How to use the buffer circulation


I am a new user of DasyLAB. I use DasyLAB 12. I want to use the cirular buffer, but I do not understand what it does? I want to not write that measured data the past 60 seconds (for a testrun) in an output file and from the thought that the circular buffer would do. But he has an entrance and an exit. There is no record actually works. What is the circular buffer for and how can I write the measured data of the last 60 seconds? I tried to connect a file block directly writing to the output of the buffer, but it does not work.

Thanks a lot, and what concerns the best.


DASYLab written stream of data in the buffer. You must use module action to free the data. To understand how, use a switch to trigger an 'event' manually. For an example, see the attached sheet.

You can use a time-module base to generate a "pulse per minute" to make the data once per minute.

Another idea: use the multi-file-option to Write Data-module:

Length of the index = a number, the first digit 0, last number 1

«Using a time-module "Impulses per minute" and fix an action-module: target is the writing data module, the action is then "file".»

DASYLab written now a minute of data to the first file. Data from the second minute will be written in the second file. Data from the third minute overwrites the first file, the data from the fourth minute crushes the second file.

And so on.

See attachment ' '.

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    on the other





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    Welcome them

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