How to use the Weblogic user in my WebCenter application?


I'm doing my first Webcenter application. I have configured my wiki and weblogic server to connect, forum (discussions) with my users OID. So now any user OID can connect to this application.

In my custom application Webcenter I configured JAAS security, now I would like to know how to use the same users OID in my application. Is this possible? Can someone help me? I tried Oracle Developers Guide, but it doesn't help me.

Sorry for my bad English...

Thank you


You need to register a new provider of authentication on WLS. Please see this link

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    Thank you

    IOF does not recognize the Weblogic users out of the box

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    Thank you.

    Venky_prs wrote:

    How to build the top users page with which users are more recently logged_in to the application? Similar to the picture here

    Create a report of region using a query like:

      , max(access_date) most_recent
        apex_workspace_access_log l
        authentication_result = 'AUTH_SUCCESS'
    and application_id = :app_id
    group by

    Use of the ' 16 hours ago" number / Date Format MOST_RECENT column.

  • Any how to use the Cloud for business training

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    Please see the pricing and membership creative cloud plans | Adobe Creative Cloud

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    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • I don't know how to use the method (PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer) in the Mac environment.

    Use the method of PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer of Acrobat SDK from DC () in the Mac environment,

    I want to get a screenshot of the PDF in the bitmap to the screen.

    A description of PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer () in Acrobat DC SDK API references, but I do not understand how to use the method.

    Please tell me this use.

    If there is a code example using PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer (), I'm happy.


    My code is finally working with PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer. I hope it helps someone:

    void releaseBufferForCG (void * / * info * /, const void * data, size_t / * size * /)


    Free ((void*) Data);


    CGImageRef CAcrobatBitmapCreator::ConvertToBitmap (const PDPage & i_rPDPage,

    ASFixedMatrix & i_rTransform,

    int & i_rBitmapWidth,

    int & i_rBitmapHeight)


    Get the rect in user-space coordinates update

    ASRealRect updateRectReal = {0,0,0,0};

    ASFixedRect boxFixed;

    PDPageGetBBox (i_rPDPage & boxFixed); = ASFixedToFloat (;

    updateRectReal.left = ASFixedToFloat (boxFixed.left);

    updateRectReal.right = ASFixedToFloat (boxFixed.right);

    updateRectReal.bottom = ASFixedToFloat (boxFixed.bottom);

    Convert the fixed transformation matrix to real

    ASRealMatrix transformReal = {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0};

    transformReal.a = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.a);

    transformReal.b = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.b);

    transformReal.c = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.c);

    transformReal.d = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.d);

    transformReal.tx = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.h);

    transformReal.ty = ASFixedToFloat (i_rTransform.v);

    ASRealRect destRectReal = {0, i_rBitmapHeight, i_rBitmapWidth, 0}; l, r, t, b

    Prepare the buffer for drawing

    This first call to PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer is only used to get the size of the buffer.

    ASCab flags = ASCabNew();

    ASInt32 bitsPerChannel = 8;

    ASUns32 bufferSize = PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer (i_rPDPage,


    ASAtomFromString ("DeviceRGB"),







    & transformReal,

    & destRectReal,

    & updateRectReal,




    char buffer = (char *) malloc (bufferSize);

    Memset (buffer, 0xff, bufferSize);

    Draw in the buffer

    ASCabPutBool (flags, kPDPageUseAnnotFacesStr, true);

    ASCabPutBool (flags, kPDPageDrawSmoothTextStr, true);

    ASCabPutBool (flags, kPDPageDrawSmoothLineArtStr, true);

    ASCabPutBool (flags, kPDPageDrawSmoothImageStr, true);

    bufferSize = PDDrawPageOrCosObjectToBuffer (i_rPDPage,


    ASAtomFromString ("DeviceRGB"),







    & transformReal,

    & destRectReal,

    & updateRectReal,




    Convert buffer CGImage

    // 1. Remove the 4 bytes of padding at the end, in a new buffer.

    size_t bytesPerRow = (i_rBitmapWidth * 3);

    bytesPerRow = (bytesPerRow % 4 == 0? bytesPerRow: bytesPerRow + (4-(bytesPerRow % 4)));

    size_t bytesPerRowForGC = i_rBitmapWidth * 3;

    size_t bufferCGSize = bytesPerRowForGC * i_rBitmapHeight;

    char * bufferForGC = (char *) malloc (bufferCGSize);

