How to use the recovery CD?


Ive lost the instructions to tell me how to use the recovery CD. I forgot, I need to press to access the disks when I reboot!

Can anyone help please?
St. Clare

Hi clear, before using the recovery CD make you that all important data has been saved to the floppy or USB key because the procedure will erase the entire hard drive. The method for booting from a cΘdΘrom may vary according to the model number of your laptop, but it's something like hold the 'B' button for the Toshiba Startup logo. If this fails you can try to change the boot sequence or use the Toshiba from Windows or the BIOS configuration tool (ESC then F1 when prompted from a cold start) make CD-ROM the first device startup in the list.

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    I added all the space using my HDD is it comes about 12 GB, I have 27.9 GB of disk space, but my drive has only 1.80 left disk space. I made clear to solve this problem. Basket is empty, I ran disk cleanup.

    A computer expert suggested that Windows might have become confused and cannot recognize what place I save, it might be because I ran a program called Cyberscrub often. His solution is to reload Windows XP home. My laptop came with recovery discs, everything else is already loaded. I have so much I don't want to lose on my laptop. If I use the recovery discs, I will lose everything on my computer, am I better off buying Windows XP home and re-load, in which case I will not lose my job?

    Also I am not clear how to use the recovery discs, I can't find instructions on what you are doing.
    The only person who could help me went to travel and not reachable.
    Any help greatly appreciated
    Lorraine Hart

    It of a very simple to recover the laptop.
    Just boot from the recovery CD and follow the instructions on-screen ;)

    I put t know what version recovery CD you have, but the older one provides the standard and expert mode. In expert mode, you can choose you partition where the OS is to be installed.
    So in this case only the selected partition will be formatted!

    But have you checked the size of the HARD disk in disk management?
    Simply click on the my icon my computer and choose manage.

    Of course, you could remove the internal HARD disk and it could connect to the external USB HDD controller. Then, connect the drive HARD to the second PC and you record data on another HARD drive.

  • Satellite U300 - how to use the recovery disk?

    I inserted the recovery disc 1 and then restarted my computer, but nothing happened.
    I really need to fix my cause cell it's time to review!

    Does anyone know how to use the recovery disk or affecting function press when the laptop starts to use the programmed recovery?

    Thank you!


    If you have inserted the recovery disc you must only start her everything that s!

    I m not sure but I think you can go into the advanced boot menu if you press F12. Alternative change you the boot priority in the BIOS. You can access BIOS by pressing F2.

    Good bye

  • How to use the recovery on USB media?

    Kindly tell me how to use the recovery on USB media? I deleted the my laptop's recovery partition and I am facing problem to restore previous windows during the upgrade to windows 8.1.


    I'm really sorry, I made a mistake and posted the link to your subject (subject) here at the forum.

    The real link for this problem is->

    The instructions are the same

  • Help... How to use the recovery on Pavilion g4 2014tx partition

    Hi all... Would like to ask how to use the recovery partition and what is the effect if I used it... ?

    Thank you...


    You normally start the PC, and at the beginning of the HP welcome screen, you press the F11 key to start the Recovery Manager program.

    Then follow the instructions to restore your PC to its state of software "out of the box.

    In so doing you re-partition and reformat the hard drive.

    All THE data you have on the PC will be lost.

    So make sure that you copy the files that you want to keep on a portable hard drive before proceeding.

    It is also for if you have created a storage partition. You must copy all the files from that too.

    All partitions are erased and redone.

  • Satellite M300 - how to use the recovery disk

    Hello world

    I was wondering how to use the 2 recovery discs that I burned recently if I wanted to fix my USB ports (as seen in my Toshiba M300 - wire to USB ports)

    Any suggestions?


    You can use the only recovery disk to reinstall the whole OS!
    This means that the use of the recovery disk will format the whole HARD drive and will set the laptop back to factory settings!

    If you want to use the recovery disk and then insert it into the ODD and the start-up of this disc.
    Then the installation of the OS should move forward and you should follow the instructions on the screen.

    All that s

  • How to use the recovery DVDs

    Hello, my Windows 7 strange includes software and I want to re - install the c with the recovery of two DVD partition, I did with the Toshiba utility but I can't make it work. Someone want to help me?

    So I had two partitions on my hard drive and I want to reinstall the c with the recovery of two DVD partition but don't know how.


    Bartski salvation,

    > but I can't make it work
    And does that mean exactly? You get an error message if you use recovery disks or if you are not able to boot from them?

    Use the recovery disks is very simple: enter the first DVD in your CD/DVD drive and restart your laptop. Depending on your model of laptop, press the F12 key to enter the BIOS boot menu, and then select the CD/DVD drive. Now, the computer starts from the CD/DVD drive with recovery disk. Then follow the instructions on the screen and Windows will re back reinstalled to factory settings (out of box).

    Check this box!

  • Re: How to use the recovery on Satellite A60 cd

    Hello, I want to give my a60 to its factory settings. I found my recovery cd but I lost the instruction booklet on how to use the dam thing! I did it before, but for the life of me I don't remember.

    can anyone help?

    Many thanks, Jun


    This forum is a large database and provides discussions much useful and views.

    Search you and read a few discussions?

  • Satellite A45-S250: how to use the recovery CD if the DVD player does not work

    Hi all
    First of all, apologize for my English, I'm french :)

    So my problem is that I would like to re - install everything on an A45-S250 using the recovery CD.
    But the main problem is that the internal DVD player no longer exists.

    I try plugging in an external DVD drive, but the laptop won't start on it.

