How to use the Add-ons that were previously purchased elsewhere?

In view of the recent changes with CC 2015 and gradually extensions Manager... How to install and use extensions add-ons that were previously purchased directly by the developer of the extension?

I use a large number of both DWZone and DMXzone extensions, and most of these purchases have been made well before Adobe even got Add-ons or even the creative cloud. DMXzone created their own extension manager, so there is no worry there on how to use these extensions that I bought. However, DWzone extensions have always been installed and managed by Adobe Extension Manager. Now that's possible is no longer in 2015 CC of Dreamweaver, the only way to use the DWzone extensions is to buy through Adobe modules. It would not be a problem if I didn't already bought already - directly to the developer. It would seem that the only way that I can use extensions Dwzone through Add-ons (the recommended way to Adobe) is to pay for them everywhere, and will simply not happen.

To my knowledge, DMXzone is the only extension developer who has provided a way to manage extensions outside of Adobe applications, so this problem might be a big problem with many users who have purchased various Directors extensions in the past.

Is this something that extension developers should be outside or y at - it something that Adobe is made to help fill this gap? Otherwise, I'm stuck with older versions of Dreamweaver because of the extensions I use.


Steve Skinner wrote:

To my knowledge, DMXzone is the only extension developer who has provided a way to manage extensions outside of Adobe applications, so this problem might be a big problem with many users who have purchased various Directors extensions in the past.

Is this something that extension developers should be outside or y at - it something that Adobe is made to help fill this gap? Otherwise, I'm stuck with older versions of Dreamweaver because of the extensions I use.

Hi Steve,.

Just to be clear, is the extension of the DMX Zone Manager works with other extensions, including our (project seven). It is a good solution, until we develop our own.

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