC(SYSDATE-1)

    THEN 1









    RETURN v_is_true;



    When creating, I got error: [error] ORA-00942 (44:19): PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    How to use the values of the input variables on the table select statement names?


    Here's a way you can use dynamic SQL statements for this task:



    in_schema IN VARCHAR2,

    in_tablename IN VARCHAR2,

    in_datefield IN VARCHAR2,

    in_first_date DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE - 1,.

    in_last_date DATE by DEFAULT NULL




    -IS_YDAYDATA_TO_TABLE returns 1 if in_schema.in_tablename.in_datefield

    -contains all the dates in the in_first_date of the range through included in_last_date

    - and it returns 0 if there is no such lines.

    -If in_last_date is omitted, the search only the data on in_first_date.

    -If in_first_date is omitted, it defaults to yesterday.

    -Time parts of the in_first_date and in_last_date are ignored.

    -Declaring variables

    sql_txt VARCHAR2 (1000);

    v_is_true INTEGER.


    sql_txt: = 'SELECT COUNT (*).

    || 'FROM ' | in_schema | '.' || in_tablename

    || 'WHERE ' | in_datefield | ' > =: d1'

    || «AND» | in_datefield | '< >

    || 'AND ROWNUM = 1';

    dbms_output.put_line (sql_txt |) '= sql_txt in IS_YDAYDATA_TO_TABLE");  -For debugging


    IN v_is_true

    With the HELP of TRUNC (in_first_date) - d1

    TRUNC (NVL (in_last_date



    ) + 1                -- d2


    RETURN v_is_true;

    END is_ydaydata_to_table;



    If you must use dynamic SQL statements, put all the SQL statement in a single string variable, such as sql_txt in the example above.  In this way, you can easily see exactly what will be executed.  Comment out the call to dbms_output under test is completed.

    Try to write functions that will address not only the question that you have now, but similar questions that you may have in the future.  For example, now that interest you only to the verification of the data of yesterday, but later, you might want to check another day or range of days.  The above function combines the convenience of a function simple (looks like yesterday data if you don't tell him otherwise) with the power of a more complex function (you can use the same function to check any day or range of days).

  • How to use 'Extract values' transformation?


    I'm new to Disqualification. I have the following requirement - source system sends me Nom_tiers + address details. I need to check in the oracle database and if there is a match then return the ID and details of entry. I use verification audit of research processes to check if the data is present in the database. If the data is present, then, I need to send the code. I use to extract the ID of transformation 'extract values '. I can't set the reference for this data. Can provide an example how to use the same.

    Thank you


    Just use Lookup and return.

    However, it seems that you really should use a matching process.

  • How to use a value in a variable as a table name in a query?

    I fetch a value in a variable like:

    < select application_short_name in the fnd_application l_appl_nm where application_id =: p_appl_id >

    Now, I need to use the value retrieved in the variable "l_appl_nm" as a name of partition table in the following query.

    Anyone can guide me please on this concept.

    Expected answers as soon as possible!

    Create dynamic SQL statements with your variable, and then run this SQL with the "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" command.

    Thank you


  • How to use the value of the page element in other pages too?

    Hi all

    How to pass the value of the item P26_NO from 26 to all other pages (such as 1, 2, 3... 25) using the & P26_NO. ???
    I set the default for this item.but I can't able to find value in the session state itself?

    Please post your suggestion here!

    Thank you and best regards,

    Robette wrote:
    Hi Amelia,.

    Through application process only we can able to save the page element value in session state? is there another way?
    Since my requirement is like I need to display footer text in all the pages, I have the version number included in this text, so I created a table and my intention to create an item and passing the point value for all other pages and see that point value & P26_NO. in the text. Version number is dynamic, it will change at each deployment.
    Is another way simple, other than my approach?

    Thank you best regards &,.

    You should use point demand for it and an application process to fill

    END IF;

    Published by: VC on June 25, 2012 13:48

  • How to use the value of the column in the old testament even another column in the report

    I have a report based on a query like this

    'BBB '.

    and AAA is a NUMBER related to the TABLE1 table. I try in the column attributes writing a correct LOV. In this LOV I have to use a current value of the a.

    The question is how to get the value of AAA to this query (#AAA # dosent work)?

    the second way to fix this problem I thought changed the first request:

    (2, NULL,'SELECT CCC |) » ''|| DDD FROM TABLE1 WHERE EEE = 'AAA' ') "FFF".

    but problem is the same... You have a solution?

    THX in advanced for any help


    OK, try this




  • How to pass the value of the run-time file .sh by Oracle procedure

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    exp test/[email protected] file=/home/oracle/dump/test.dmp log=/home/oracle/dump/test.dmp grants = Y = index constraints Y = Y = (test) owner statistics = none

    Exit 0

    I craete a work called Create_job_proc in this work, I want to pass the value of job_action is the location of the file to

    /U01/home/Oracle/dump/ and want to spend the test/[email protected] as a variable...

    Please suggest me... how to pass the value of Job_Action which will replace the .sh file content test/[email protected] to the value of the time of execution as scott/[email protected]

    Thank you much Parth... It works perfectly...

    Thank you all for your help...

  • How to use sqlplus to connect and run control?

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    I want to use sqlplus to connect and run the command
    for example: sqlplus test/[email protected] select sysdate double;
    and then it will show on the screen (sysdate) data
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    Thank you

    Wrong tool. You should start with something like this:
    #! usr w
    use strict;
    Use DBI;

    SQL * more isn't a script tool.

  • How to use string values to access the clips?