    I have seen that it can start with a disk, lan or SD card drive. But with opportunities of theses, how power reinstall everything include in the recovery CD?

    I may have a usb floppy drive, so I'll be able to boot from a bootable disk. but then how to start the process of recovery CD?
    I will prefer to use the recovery as a home standart WinXP CD, because I know that the OEM series will not work in an original version of Windows XP...

    Thanks for your help!


    Hello Kubs

    I see only one solution: you have to somehow use external DVD player and make it visible to your laptop. I try didn t, but I guess you need to start your laptop using WXP startdisc and load the MS-DOS driver for external device.
    If you will have success to access external hard drive I guess that you will be able to start the recovery procedure.

  • How to use the recovery on Satellite A215-S7422 DVDs


    I have A215-S7422
    First of all, I like the Vista Home Premium, until I had a few problems with my operating system.

    I'm downgrading my laptop for Windows XP SP2 home edition.
    I formatted all the HARD drive, to make a few partitions.
    A few weeks later I tried to Vista using the DVD recovery system which is included in the package when I bought the camera.
    Unfortunately, the DVD without being detected in the first over.

    Do you have any idea how to use this recovery DVD?
    It is any special program to activate the recovery DVDs?

    Please, help me.

    May I ask why create you double assignments?
    You already asked this here:

    Secondly, as already described in different threads, you have to boot from the recovery DVD and this will begin the new installation image.

  • How to use the recovery disks that I created?

    Original discs of title: recovery

    The computer store fixed my virus but when I come back most of my programs computer had disappeared. I did (as recommended) recovery disks when I came to the computer. How can I re - install what is on the recovery discs?

    Hi B.Frizzen,
    You can use the recovery disc for re - install or repair the operating system. It will not contain the programs you use on the computer.
    If you have a backup of the programs you use, then you can restore the same thing now, unfortunately you may need to download and reinstall the applications again.
  • Satellite A300 - how to use the recovery with external DVD drive disc?


    I bought a toshiba Satellite A300 - 15 d

    FTM the tsscorp drive that is installed in the camera no longer works (does not detect any type of media what so ever). ) need to recover the laptop, so I used a USB DVD drive to boot from the restore disc, but after that the charges of recovery console it says waiting for media in the f: drive, which is the tsscorp drive although I used an external drive to load the disc.

    What files should I edit to make it to load from the drive externally and if this isn't the solution, what do I do?

    Thanks in advance

    Hey Buddy,

    Unfortunately I think that it of not possible to use the recovery with external CD/DVD drive disc. Therefore, place the internal for use the recovery disc.
    You can get a new drive to an authorized service provider.

    But if the original OS from Toshiba is installed, you can use the function of disk recovery HARD reinstall Windows as well. Go to the advanced boot menu (F8) and select Repair my computer :)

  • Need instructions on how to use the recovery Partition to restore my OS to its original state.

    I need to use the recovery partition to restore my OS to its original state.  I'm getting crashes (invaded by "dumprep.exe" CPU cycles) and an occasional BSOD.

    What brand is your computer?  Some computer manufacturers, including Dell and HP, have a recovery partition on the hard drive of the new computers.  By pressing a special key combination when the computer starts, you can use the recovery partition to restore the computer to the way it was when it was new.  Looking for a message about the recovery options on the first screen that appears.

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  • How to use the recovery partition recovery files in computer hp laptop dv6 in windows 7

    I'm trying to find my laptop to factory settings without using recovery disks in windows 7.
    but using whenever I try to recver in file recovery system in Control Panel, when the computer restarts it says that there is no bootable media or recovery disk.
    When you use the Recovery Manager, it says the system recovery is disabled try to use recovery media creation but the creation of recovery media said that the recovery media has already been created once and it can not be recreated.
    whenever I open the recovery file on the hard drive of the score, he said, this partition is for recovery donot change or remove this partition. He covered about 10 GB of space but whenver that I open it, the file is empty and hp logo appears with instructions that his is set for partition donot change it.
    can someone tell what to do?

    Have the hard drive in the dynamic State breaks the recovery feature. Conversion of back to basics should not delete your data, unless the data is on the extra partition, you have to remove to get the disk hard back to base.

  • How to use the recovery on the Satellite A100-192 with 2 partitions CD

    I have a satellite a100-192 with 100 GB hard drive.
    When I bought it I used magic norton 8.0 partion to divide the disk into two partitions, c drive (used for files of program and other things; 20 GB) and d ' drive that I use for all my documents, music, videos and similar stuff...

    and now, because of a few bad shots, I made (the software bad... lol) I want to reinstall windows. and honestly, I have no idea how to proceed. what I mean, I don't know what cd to use (I have two CD when I bought the computer), in fact I guess that's the one with ms a note on it, but how to do it safely without losing all my data on the d drive?

    The problem is that I did a lot of relocations on desktop computers when you hava clean facilities and then I know what I'm doing, but I have no experience with bundled windows installations.


    Usually, Toshiba laptops are supplied with a Toshiba restore CD.
    On this CD, you will find the image of Toshiba which contains all Toshiba drivers and utilities.

    The question is what CD image you received.
    Some people here in the forum suggested that, since January 2006 the Toshiba Recovery CD supports another recovery procedure. The new recovery CD does not support the ghost but the surface RECO and it s not possible to choose the partition for the installation of the OS.
    In this case the whole HARD disk will be deleted and you will lose all your partitions.

    I have only one old recovery CD and so I can't say if it is possible to choose the right partition. It was possible on the old recovery cd by selecting the expert mode.

    In my view, that should make a backup of you all important files before you begin the recovery procedure.

Maybe you are looking for