How to use the Group condition in the ODI mappings

Hi Experts,

I have a requirement in the customization of BI applications. Can you please someone explain how to use the LISTAGG function in odi mapping.

I applied the LISTAGGR function at the level of mapping odi, but I get error below.

Mapping of ODI: ColumnName: ENAME Expression: LISTAGG (EMP. ENAME, ",") THE GROUP (RANKING BY EMP. ENAME)


ODI-1240: Flow LIST_AGG_FUN_USAGE fails during an operation of integration. This flow of charge table target EMP_BI.

ODI-1228: task failed LIST_AGG_FUN_USAGE (integration) on the scott_db of ORACLE target connection.

Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00937: not a function of simple-group

Oracle query:

If I used this sql query in the database the correct result is.




Please give your valid solutions, thanks in advance.

Kind regards



If you try in #ODI12C then in the set of properties, you can select the column which should be used to group by.

If it's 11g so its bit complicated. Simply replace the mapping with below codes.



Thank you


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    Thanks and greetings

    If you know that you will benefit from a number of values of UPI 13 characters and you should look for if there are rows in the table that match the 13 first characters

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    Hi Srikkanth.M

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    Thanks in advance.



    You can use the same way, how you use the project variable, just you have to do a thin is #GLOBAL.variable_name for example: #GLOBAL. SMART_AL_FILE_NAME_S

    Note: Make sure you that while you use one variable overall in interface, indicator should be staged as you chose above the screen

    hope this helps you

    Kind regards


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    Here's the perl code snippet and I get an error for:

    #get all hosts within cluster and check the connectionState and compare with all datastores found
    #is there a more efficient way to combine this section with the next section?
            my $hosts = Vim::get_views (mo_ref_array => $cluster->host);
            foreach my $host (@$hosts) {
                    if ($host->runtime->connectionState->val eq 'connected') {
                            my $datastores = Vim::get_views (mo_ref_array => $cluster->datastore);
                            foreach my $datastore (@$datastores) {
                                      print "  Datastore ", $datastore->host->summary->config->name,"\n"
                    elsif ($host->runtime->connectionState->val eq 'disconnected') {
                            print "\t|", $host->summary->config->name, "|Disconnected|\n"
                    elsif ($host->runtime->connectionState->val eq 'notResponding') {
                            print "\t|", $host->summary->config->name, "|Not Responding|\n"

    Cannot call method 'Summary' on some wrapping 71 de./

    Disconnection of the end



    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    OK, I remembered how it works. Sorry for the noise:


    My $datacenter = Opts::get_option ('Center');

    My $datacenter_view = Vim::find_entity_view (view_type = > 'Data center',)

    filter = > {name = > $datacenter});

    If (! $datacenter_view) {}

    Die "data center" "» $datacenter. "" not found\n ";


    My $cluster_views = Vim::find_entity_views (view_type = > 'ClusterComputeResource',)

    begin_entity = > $datacenter_view);

    My $counter = 1;

    Print "Clusters found: \n";

    {foreach (@$cluster_views)}

    Print "$counter:". "." $_-> name. "\n";

    My $datastores = Vim::get_views (mo_ref_array = > $_-> data store);

    foreach my {$datastore (@$datastores)}

    my $instances = @{$datastore-> host};

    my $instance = 0;

    while($instance < $instances) {}

    My $x = Vim::get_view (mo_ref = > $datastore-> Home-> \[$instance\]-> key);

    print $datastore--> summary-> name, "Datastore", $x-> name, "\n";

    $instance ++;



    $counter ++;


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    I found the business support Essbase Hyperion Planning @RETURN rule novelty.

    If I create a simple BR for planning app like below:
    "@RETURN ("test return message,"WARNING);
    Validation returns error and BR can not be deployed.

    One is how to use the function @RETURN br?

    Thank you!

    He probably should be in a calco for example block


    It is more likely to be used with an IF ELSE command, you do not want to define the condition for the calculation, roughly what the feature is designed for output.

    See you soon


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    I have a scenario where; I need groups implemented in AD using AD connector as part of provisioning of the IOM to AD users. These Don t groups are already available in IOM, but these are received as parameters of authoritative source.
    I read the different thread, but can not find how to use the addProcessFormChildData API to perform these forms of child.
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    It's almost a certainty that a third party adapter will appear quickly. The new Macbook has a single port usb - c and people asked the same question, 'how to load and use USB at the same time." There are today dozens of solutions for the Macbook, and then it will be with the iPhone 7. An adapter with a 3.5 mm jack and a port of loading Lightening would be my guess. Kickstarter entrepreneurs are probably already working on it.

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    Andi Starbuck

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    How to use the activity monitor to remove MegaBAckup on my mAc Book PRO?

    Download and run MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes was developed by one of our colleagues here to ASC. He received rave reviews and is on the more proven anti-malware for Mac software.

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    How to use the utility disk first aid for hard drive internal el captian

    Select the drive and click first aid.

    If something is not repairable because this is the system drive, then you need to start using the recovery partition and run disk utility it.

  • How to use the Print Screen function?

    I've seen various descriptions of how to use the print screen function.

    It would be nice to actually tell one that works.  None have worked for me.

    [Fn] and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL, Alt, and Prt SCr does not work.

    [Fn], Ctrl and Prt SCr does not work.

    If anyone knows the correct method to activate the screen capture function which would be a good thing.

    From the looks of things, HP has a big problem with this function.

    Here's a microsoft articleon the use of the screenshot function.

    This should answer your questions.

    Thanks for taking a peek.

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