How to use the parental control of security for the family by e-mail?

Today I installed family safety via windows live essentials 2011 on my vista pc.  I can't find anywhere where it lists the ability to control the email.  When searching online, I see is very vague answers from people such as "just download family safety" and you can control the emails in this way.

Can someone please give detailed instructions where in parameters and how to set up the control of the email, because I don't see it anywhere.


If you are looking to set restrictions for a mail through family safety account. This feature is not currently available.

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    Where can I get information on how to use the "card ExpressCard Remote control Mobile HP Media Center"?

    Deborah M souls.

    Deborah M souls


    Are you talking about the next device? How to install and how to use information is here:

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    Kind regards.

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    a similar trick,

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    Thank you very much!

    This query works in 12 c - please run as SYSMAN.
    It is based on undocumented assumptions well + (AND key_value = "NOARCHIVELOG") +.

      SELECT *
      o.member_target_type     IN ('oracle_database', 'rac_database')
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    Another way to achieve the goal is to push the extended parameters (SELECT LOG_MODE FROM V$ DATABASE) on each DB and monitor the values they return to the repository. This is an example for a (slightly) different problem -

    OEM repository has many other uses grand-,

    Lordane Iotzov

  • How to use the administrator password

    This is my first time to use windows live family safety {wlfs} I create just a username {removed privacy} and {removed privacy} password. After creating finsh it is active... All my software is block by admin password... When I entered the password of his evil... I am facing a big problem after that... Please help me to inactive the administrator password...


    Please provide your address affected for further investigation and also give us the process step by step on how you configure your parental control.

    Thank you!

  • SOLUTION - How to use the remote on the Satellite X 200 with Win7 64 bit

    Here is the description how to use the remote control on the Satellite X 200-2 b with Windows 7 64 bit.

    Thanks for the link.

    It will be fine if some owner of Satellite X 200 can confirm.

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    It should come a manual or a tutorial how to use this tool. I'm not an expert in the field, because I saw this feature only on a laptop in the stores. But it is a security feature nice little addition to the fingerprint system.

  • How to use the Qosmio F50 Quad core HD processor in other software

    I would like learn how to use the image processor in other programs in addition to Toshiba Upconvert, transcoding, face Navigation and gesture of the functionality of the control. Someone has an idea? Thank you!

    I doubt that there are software available because the Cell processor is only a hand full of PC.

    If you have applications for creation of media professionals, you can get the plug-in to activate the cell processing.

  • How to use the automatic configuration wizard and where can I FIND?

    How to use the automatic configuration wizard and where can I FIND?

    Hi TannySmedt,

    To activate the Configuration service automatic wireless so it starts automatically, click the Start button. Select settings , then select Control Panel. If you use Windows XP display, select the performance and Maintenance category, and then select Administrative Tools. If you use Classic view, and then select Administrative Tools. In the left pane, click the Services icon. Click the automatic Wireless Configuration icon in the right pane, and change the box Startup Type to Automatic. This parameter will be defined the service starts automatically at boot time. Then click on the Start button to start the automatic Wireless Configuration service zero wireless and click on the OK button.

    The automatic Wireless Configuration can also be started and stopped from a command prompt. To start the automatic Wireless Configuration, run the following command:

    net start wzcsvc

    To stop the automatic Wireless Configuration, run the following command:

    net stop wzcsvc

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    Because I got the outofmemory error in the device rather than simulator.


    Thus, any solution which signed without how can I check my direct request to the device itself. Any setting in preferences or etc...

    Thank you



    The only way you should not sign the cod is if no controlled classes/interfaces are used. The easy way to find out is to open the SignatureTool and see if your application requires signature. Otherwise this says icefrost1 's good enough solution.

  • How to use the @accum function in the calculation script

    Dear all.

    I'm new in essbase - calculation script so don't know how to use the @accum function.

