How to use the value of the page element in other pages too?

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How to pass the value of the item P26_NO from 26 to all other pages (such as 1, 2, 3... 25) using the & P26_NO. ???
I set the default for this item.but I can't able to find value in the session state itself?

Please post your suggestion here!

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Robette wrote:
Hi Amelia,.

Through application process only we can able to save the page element value in session state? is there another way?
Since my requirement is like I need to display footer text in all the pages, I have the version number included in this text, so I created a table and my intention to create an item and passing the point value for all other pages and see that point value & P26_NO. in the text. Version number is dynamic, it will change at each deployment.
Is another way simple, other than my approach?

Thank you best regards &,.

You should use point demand for it and an application process to fill


Published by: VC on June 25, 2012 13:48

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    Thank you

    your help with impatience

    Sorry, this demand is in LAN, I have no right to publish on the internet and it has no external IP address to access as well.

    Do not import your request directly to

    Create a simple application to simulate your question.

  • Create a table that will have a similar table structure that you have.
  • Download images in table
  • Try to use item DISPLAY_IMAGE and see how it goes.

    If it doesn't, then please post workspace/name username/password and request of the details here.

    Kind regards

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    On the error, check your log window, if no content appears then it suggests that an error occurs.

    I built it by hand.


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    This is fundamental LabVIEW stuff, perhaps you'd be better spending some time going through the basics.
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    Cloud Print (available in the game store) use Google chrome to print from the A1 motorway. You must have Chrome installed on your computer. If not connected to Google (required) or your PC/Mac/Linux computer is turned off, it will be printed when you log-n.

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    1. To run javascript? openBISPushListener?
    2. Can you pass parameters between it and the content page?
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    It defines a page will be loaded in the background when your application starts.  This page is intended to run any startup logic (for example starting listeners - Push is an excellent example) that your application may need to depend on, without any user interface.

    This background page is WITHOUT user interface.  Any attempt to interact with the user interface (for example change the DOM, calling alert() statements, etc.) will result in no action.  Nor will calls to redirect, since the background page does not interact with the pages of foregroud - if no query string.

    To answer your question - ' How do you pass parameters between it and the content page.  I suggest using a technique of storage like localStorage, WebDB, or same file offline.

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    Hello community, I have a problem when creating a function. The purpose of this function is to check the table of weather gave yesterday or not. We must check this on different tables on different sachems. We are creating a function with input variables.



    in_schema IN VARCHAR2,

    in_tablename IN VARCHAR2,

    in_datefield IN VARCHAR2,




    -Declaring variables

    v_is_true INTEGER.




    WHEN MAX (in_datefield) = TRUNC(SYSDATE-1)

    THEN 1









    RETURN v_is_true;



    When creating, I got error: [error] ORA-00942 (44:19): PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

    How to use the values of the input variables on the table select statement names?


    Here's a way you can use dynamic SQL statements for this task:



    in_schema IN VARCHAR2,

    in_tablename IN VARCHAR2,

    in_datefield IN VARCHAR2,

    in_first_date DATE DEFAULT SYSDATE - 1,.

    in_last_date DATE by DEFAULT NULL




    -IS_YDAYDATA_TO_TABLE returns 1 if in_schema.in_tablename.in_datefield

    -contains all the dates in the in_first_date of the range through included in_last_date

    - and it returns 0 if there is no such lines.

    -If in_last_date is omitted, the search only the data on in_first_date.

    -If in_first_date is omitted, it defaults to yesterday.

    -Time parts of the in_first_date and in_last_date are ignored.

    -Declaring variables

    sql_txt VARCHAR2 (1000);

    v_is_true INTEGER.


    sql_txt: = 'SELECT COUNT (*).

    || 'FROM ' | in_schema | '.' || in_tablename

    || 'WHERE ' | in_datefield | ' > =: d1'

    || «AND» | in_datefield | '< >

    || 'AND ROWNUM = 1';

    dbms_output.put_line (sql_txt |) '= sql_txt in IS_YDAYDATA_TO_TABLE");  -For debugging


    IN v_is_true

    With the HELP of TRUNC (in_first_date) - d1

    TRUNC (NVL (in_last_date



    ) + 1                -- d2


    RETURN v_is_true;

    END is_ydaydata_to_table;



    If you must use dynamic SQL statements, put all the SQL statement in a single string variable, such as sql_txt in the example above.  In this way, you can easily see exactly what will be executed.  Comment out the call to dbms_output under test is completed.

    Try to write functions that will address not only the question that you have now, but similar questions that you may have in the future.  For example, now that interest you only to the verification of the data of yesterday, but later, you might want to check another day or range of days.  The above function combines the convenience of a function simple (looks like yesterday data if you don't tell him otherwise) with the power of a more complex function (you can use the same function to check any day or range of days).

  • How to use the Type of Oracle Table values in the Select statement.


    I get the initial set of values in the Table of Type Records of the Oracle and want to use the list of values in the Select statement.

    For example, try something like the following:

    TYPE t_record () IS RENDERING
    ID TABLEA.ID%type,
    NO TABLEA.NO%type

    v_record t_record;
    T_table TYPE IS the v_record TABLE % TYPE;
    v_table t_table;

    -Code to fill the values of v_table here.

    SELECT ID, NO, COLLECT in BULK IN < some other table variabes here > FROM TABLEA
    WHERE ID IN (i) v_table USER.USER;

    I want to know how to use the Type of Oracle Table values in the Select statement.

    Something like this:

    create or replace type t_record as  object (
    id number,
    no number
    CREATE or replace type t_table AS TABLE OF t_record;
    set serveroutput on
      v_table t_table := t_table();
      v_t1 t_table := t_table();
      v_table(1).ID := 1;
      v_table(1).No := 10;
      v_table(2).ID := 2;
      v_table(2).ID := 20;
      SELEC t_record (ID,NO) BULK COLLECT INTO v_t1
      from TableA
      WHERE ID IN (select t.ID from table(v_Table) t);
      for i in 1..v_t1.count loop
      end loop;

    No test!


    Published by: bluefrog on March 5, 2010 17:08

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    Any help is very appreciated.

    I found a few threads on data cards:

    Maybe that can help you get started

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    Hi Matt, you should read on web apps here:


    And reference module here:

    If you insert in the admin, and then click Customize you will see the option to use listbackup. You will also see this provision availible via FTP and in admin or DW.

    Here you can see where in the module settings, the ability to choose the listbackup occurs:

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    Thank you

    Andi Starbuck

    That happens to me is, I click and drag to make a rectangle of yellow selection, and as soon as I raise my finger on the mouse button, the part I've selected is captured as an image, a new tab opens and preview before printing, the image display. I can use the installation of the Page or simply print. But if I close the preview, this temporary image vanishes and I'm back on the page where I started. You see something different?

  • How to use the software keyboard Toshiba 50L9450VE TV?

    I just bought a LED TV model 50L9450VE. When installing, I need to enter the password for the wifi network. The remote doesn't have a keyboard of the letter, and the TV shows a soft keyboard to enter the password. How to use the software keyboard? I can't figure out how to get the cursor in it; the manual does not say, and I can't find the information online. Thank you.


    Suppose you are from Israel? Although this model is not made for the EU market, but probably for the Asian market, it looks like the European L93 series.
    You will find how to operate the software keyboard (page 52):

Maybe you are looking for