    Hey I was just wondering if it is possible to use string values as a way to use the addEventlistener function. For example

    (I box1_mc on stage to tell him)

    var string1:String = "box1_mc.

    string1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, box1Clicked)

    function box1Clicked(event:MouseEvent) {}

    trace ("you clicked me!")


    something like tht just by using the value of string1 to act as box1_mc this kind of thing

    PS sorry if posted this question in the wrong place, new on this forum thing: P

    Thank you

    table rating to coerce strings to objects:

    var string1:String = "box1_mc.

    This [string 1] .addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, box1Clicked)

    function box1Clicked(event:MouseEvent) {}

    trace ("you clicked me!")


  • How to use a value of a string variable as a sound (like an audio file link name) class?


    I need to use the value of a string variable as a binding name of any sound in the library, I have this code:

    var SoundArray:Array = new Array;
    SoundArray [0] = "S1";
    SoundArray [1] = 'S2 ';
    SoundArray [2] = "S3".
    var MySound = new SoundArray [0];
    B1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.Click, PlaySound);
    function PlaySound(event:MouseEvent) {} (0,0);

    where S1, S2, S3 is the name of the class in the name of link for 3 audio files in the library.

    I get this error for the line of code:

    TypeError: Error #1007: instantiation attempted on a non-constructeur.
    at Untitled_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

    Sorry, sorry, sorry
    the error was not from your code, I had fixed and it is the right code:

    var soundClass = flash.utils.getDefinitionByName (this.) V_Source) as class;
    var currentlyPlayingSound = new soundClass();
    var currentSoundChannel = new Object;
    MovieClip (parent) [this. V_Button] .addEventListener (MouseEvent.Click, PlaySound);
    function PlaySound(event:MouseEvent) {}
    currentSoundChannel = ();

    Thank you very much

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    I have debug PA activated for a particular user in my e-Business suite environment. I need to know for which user is enabled.
    FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS shows that his permit user and responsibility level. But I'm not able to find out what user/responsibility is allowed, as this watch only flags.
    Can anyone tell me please what table/view, I must check for this.

    Hi again;

    You can also view
    How to find all the users with a particular defined profile Option? [367926.1 ID}
    How to change the value of the profile without forms Option? [943710.1 ID]

    Respect of

  • How to use the value in a combo box as a parameter "with these values?

    Hello, new user.

    I have a box of drop-down list on Page 1, on which the user can choose a number of study. The list box is named "P1_STUDY_NBR".

    Then I have a list, a single entry that goes to my form master / detail, which is Page 6. I would like him to go the number of study that the user choose on Page 1.

    In my goal on the list to create/edit entry, I put in the 'Page of this Application"," Page 6 ", then in any of these items, I put in."

    My question is what to use with these values, where I want the content of the P1_STUDY_NBR. I tried:
    & P1_STUDY_NBR

    and it does not work. If I put in one of the numbers in the study, as 336-00, then it works, but I want to increase the number of study that the user chooses in the drop-down list. What should I do for P1_STUDY_NBR content?



    The format should be:


    You seem to miss the point at the end


  • How to use the Call executable to run a ping command?


    I use TestStand 2014 and that you want to use the executable call to open cmd.exe and run ping

    To do this, I currently inserted C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe to the path of the file and "ping" to the Expression of Argument.

    But it opens the command window when executing the step.

    How can I get it corrected?

    Thank you


    Solved: Only the /r parameter was missing in the Argument Expression before the Ping command.


    Ping is an independent executable tool. This isn't an argument. The executable is under "C:\Windows\system32\PING.exe". Configure step to call Ping.exe and give arguments like "".

    You can use the attached sequence.

    Thank you

    Sirot S

  • How to use 'Start synchronous call' to run a Subvi timeout event and keep in hand vi still running?

    Hi all

    I have an application must periodically check the State of the instrument, and I put it in the "Timeout" vi main event. I need also call some subVis to configuration etc. Somehow when I called these Subvi, the Timeout event in my main vi did not work. I then use the ' Start Asynchronous Call "to call the subVis. Turns out it works fine with a few subvis worthless back, but not as expected with subvis 'return the required value.

    I have attached a simple test, my main vi call two dlg subvis: and In the case of delay, I just use a counter for the simulation. When you run it, you can see the meter taken into account when the has been called, but stopped when is called.

    As I remember, someone suggested to use the queue to pass the return value, but I don't know how to implement here.

    Anyone have any suggestions on this subject?

    Thank you very much.

    Try to play with it - I modified your code to search a Q in there.

    You want to change the bunches to data types more useful (perhaps enum and Variant, so you can ungroup variants according to the enum contribution), you can type def clusters to make it easier to maintain and you will need TO handle the situation where the called VI is left open on program close - I couldn't be bothered, as it was not your immediate deliverance)

    Hope this give you some ideas - totalyy not tested, but should work.


  • How to use the values in the columns of an interactive report (Apex 5)


    I have an interactive report and a link column and I click to set the value of four fields in a subregion with the value of four columns of the report.

    This without submitting the page every time so I think using javascript.

    But what is the right way to do this in 5 Apex?

    How to have a reference to the column of a report ( to the customer or, for example)?



    Hi gianpagi,

    gianpagi wrote:

    I can't run your code as well, on, I have re-product the situation with the emp table and the columns ename, sal and the fields p1_ename, p1_job, p1_sal

    Can you help me.

    user and developer demo/demo (TR1 workspace)

    Check the application now. I've done the column 'Empno' as link and execution of your dynamic action on click on the link.

    Here are the changes:

    • Edited the "Empno" column attributes and perform the following settings in the properties of 'column link:

    Text link: #EMPNO #.

    Link attributes: class = 'empdetails '.

    Target: URL

    URL: javascript:void (0);

    NOTE: The link does nothing but on the onclick for the event of link DA no real logic.

    • Edited the dynamic action 'assign values' and set the following properties:

    Selection type: jQuery Selector

    jQuery Selector: a.empdetails

    Kind regards


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