    I want the aggregation value of child to parent



    100 > Storage Dimensions marked as stored (marked as intentionally as I want to calculate the value using the calculation script)

    100. 10 (+)

    100-20 (+)

    100-30 (+)

    I'm trying calculation Script

    100 = @Accum (@children("100"), jan: Feb);

    It works when I use below

    100 = @Accum("100-10",Jan:Feb);

    Error:-number of Dimensions [1] does not match number of gen/lev [3] office [@Dim]

    Don't know how I can roll up to an aggregate value of all the members of the child to the parent.


    you do this more difficult it must be. If you want to accumulate up to 100 then you could just make your calc

    '100 '.

    but that would be only 100, to make the OU any dimension would

    AGG (Product);

    Or better yet

    AGG (Product, Market);

  • How to use the Group condition in the ODI mappings

    Hi Experts,

    I have a requirement in the customization of BI applications. Can you please someone explain how to use the LISTAGG function in odi mapping.

    I applied the LISTAGGR function at the level of mapping odi, but I get error below.

    Mapping of ODI: ColumnName: ENAME Expression: LISTAGG (EMP. ENAME, ",") THE GROUP (RANKING BY EMP. ENAME)


    ODI-1240: Flow LIST_AGG_FUN_USAGE fails during an operation of integration. This flow of charge table target EMP_BI.

    ODI-1228: task failed LIST_AGG_FUN_USAGE (integration) on the scott_db of ORACLE target connection.

    Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00937: not a function of simple-group

    Oracle query:

    If I used this sql query in the database the correct result is.




    Please give your valid solutions, thanks in advance.

    Kind regards


    If you try in #ODI12C then in the set of properties, you can select the column which should be used to group by.

    If it's 11g so its bit complicated. Simply replace the mapping with below codes.



    Thank you


  • How to use the search otherwise condition as

    Oracle 9i

    Hi all

    I work in the management of control here, we have a table named as OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL and the name of the column called UPI, and its length is 16 tank.

    Now the customer has the UPI with 13 tank and now, I need to check if all the IPUS are in the table.
    I have almost 600 of the UPI and I can't able to use as an operator. Y at - it one option other than as an operator.

    For example

    Resemble UPI this 050 009714373007G, but the customer gave this G 009714373007.

    Is there a UPI then I would use like this

    "Select upi in oe_order_lines_all where the upi as ' 009714373007 G %.

    If there is more than 2 UPIs how to use the search condition

    Any help is highly appricatable

    Thanks and greetings

    If you know that you will benefit from a number of values of UPI 13 characters and you should look for if there are rows in the table that match the 13 first characters

    select upi
      from oe_order_lines_all
     where substr(upi,1,13) IN( '009714373007G', <> )


  • How to use the Weblogic user in my WebCenter application?


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    In my custom application Webcenter I configured JAAS security, now I would like to know how to use the same users OID in my application. Is this possible? Can someone help me? I tried Oracle Developers Guide, but it doesn't help me.

    Sorry for my bad English...

    Thank you


    You need to register a new provider of authentication on WLS. Please see this link

  • With no headphone jack, how to use the iPhone in my car 7

    Okay, so here's the challenge.  I have a power source and a headphone and not Bluetooth.  It works perfectly with iPhones before 7.  But with 7, it isn't possible to use the same configuration I had for years.  I own my car, and I have no interest in buying a new car just to support a new phone.  And since this will be a problem for the years to come if I stay with Apple, I would like to know what are the solutions are available.

    So, how to use the new iPhone 7 while remaining responsible and using my car speakers?  Dongles Bluetooth that I need to reload, it's probably not.

    Thus, looking for ideas that might have people.  I can't be the only one with this concern.

    It's almost a certainty that a third party adapter will appear quickly. The new Macbook has a single port usb - c and people asked the same question, 'how to load and use USB at the same time." There are today dozens of solutions for the Macbook, and then it will be with the iPhone 7. An adapter with a 3.5 mm jack and a port of loading Lightening would be my guess. Kickstarter entrepreneurs are probably already working on it.

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    I tried to figure out how to use the capture and the "print" button, or add or what you call. I press it and the whole page of a different color changes, so I try to cut the section I want but I don't know how to send it to the printer. Can someone help me with this. I'm not at savvy with tech stuff, but when I find a recipe or something and it doesn't have an option to print a certain area, I can't understand how to use it?

    Thank you

    Andi Starbuck

    That happens to me is, I click and drag to make a rectangle of yellow selection, and as soon as I raise my finger on the mouse button, the part I've selected is captured as an image, a new tab opens and preview before printing, the image display. I can use the installation of the Page or simply print. But if I close the preview, this temporary image vanishes and I'm back on the page where I started. You see something different?

Maybe you are looking for