    Memset (bufferForGC, 0xff, bufferCGSize);

    for (int lineIndex = 0; lineIndex)< i_rbitmapheight;="">


    char * destGCPtr = bufferForGC + (lineIndex * bytesPerRowForGC);

    char * srcPtr = buffer + (lineIndex * bytesPerRow);

    If ((srcPtr + bytesPerRowForGC)<= (buffer="" +="" buffersize)="" &&="" (destgcptr="" +="" bytesperrowforgc)=""><= (bufferforgc="" +="" buffercgsize)="">


    memcpy (destGCPtr, srcPtr, bytesPerRowForGC);


    on the other





    // 2. Create a CGImage using the new buffer.

    CGDataProviderRef provider = CGDataProviderCreateWithData (NULL,



    releaseBufferForCG); Buffer are ions released this reminder

    Space color CGColorSpaceRef = CGColorSpaceCreateDeviceRGB();

    CGImageRef finalImage = CGImageCreate (i_rBitmapWidth,



    bitsPerChannel * 3.


    color, space



    NULL, / / decode (of remapping the colors)

    true, / / interpolate (pixel smoothing)


    CGColorSpaceRelease (colorspace);

    CGDataProviderRelease (provider);

    Free (buffer);

    FinalImage return;



  • How to enable the end user determine the type of sort?

    Helllo all,.

    I use APEX 4.2.2. Oracle

    In a classic Rerpot (line custom model), how to allow the end user to determine the type of sorting?

    I use decoding to select the column that the sort is done, but how to determine: Asc / Desc?

    order by decode(:P2_SORT, 'PRICE', v.PRICE, 'PROP_SIZE', v.PROP_SIZE , 'BEDS' , v.BEDS , 'AREA' , v.AREA) 

    Kind regards

    One way may be to use a second element which maintain the sort order. Lets call it P2_ASCDESC.

    Your order by condition might look like this:

    order by decode(:P2_ASCDESC,'ASC', decode(:P2_SORT, 'PRICE', v.PRICE, 'PROP_SIZE', v.PROP_SIZE , 'BEDS' , v.BEDS , 'AREA' , v.AREA), null) asc
            ,decode(:P2_ASCDESC,'DESC', decode(:P2_SORT, 'PRICE', v.PRICE, 'PROP_SIZE', v.PROP_SIZE , 'BEDS' , v.BEDS , 'AREA' , v.AREA), null) desc

    I don't like this solution, since you réimplémentez one of the nicer features that apex was already out of the box. Better would be to stick to a classic report template and allow the standard user-defined sort order. Why do you think that you need your own non-standard solution?

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    I use hyperion 9.3.1 and I want to synchronize two applications on different server, I know how to use the utility to copy of app, but on the same server, I think that we can also use this utility to copy the application from one server to another using the properties file but I dnt know how to do it because the example is SQL and I am using and database oracle
    can you guys please help.

    Published by: sharad sapra on March 31, 2011 11:33


    1. create a property file (this example is relevant if you have a repository of ORACLE, you can find more information in]):

    SOURCE_APP_JDBC_DRIVER = Hyperion.JDBC.Oracle.OracleDriver
    SOURCE_APP_JDBC_URL = jdbc:hyperion:oracle://RepositoryDatabaseServer; SID = DatabaseSID
    SOURCE_APP_JDBC_PASSWORD = schemaPassword
    SOURCE_APP_OLAP_SERVER = olapServerName:port
    SOURCE_APP_OLAP_PASSWORD = olapUserPassword

    TARGET_APP_JDBC_DRIVER = Hyperion.JDBC.Oracle.OracleDriver
    TARGET_APP_JDBC_URL = jdbc:hyperion:oracle://RepositoryDatabaseServer; SID = DatabaseSID
    TARGET_APP_JDBC_USERNAME = DatabaseSchemaName
    TARGET_APP_JDBC_PASSWORD = DatabaseSchemaPassword
    TARGET_APP_OLAP_SERVER = olapServerName:port
    TARGET_APP_OLAP_PASSWORD = olapUserPassword

    2. open CMD and type copyapp /S:yourSourceAppName T:yourTargetAppName /L:yourLogFileName.log

    Once the migration has been successful, you must update your users using the UpdateUsers.cmd (UpdateUsers.cmd and PlanningUserName PlanningUserPassword TARGET_APP).

    I hope this helps...

    Kind regards

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