How to use "Sélective" and "Color range" in the edition of video using Photoshop CC

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I am very familiar in the use of "Sélective" and "Color range" on the image, but not on video. I have a video with a few yellow flowers moving because of the wind. I want to make this black and white video and change the yellow color of the flowers in red. I can manage to do everything except to change the yellow color in red. It is very simple on the image editing because I used to use "range of colors" to have the mask that contains all the yellow and then apply a hue/saturation layer on this mask. If I want to use the same logic on a video, I should have a layer to "color range" which create a mask dynamically on all video frames but I don't know how to do in Photoshop CC and even if it is possible. Can someone help me? Is there a simple way to do it? Thank you.


Best done in Adobe After Effects

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    The only way to do it with Photoshop, is to right-click on the clip and change the speed.  So if the clip was recorded at 60 fps and you use it on a timeline of 30 fps, set the speed to 200%

    Applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects (and possibly first Elements) allow you to change the frequency of images in sequence by sequence.   Photoshop is a tool very frustrating to use for video editing.  Premiere Elements existed comes with Photoshop Elements for a very reasonable price.  I have no experience with Premiere Elements, but I strongly suspect that this will be an order of magnitude better than Photoshop for video editing.

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    Scott, I believe that I came up with a way for you to make selections within your settings and have prepared an example to demonstrate the method. Much depends on whether this technique, using your spot color and a specimen, will work. If so, you can measure the number of pixels in the selection following the instructions I provided previously. Here goes:

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    Hi davidl,.

    Photos App does not allow for any Publisher third interact with him directly (by design)

    You need to export your images App Photos and then open them in Photoshop.

    Refer to this article: How to use an external editor with Photos for OSX | IVous

    Kind regards


  • How to cut a textframe and place it in the specific position in an another textframe?

    I need to export to RTF. So I have to select the content of the textframe.

    As you can see below,

    first of all, I have to replace all the master page objects (like the task bar and the page number).

    Second, then cut the two objects and paste them into the bodytext and set the anchor and position.

    I have so many files to do from time to time.


    So I write the code below (indesign cs 3 javescript, just trying to make a simple example):

    var = app.documents jobbar [0] .pages [0] .textframe [0]

    var pagnum = app.documents [0] .pages [0] .textframe [2]

    var bodtex = app.documents [0] .pages [0] .textframe [1]

    App.Cut (App.Select (jobbar))

    bodtex.insertionPoints [0] .silence = app.paste)

    App.Cut (App.Select (pagnum))

    bodtex.insertionPoints [0] .silence = app.paste)

    bodtex.textFrames [0].anchoredObjectSettings.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.ANCHORED

    bodtex.textFrames [1].anchoredObjectSettings.anchoredPosition = AnchorPosition.ANCHORED


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    I want to like this. The main problem is that I don't know how to put an object into the position of a textframe specfic.


    Thanks in advance.

    Ah, you want to create an anchored object (or an inserted object).

    Refer to the instructions on the CS5 Scripting Guide p.89.

    You will need to create a new image with bodtex.insertionPoints [0].textFrames.add () and then manipulate the properties. You may or may not have some success with the .properties property.

    I can't see why you want to use the selection. It's always bad, but it can be easier.;

    But good scripts do not change the selection. Which should be reserved for interactive works.

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    Thanks in advance


    OK yes I think I understand now look to examples.  First heres my custom panel ELEMENT.



    Import mx.containers.Panel;

    Import mx.controls.Label;

    SerializableAttribute public class MyPanel extends Panel


    private var _labelValue:String

    private var labelSet:Boolean;

    private var myLabel:Label;

    public void MyPanel()




    public function set {labelValue(value:String):void}

    _labelValue = value;

    labelSet = true;




    public function get labelValue (): String {}

    Return _labelValue;


    override protected function createChildren() (): void {}

    super.createChildren ();

    myLabel = new Sun;

    addChild (myLabel);


    override protected function commitProperties (): void {}

    super.commitProperties ();

    If {(labelSet)

    MyLabel.set_Text = _labelValue;

    labelSet = false;





    Pretty basic it creates a tag in the Panel.  Opinion, he still has the labelValue public property which, when set, sets the text in the label.

    Now for the main application


    "xmlns:MX =""

    Layout = "vertical" width = "100%" height = "100%".

    creationComplete = "createPanels ()" > "

    Used to store references to the panels when you create

    private var panelReferences:Array;

    My replacement for xml, but will work the same way.

    private var myData:Array = new Array)

    {panelName: "Group 1"},

    {panelName: "group 2"},

    ({panelName: "Group 3"});

    Look in the table (your XML and create panels

    private function createPanels (): void {}

    panelReferences = new Array();

    Create panesl and add on demand

    for (var i: int = 0; i

    var mPanel:MyPanel = new MyPanel();

    mPanel.labelValue = myData [i] .panelName;

    mPanel.width = 100;

    mPanel.height = 70;

    Add the panels also in the table of references

    panelReferences.push (mPanel);

    addChild (mPanel);



    private function changePanelHandler (): void {}

    Change the label of panels in the panelReferences table.

    Target group by using the index number

    panelReferences [ns.value] .labelValue = newLabel.text;



    It loops through the data in the table that is the source for the panels.  As he does and creates a new Panel, it adds to the application, but also the reference to the panelReferences table.  Now in the demo app every time you want to set the value, you just do it on the reference in the references table and so it's a pointer property labelValue Panel Gets the value, and then updates the text in the Panel.

    I think that this covers what you want.

    With regard to the interfaces.  Tell everyone your signs accepts different types of data (they are all channels) and implemented the data in different ways.  Her you would use one interface.  This would ensure all panels used consistantly Sami methods, but might implement these different ways.

    I hope this helps


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