How to use the "Toshiba controls" with other players?


I have a Satellite with Toshiba controls. How can I change so I can use the buttons for other media players and not only Windows Media Player?

A dude sorry for the bad news, but I fear that it is not possible to use the Toshiba controls with another application as with WMP (CD) and WinDVD (DVD)
I think that the utility was already programmed and designed to use only these two applications.

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  • How to use the video port with Vista on Qosmio G30

    Im running windows vista Ultimate edition.
    How to use the monitor in port?

    The Composite (in the port monitor) port is placed to the right.
    With the video component cable software plug-in delivered a CATV or satellite box can be connected to the computer to watch channels.
    You can for example use the Qosmio Player or Windows Media Center to watch other channels.

    As much as I know the ultimate Vista supports Windows Media Center, Windows Media Center HDTV.
    You should read some more details on your new operating system!

  • Satellite M40: Using Toshiba controls with other programs

    Hi, how can I set my keyboard media controls that work in Windows Media Player to work also with Winamp or other player. You can easily change the button that opens the media, but I couldn't find any way to change the media controls ('Play', 'Pause', 'Stop', 'Next track' etc.) since when I try to change the program that uses only windows media player comes.
    Someone at - he no idea how solve this little problem?


    Sorry, ca? s not possible to define this function in other applications. This Toshiba control only works with WMP (audio) and WinDVD (video).
    Also, check out this forum. You will find a few comments on the same theme.

  • How to use the version control (CVS) with JDev10.1.3


    I tried Googling on how to use CVS of JDEV10.1.3 to maitain source and version control. Did not find anything. Help, please...

    Thank you
    The online help in JDeveloper will have more information for you.
    Also a google for CVS JDeveloper come to this for example:

  • Equium A200-1V0 - how to use the Toshiba Recovery CD product?

    I used the reinstall xp on desktop before but do not need to do a reinstall on your laptop (toshiba) with vista with their product recovery disc. With vista, I had to find my own drivers etc. after the OS is installed on a clean drive.

    I want to clean the disc by using a product of drive wipe as Dariks boot and nuke (used on office/xp computers some time and as a very clean before you reinstall drive) on my laptop Toshiba Equium A200-1V0 before inserting the product recovery cd.

    (1) is it ok to erase drive with DBAN - this usually effect the ability of the recovery CD to do its job?
    (2) how can I use the product recovery cd or it is free it is exposed just charge, boot from the cd and follow the instructions online?
    (3) it will return the laptop to the factory shipping status (i.e. don't have no need to look for the drivers, etc.)?

    Thank you very much for your help - just need to be reassured that have not is it a wipe and reinstall on your laptop and vista with a "recovery disc" (always a disc not specify that it is a full copy of the operating system


    Hello James

    The recovery procedure everything is very simple and here are the answers to your questions:

    # You should not do. Before installing recovery starts the disk HARD integer will be automatically formatted, created new partitions and OS will be installed on the first
    # Start Notepad and press F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu. When the menu is displayed a recovery media in the optical disc drive. In the menu choose the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. Follow the meny on the screen. After that two or three click OK installation will be implemented.
    # Yes

    When the installation is complete just start computer laptop again and wait until the operating system will be prepared for the first start. It is not necessary to install any additional software.

  • Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P - how to use the remote control & infrared

    Satellite P100-PSPA3A-05S00P.

    Do not know if I have deleted the drivers or need drivers for remote control and infrared.
    I'm not sure how to activate the infrared but I got this cable look like an infrared receiver, but you don't know where it's going.

    I used the remote when I bought the laptop from 1st but it was a few years ago...


    I think that infrared doesn t need to be activated. It s must already be enabled.
    But the remote control can be used within Windows Media Center.
    I think this will work because my friend of mouse remote control with Windows Media Center as well and it worked well.

  • How to use the Satellite P100 with MS Vista and MS Bluetooth stack?

    I use my P100 Sat for more than a year. I just reinstalled Windows Vista Ultimate from zero, and because I'm really not so satisfied Bluetooth Toshiba stack, I try to use the battery Bluetooth Microsoft original, which comes with panoramas.

    After reinstall, Windows found BT device and installed MS BT stack. Everything worked well, but ufetr downloaded and installed tons of updates SP1 included, peripheral BT disappeared completely. I found a few articles on how to Toshiba battery BT from Microsoft, but it seems to be a collaborative XP and above all he always need to install "Bluetooth Monitor for MS Stack", but I cannout find this download to MS VIsta.

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    I worked through the TestDrive with Flash Builder 4 application and I would like to know how to filter a datagrid using a combobox control.  I googled the subject and results for many different versions of Flash, some who look like they're going to take a considerable amount of time to implement.  I hope, with Flash Builder 4, there is a simple way to do this without writing code pages.

    I think I can be close to getting this work by passing the combobox value in a PHP script that queries the database with a WHERE clause.



    On the change of the ComboBox, you can filter on the ArrayCollection.source that contains the data. And define the table filtered as the dataprovider for a datagrid. Take a look at the function of class filter Array.


  • How to use the external screen with my Satellite M30?

    Hi guys, I have the following problem:

    I have a portable Satellite M30-642 former. My keyboard it is completely broken (spilled something on it) so I use an external USB keyboard.

    Now that I bought a TFT I wanted to use it as a primary device, so I need to take the laptop to the external output.
    The laptop itself recognizes as a secondary screen already, but this isn't what I want.
    Problem is I can't switch from the display without the FN key devices!

    I tried to search the net and this forum - but the solution posted does not work for the M30. There is no option in the utility of HW and not in the BIOS to enable the external keyboard support.
    Please is there any other combination of keys that would work or a software utility that allows me to turn on? It's a really bad situation for me :(

    All solutions anyone? :(

    Greetings and thanks in advance


    Please don't be crazy on me but I write here very often and somehow try to help, but I'm still irritated if someone thinks that anything is possible. Unfortunately, you have to accept that sometimes there is hardware limitation and there is nothing to do.
    I want to talk about primary and secondary monitor.

    On most laptops, the LCD is always set as primary and cannot be changed. So, as far as I know, without using the FN + F5 key combination you extend the desktop to external display and use both of them. Using display settings you should be able to switch to an external display only (display control panel settings NVIDIA advance settings and so on). Please test only because I don't have M30, but the principle is used the same.

    If you will be able to use external display only try to restart your laptop and see on which screen the office will be shown. If you will be lucky and office will be shown on the external display, try to extend the desktop to second monitor (laptop LCD).

    Good bye

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    Hello Experts!

    I have a project that I use on many projects like setting but still I deploy my application on the device that I need to uninstall the other application that use it to install my new application, I doubt if I can generate a unique .cod with frame embebed...

    All of the suggestions.

    Best regards, Rampelotti

    I think I understand your problem, but can be interpreted wrong but here is my answer anyway.

    It is possible to create a library/framework .cod file and then use it in several projects without having to copy and duplicate code in other applications.

    Just put all the common code in a separate library/framework project and compile it.

    When its compiled, you will see not only a .cod file, but also a .jar file.

    Include the .jar file in your new project under the Build Path/Library files.

    After that, using the full qualified namespace, you can import the classes and use the library files in as many projects without code duplication in multiple applications.

    Note: You need to include the .cod with the project file and add the correct additional lines in the .jad file and .alx files during deployment.

    Let me know if you need more explanation on what it is.

    If this was the answer you were looking for then don't forget to tap on accept the solution, otherwise I may not understand what you said but would like to help futher.

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    I've been building websites with Dreamweaver for years

    -are particularly interested in some of the Widgets Muse and you're wondering how to integrate to existing sites built with DW?

    Please notify


    Although it is possible to export the model Muse in Dreamweaver, I would advise not to do. At this stage of his development, Muse is very suited for the HTML/CSS illiterate. But once you want to create interactivity as a contact form, you will need to encode the file using the likes of Dreamweaver. Once you have worked on the file in Dreamweaver, you cannot return to the use of Muse for changes.

    With the foregoing in mind, if you have a knowledge of HTML/CSS, there should be no reason to use the Muse; all of the widgets used in Muse are available for Dreamweaver, but in another format.

  • Using the Grid control with the ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION parameter


    We use a database and a grid control (with its own database) and WHO and the database are patched up to April 2010 CPU. We tried setting the SQLNET. ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION = 10 in the SQLNET.ora of the database, but it seems as if the control grid or the agent cannot connect to the database. This is the error that we received from the grid if the parameter is active.
    ORA-28040: no authentication protocol matching (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin).

    I found no information on activate or not the ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION if a grid control is followed by a database.

    Someone had this problem before?

    Thank you

    I googled on "SQLNET. ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION = 10 ". This leads me to SQLNET. ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION here is a description of the bug 6051243. Seaching on My Oracle support for this bug led me to the notes 466939. Looks like you're running in this bug.
    Note 755605.1 gives you some solutions.


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